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March 27, 2013

Jon Hamm Covers Rolling Stone, Wants to Keep His ‘Privates’ Private

Jon Hamm really wants us all to stop talking about his dick already. Yeah, good luck with that, buddy.

-Lots and lots of stars are speaking out for marriage equality today, but I think I like Beyonce’s simple message best. Michael K. Williams (Omar!) also killed it.

-It’s official: Justin Bieber‘s neighbours DO NOT have Bieber Fever.

-Meanwhile, Bieber is defending his recent antics by saying he’s “young and makes mistakes.” True, but did all of those mistakes have to be in a span of three weeks?

Lindsay Lohan showed up to work on Anger Management an hour early and was super well-behaved yesterday — which obviously couldn’t last. She delayed production on her second day.

Gucci Mane was arrested for assault after allegedly hitting a fan over the head with a champagne bottle.

-This might be the best used car Craigslist ad in the history of ever!

Amanda Bynes tried to hide from the paparazzi — by hanging out in Times Square.

-They opened up international donations on the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign today, and it crossed the $4 million mark. Here’s a cute behind-the-scenes video the cast and crew shot.

-Meanwhile, I really loved this blog post about the 10 things we learned from Veronica Mars.

-Missing Ryan Gosling? There’s a hotline for that!

Ashley Judd has reportedly decided that she doesn’t want to run for Senate after all.

-Well, this is one way to promote your movie during Earth Hour.

Shia LaBeouf showed up opening night of that Broadway play he quit and sat in the front row, causing Alec Baldwin to skip a beat. He was either trying to be supportive or trying to be a dick.

-A new trailer for Game of Thrones has landed. Apparently, dragons are a major theme this season.

-This almost makes me not hate The Walking Dead‘s Andrea.

Rob Lowe flew around with a jet pack — and because the internet rocks, there’s video!

Halle Berry is 46 and still looks like this in a bikini. Sigh.

Ryan Reynolds eats Burger King? But I thought he was married to a domestic goddess who has devoted her life to feeding him?

-I’m not a big fan of gin, but I’d drink gallons of it if Idris Elba wanted me to.

Andy and Lana Wachowski will be producing a show for Netflix.

-The buzz is building that Anderson Cooper may replace Matt Lauer on The Today Show.

-Get ready to hate yourself (more?): Madonna’s net worth just hit $1 billion.

-The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs video for “Sacrilege” is pretty freakin’ mesmerizing.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis were photographed looking all lovey at Disneyland.

-CBS just renewed 14 shows. (NBC was all “wait, they have 14 whole shows?!?”)

-A new teaser trailer for The Great Gatsby has landed. Check out Leo‘s big “noooo” scream at 0:23. I love when he gets all screamy. Remember this? “Staying for thine to keep him company!!!!” *swoon*

-The full Wolverine trailer was released today. Yup, ninjas.

-Here’s the first trailer for White House Down (not to be confused with the similarly premised Olympus Has Fallen). Things still blow up real good — but this time with Channing Tatum!