Rita Ora Confirms She and Taika Waititi Are Wed

Rita Ora gets married with the help of Lindsay Lohan, Chelsea Handler, Kristen Stewart and Sharon Stone in the video for her new single, “You Only Love Me.” All she’s missing is the groom.

-Speaking of marriage and Rita Ora, she confirmed that she and Taika Waititi are indeed married, saying on a breakfast show, “You know, here we are. Everything happens for a reason, people. I am officially off the market.”

-I love this: Taylor Swift’s new video stars transgender actor and model Laith Ashley De La Cruz as her love interest.

-This feels like a crazy over-reaction on ABC’s part: T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are departing Good Morning America in the wake of their workplace romance making headlines and prompting a network investigation.

Channing Tatum says he’ll eventually tell his daughter he worked as a stripper. “When she’s old enough to watch them, we’ll have that conversation. There’s no version of me not having the conversation of ‘Dad didn’t just do them in movies, I was an actual stripper,’ so I’m not gonna lie to her.”

Phoebe Waller-Bridge‘s next project for Amazon is a TV adaptation of Tomb Raider. Here for it.

Jimmy Kimmel celebrated 20 years of bumping Matt Damon.

Billy Porter helped Andie MacDowell set up her Raya dating profile on The Late Late Show.

Harry Styles suffered a wardrobe malfunction in front of his celebrity crush Jennifer Aniston while performing at his concert on Thursday evening.

-The director of the Harry & Meghan doc says she saw firsthand the mind games the palace was playing with the couple. “For instance, Buckingham Palace said that we didn’t reach out for comment [on the docuseries] when we did. They did that to discredit us…and by discrediting us, they can discredit the content of the show…We lived through some of those moments that were a little bit like Alice Through the Looking Glass.”

Julia Fox stepped in it when she didn’t realize that “mascara” is a code word for sexual assault on TikTok.

-There’s a lot of new stuff streaming this weekend: JLo‘s Shotgun Wedding on Amazon Prime, Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy‘s You People on Netflix, Harrison Ford and Jason Segel‘s new show Shrinking on AppleTV, and Natasha Lyonne and Rian Johnson‘s new show Poker Face on Crave+.

-Speaking of busy pop culture weeks, cancel your plans for the last weekend of March. It’s when we get the return of both Succession and Yellowjackets, as well as the new John Wick movie and Florence Pugh‘s A Good Person.

-This is so bad for the Oscars: the Last of Us finale will be airing the same night.

-Speaking of the Oscars, the Academy is conducting a review of the awards’ rules for online campaigning after Andrea Riseborough scored a surprise nomination following a grassroots social media blitz. I’m so conflicted by this; on one hand it’s amazing that she was able to get recognition in a way that didn’t involve the traditional FYC studio spend, but on the other hand it highlighted how the entire awards ecosystem is failing Black women.

-Let us all enter into this weekend with the same verve as Anne Hathway dancing at Sundance.

David Harbour, Anthony Mackie and Jennifer Coolidge star in the trailer for Netflix’s We Have a Ghost.

Anna Kendrick’s In the Hot Seat

Anna Kendrick appeared on Hot Ones and got the giggles when things started going bad. “Justin Timberlake did warn me that he did the show and he was like ‘By the end of it, you feel drunk’ and I’m just beginning to get a little bit of that.”

Britney Spears is once again pleading for people to respect her privacy after concerned fans called police to her house to do a wellness check following the singer’s deactivation of her Instagram account. “I love and adore my fans but this time things went a little too far and my privacy was invaded. This felt like I was being gaslit and bullied once the incident made it to the news and being portrayed once again in a poor and unfair light by the media. During this time in my life, I truly hope the public and my fans who I care so much about can respect my privacy moving forward.”

Pamela Anderson covers Variety and talks about the time her first boyfriend kicked her out of a moving car (“He pushed me with his foot so hard, I had no choice but to open the door when the car was moving and rolled straight into a ditch…I landed a perfect gymnast dismount”), Tim Allen flashing her on the set of Home Improvement (“Tim is a comedian, it’s his job to cross the line. I’m sure he had no bad intentions. Times have changed, though. I doubt anyone would try that post #MeToo. It’s a new world”), and the time she walked in on Jack Nicholson having a threesome in a bathroom (“Mr. Nicholson had two beautiful women with him. They were all giggling and kissing up against the wall, sliding all over each other. I walked by to use the mirror, bending over the sink to fix my lip gloss. Trying not to look, but I couldn’t help myself and caught his eye in the reflection. I guess that got him to the finish line, because he made a funny noise, smiled and said, ‘Thanks, dear'”).

-The Recruit, starring Noah Centineo, has been renewed at Netflix — despite the fact that I’ve never heard anyone talk about watching it.

Chelsea Handler tells Variety, “Yeah, the whole town is on Ozempic…My sister was like ‘my doctor said there’s no way he would give that to me’ and I’m like ‘Well, come to Los Angeles. You can get it probably at the 7/11.”

-The Bear breakout star Ayo Edebiri has reportedly joined the cast of Marvel’s Thunderbolts. Get that MCU money, girl!

-Gossip Girl’s creator talked about reshaping last night’s episode into a series finale after he found out the show was cancelled. “I asked HBO Max if I actually could go back in [to the episode]. I had the idea to take some of the cliffhangers out, because there were a lot of cliffhangers. We got the editorial team back together. I went in and I lifted a bunch of stuff, I changed as much as I could. I couldn’t do as much as I wanted, because I couldn’t re-shoot anything, obviously.”

Pedro Pascal will be hosting SNL in Feb alongside musical guest Coldplay. I demand at least two daddy skits.

-Meanwhile, here’s Michael B Jordan’s promos for this week’s show.

Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni are attached to star in the film adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s best-selling novel, It Ends With Us. Man, I don’t get everyone’s obsession with that book. I keep seeing BookTok recommending it as the “best romance” — even though it’s about domestic abuse.

-Twitter’s “Menswear Guy,” is just as perplexed as you are as to why he’s suddenly dominating everyone’s “for you” page on Twitter.

-This is the Shotgun Wedding review I was looking for: “Maybe the last three years have made us all long for an island escape with the beloved actresses that have a long history of offering viewers the movie equivalent of comfort food. So, if you can put your cynicism aside, RSVP ‘yes’ to Shotgun Wedding.”

-Succession is back on March 26! Here’s the first full trailer. God, I missed these assholes.

-Speaking of exciting TV trailers, here’s our first teaser for the Party Down revival, with guest spots from Jennifer Garner, Quinta Brunson and more. So glad to have these pink bowtied freaks back in our lives!

-Here’s the first Shazam! Fury of the Gods trailer, costarring Adam Brody, Rachel Zegler, Lucy Liu and Helen Mirren.

Paris Hilton Welcomes Son

-That’s hot: Paris Hilton surprised everyone by announcing that she’s a new mom via surrogate.

-New details of Jeremy Renner’s snowplow accident were released in the sheriff’s report, and it sounds like he was hurt trying to save his nephew. The snowplow began to slide “causing Renner to exit the vehicle without setting the emergency brake” as it rolled downhill, according to the report. Once Renner disembarked, he “realized it was heading directly toward [his nephew and] feared the Pistenbully was going to hit him, so he decided to attempt to stop or divert the PistenBully.”

Brad Pitt and George Clooney are reuniting for an Apple+ thriller.

Krista Vernoff is stepping down as showrunner on Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 after this season.

-This is a good piece on how Prince Harry‘s memoir is important because it exposes corrupt media practices and his family’s participation in them. “People like me, uninterested in celebrities, shouldn’t dismiss the brouhaha around Harry’s memoir as mere celebrity tittle-tattle.”

Paul Mescal may have just scored an Oscar nomination, but his sister Nell is a huge talent in her own right. This duet between them is insane.

-Here’s an excellent interview with Barry Keoghan, who’s nominated for The Banshees of Inisherin, a movie that lost me a little by the end but I still think about his line reading of “Well, there goes that dream.

-The reality show version of Squid Game is off to a chilling start. On the first day of filming, an unconfirmed number of contestants reportedly needed medics after an intense cold snap left them freezing during a game of Red Light Green Light.

Esmé Bianco has settled her sexual assault suit against Marilyn Manson out of court.

Sharon Stone talked about performing with Sam Smith on SNL last weekend. She says they met through Rufus Wainwright and they “just innately understand each other, at an almost intimate level. We have no judgment of each other; we have only affirmative feelings about each other as an artist.” You can watch the SNL performance here.

-The stories about workplace affairs involving GMA’s TJ Holmes just keep comin’.

-Friday Night Lights star Zach Gilford reminisced about the time he starred in a Taylor Swift video — and didn’t know her name.

Anna Delvey is out of jail and has already signed a deal to host an unscripted dinner party show.

-Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a new show get such good reviews like what’s happening with Rian Johnson‘s new mystery procedural Poker Face, starring Natasha Lyonne. It’s currently 100%(!) fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with 27 reviews.  It airs here on CityTV+, starting tomorrow.

-Speaking of new shows debuting this week, it’s kind of wild that Harrison Ford and Jason Segel are starring in a new Apple show from Ted Lasso’s Brett Goldstein, and no seems to know about it.

-Here’s the first trailer for Amazon’s Daisy Jones & the Six, a show I am very much looking forward to.