Lizzo Covers Vogue

lizzo vogue

Lizzo is on the October cover of Vogue, photographed by Hype Williams and looking stunning in Valentino.

Drew Barrymore invited ex-husband Tom Green on her show Friday after not speaking to him for 15 years. “You’ve had a whole life and I’ve had a whole life and it’s just really nice to come together and check-in and talk about it,” she said. “It thrills me to no end. I think the world of you. I celebrate you and I always have and I always will.”

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma‘s new music video is like a mini movie that feels like a gender-swapped Out of Sight, and I’m here for it!

-It was a big day for baby announcements. Billie Lourd surprised everyone by announcing that she and her fiancé, Austen Rydell, have welcomed a son named Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell. Meanwhile, Supergirl star Melissa Benoist and hubby Chris Wood announced that they welcomed a son named Huxley Robert Wooda few weeks ago.”

-Also, the royal family announced Princess Eugenie is expecting a baby in early 2021.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly went to a club last night (is that a thing people are doing right now?!) and scaled a roof, which is definitely not a thing people are doing right now.

-Oh god, Vin Diesel is trying to be a singer now. He debuted his first single “Feel Like I Do” on Kelly Clarkson‘s show. It sounds exactly like you’d expect it to.

-Good casting: Yara Shahidi is set to play Tinker Bell and Jude Law will play Captain Hook in the upcoming live action movie Peter Pan and Wendy.

Dax Shepard admitted on his podcast today that after 16 years sober, he relapsed and began taking Vicodin following a motorcycle accident earlier this year. He said for eight weeks he’d been “on them all day,” and it wasn’t until last week that he told wife Kristen Bell and podcast cohost Monica Padman and asked for help.

-Disney+ is leaning hard into the Marvel well. They just announced a new series with Samuel L. Jacksonas Nick Fury.

-I love that outlets are refusing to coverTory Lanez‘s new album after what he did to Megan Thee Stallion. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop him from reaching No. 1 on Apple Music.

Miranda July‘s new movie Kajillonaire, starring Evan Rachel Wood, is getting glowing reviews. I hope it comes to streaming.

-Speaking of reviews, I’m bummed that Chris Rock‘s season of Fargo is not faring well with critics.

The Michael Bay-produced film Songbird is one of the productions cited for not following covid procedures in this terrifying THR article.

-I don’t understand Kanye West’s screening room. It looks like an airplane hanger.

-I usually like Alyssa Rosenberg‘s pop culture takes but this piece on why there’s never been a better time to read J.K. Rowling‘s books is not it. I think what she’s trying to say is that her latest novel is not as transphobic as the press has made it out to be and we should all read it and judge for ourselves, but even having a killer who dresses up in women’s clothing perpetuates a gross trope, whether he identifies as trans or not. And knowing what Rowling has said publicly (even just this week!) does not want to make me give her the benefit of the doubt or contribute to her already full coffers.

Aldis Hodge is in talks to play Hawkman in the Black Adam movie starring Dwayne Johnson. I recently saw Hodge in One Night in Miami and he’s so, so good.

-The Best Supporting Actress chatter is surprising me. Ellen Burstyn was good in Pieces of a Woman, but that’s unexpected.

-Netflix has released the trailer for its new fantasy film A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid Are Parents

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid confirmed that they’ve welcomed their first child, a baby girl. She could already be a hand model.

-In other baby news, Mandy Moore is pregnant. The This Is Us actress announced on social media that she and husband Taylor Goldsmith are expecting their first child – a baby boy.

-Meanwhile, it looks like This Is Us fans won’t have to wait until November to watch Season 5, as previously announced. The show’s premiere date has been pushed forward two weeks to Oct 27, as production resumed this week. Check out other fall tv premiere dates here.

-Saturday Night Live’s season premiere will air on Oct 3 and feature Chris Rock and Megan Thee Stallion.

Demi Lovato has called off her engagement with soap star Max Ehrich after just two months. (There’s no official confirmation, but that People quote sure sounds like a PR soundbite from her camp.) Meanwhile her fans were convinced that her fiancé is obsessed with Selena Gomez.

-I’m always surprised by the celebrity homes that I really like in Architectural Digest videos. Hilary Duff’s home is lovely!

Elle Fanning covers Vanity Fair and talks about transitioning to adult roles—and bonding with sister Dakota—while quarantining in her childhood bedroom.

Meghan Markle recorded a special message for America’s Got Talent fan favourite Archie.

Tyra Banks admits “we messed up” when it came to America’s Next Top Model’s mission to be inclusive.

-I never actually watched The Knick but this is kind of amazing: Steven Soderbergh is reviving the series, which ran from 2104-2016, with Andre Holland and Barry Jenkins.

Sohla El-Waylly, who recently left Bon Appetit’s Test Kitchen, has now joined the Babish YouTube series.

-Riverdales’ KJ Apa and Camila Mendes seem to think that gargling with mouthwash before filming kissing scenes will protect them from covid. And…they may be right?

-Meanwhile, this Vulture article on the ambiguous covid rules on productions and the lack of industry consensus is terrifying. I’m also incredibly curious about what show the PA who said this worked on: “On my Netflix job, the lead actor got sick. Four people — two from the crew and two cast members — died from covid.”

-Netflix has launched a new production hub in Vancouver, where a lot of shows have resumed filming.

-CW stars Asha Bromfield, Candice Patton, Nafessa Williams and Vanessa Morgan joined Teen Vogue for a conversation about diversity in Hollywood. Speaking of a CW sisterhood, I’m so curious about what happened with Shethoritywhich was started by a bunch of CW actresses. Patton was very involved in the beginning but seems to have pulled back.

-There’s a new report that Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill are reshooting Justice League scenes for Snyder’s director’s cut, but Cavill says he’s not.

-The Father of the Bride cast is reuniting for a new charity event.

-Bummer: Sofia Coppola‘s new film with Bill Murray and Rashida Jones is not getting good reviews.

-Have you seen Beyond the Lights? Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays a Beyonce wannbe and Minnie Driver plays her stage mom and it’s so, so good that I have no idea how come it isn’t more well known. In any case, I love that Mbatha-Raw is promoting another movie but willing to answer so many questions about that one.

Riz Ahmed plays a drummer who’s losing his hearing in Amazon’s Sound of Metal trailer. This played a TIFF last year to strong reviews.

Mariah Carey Opens Up to Oprah

-In advance of her memoir’s release, Mariah Carey sat down with Oprah for an interview on Apple+, and talks about feeling like a captive in her marriage to Tommy Mottola, and that Derek Jeter was a “catalyst” in their divorce.

In the book, she writes that Mottola held a butter knife to her face in front of a bunch of their guests at their home, and that he didn’t want her songs to have an R&B influence because he “tried to wash the ‘urban’ (translation: Black) off of me. And it was no different when it came to the music”.

-Time released their 100 most influential people list, and Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade made the cover.

-Also for Time, another influential couple — Prince Harry and Meghan Markleappeared in a video to tell Americans to vote in “the most important election of our lifetime”.

Emma Stone and her partner stepped out wearing matching rings — and she was also sporting what looks like a baby bump.

Kim Cattrall isn’t interested in taking back what she’s said about Sarah Jessica Parker: “Everything is on Google. So, I encourage you to Google it about anything that I’ve said. I feel that that was then, and when I look at what’s going on around me, I just don’t have any regrets.”

Kelly Clarkson and Usher spoke candidly about overcoming the pain of divorce on her show — and now people are shipping them together.

-Meanwhile, Kelly covered Harry Styles and it was perfect.

-This collection of clips from the first week of Drew Barrymore’s show is wild.

-This is a fun article on what it’s like to be in Drew’s virtual audience during taping.

JK Rowling‘s new thriller is in the No 1 spot despite her transphobia comments, reminding us all that what is playing out on Twitter tends to be very different from what’s happening IRL.

Demi Moore is making the jump to the small screen. She’ll star in Amazon’s adaptation of the Dirty Diana podcast.

-In news that should surprise no one, Black Widow and West Side Story’s theatrical releases have been delayed until 2021.

-Here’s the first trailer for Aaron Sorkin‘s The Trial of the Chicago 7, starring Sacha Baron Cohen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Keaton, Eddie Redmayne, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Jeremy Strong. It’s about a protest at the 1968 Democratic Convention that turned violent.