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Michelle Williams Accused of Racist Magazine Cover


-Um, what’s up with Michelle Williams‘ racially insensitive magazine cover? It’s a rare misstep from her.

-Speaking of mag covers, Taylor Swift and Rihanna don’t sell well. If publishers want to move issues, they might want to try Scarlett Johansson or Katy Perry instead.

-For Gerard Butler, the ideal first date involves letting the girl try on all his hats. Lucky lady!

-Also, Gerard admits that he slept with Brandi Glanville, but forgot her name. Are you swooning yet?

-Justin Timberlake tried to squash that supposed beef with Kanye West on Fallon last night.

-Meanwhile, Justin’s new album is now streaming on iTunes. I dig it, but every song is sooo long. (Critics are falling all over it, though.)

-Baz Luhrmann‘s The Great Gatsby is going to open the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

-Jada Pinkett Smith thinks we all need to lay off Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Quvenzhané Wallis.

-Best news ever: Melissa McCarthy may team up with Bill Murray for a new movie.

-Beyonce and Jay-Z are the victims of a hacker who exposed their financial info; he also snared Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

-Here’s Game of Thrones, re-imagined as a high school drama. “Prom Night Is Coming!”

-On Fallon last night, Timothy Olyphant explained how he was only in the movie Go because he was fired from Practical Magic.

-Speaking of late night TV, Halle Berry wore a ridiculously low-cut dress on Leno last night.

-Disney is making a new live-action Beauty and the Beast. Um, didn’t The CW already try that?

-In other Disney news, Emma Watson won’t be playing Cinderella after all.

-Even James Franco‘s neighbours don’t like James Franco.

-Critics, however, are raving about his performance in Spring Breakers. “As a rapper who at one point performs fellatio on a gun, James Franco gives an understated performance.” Zoinks!

-Congrats to Edward Norton, who’s going to be a dad for the first time.

-I really, really liked Jian Ghomeshi‘s interview with Mandy Patinkin on Q.

-This seems like a time when Justin Bieber’s family should probably rally around him, support him, and try to get him a little distance from the spotlight for a while. Instead, his mother has “joked” about being interested in becoming the next Bachelorette.

-Lady Gaga is recovering from her hip surgery in a 24-karat gold wheelchair. Celebrities: they’re just like us!

-Anne Hathaway may have an Oscar now, but she’s not too big to ride the subway.

-Here’s something you probably never thought you’d ever hear: Kristen Schaal just replaced Mandy Moore in a TV show.

-Here’s the trailer for Keanu Reeves‘ new movie, Generation Um.

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