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March 14, 2013

Miley Cyrus Still Trying to Make It Work With Liam Hemsworth


-Sources tell People that Miley Cyrus is still “clinging to hope” that she and Liam Hemsworth will reconcile. A friend says they’re talking while he’s in Australia, and taht he was the one who “needed a beat.”

-Amid the split reports, Liam has cancelled plans to return to the US to attend the world premiere of his new movie, Empire State.

Justin Timberlake usually does a pretty great job of not cracking up during the more ridiculous moments of SNL, but even he couldn’t keep it together when Steve Carell made a priceless Lance Bass joke during a skit on Fallon.

Justin Bieber had another meltdown on Instagram. And this time, he managed to bring Lindsay Lohan into it! (He later apologized to her.)

-I think it’s effing rad that Paul Wesley is publicly advocating that his Vampire Diaries character hook up with a dude.

-Well hello there, Zach Morris!

Penelope Cruz is showing off her baby bump in a string bikini.

M.I.A. took to Twitter to vent about her vicious custody battle over her 4-year-old son.

-In case Smash fans (all three of you) are still holding out hope about the show’s future,  sorry to burst your bubb but it just got moved to Saturdays.

-I’m kinda surprised that Lena Dunham did an interview with Playboy (even if she did talk about why she’s thankful she’s not “the babest person” with a “big rack.”)

Matthew McConaughey is starting to look like himself again after that scary weight loss for a new role.

-It’s kind of adorable that Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner went on a friend date to the batting cages.

-This is why the Internet rocks: the Veronica Mars Kickstarter has already surpassed its $2 million goal and is quickly approaching the $3 million mark! It broke Kickstarter records and, as Vulture states, instantly transformed the site into “a viable power-to-the-people tool that could wrest decisions and creative dilution from micromanaging Hollywood executives.” Amen!

-Also, I really liked this article about why you shouldn’t be embarrassed about donating.

AnOther magazine has issued a statement defending that “redface” image of Michelle Williams.

-In other magazine photo shoot news, Nicki Minaj proves that she’s actually pretty hot once you scrap off all those makeup layers in the new issue of Elle.

-Um, Mayim Bialik actually wore an outfit that I don’t hate. What?

Geri Halliwell took the subway (sorry, “tube’) for the first time in 17 years — and she live-tweeted the whole thing. Wait, cellphones work in the London subway system?!

Eva Mendes visited high-end lingerie boutique Kiki Montparnasse and ended up buying a life-sized skull.  (Sidenote: remember that Gossip Girl episode that featured a lingerie fashion show and the characters were all “Kiki Montparnasse this” and “Kiki Montparnasse that”?)

-Also, Eva Mendes should throw out this dress.

-Best Director winner Ang Lee‘s next project is kind of surprising; he’ll be directing a pilot for FX.

Louis CK just offered a master class on how to deal with a heckler.

-I don’t usually think of Christopher Meloni as a barrel-of-laughs kind of actor (mostly because I still have nightmares about that neck-snapping scene in Oz), but he just signed on to a new sitcom.

-As I mentioned yesterday, there’s already so much to ridicule about Gwyneth Paltrow that we don’t have to start making shit up, ok?

Nick Offerman did an AMA on Reddit yesterday.

Alison Brie and Danny Pudi are all kinds of cute in this video discussing the new season of Community.

-Here’s a new trailer for To The Wonder (aka the latest Terrence Malick film that I’ll attempt to understand but inevitably end up napping through…)