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March 28, 2013

Another Lindsay Lohan Jewellery Theft?


-Another day, another report that Lindsay Lohan has made off with jewellery that might not be hers. She was spotted landing in Brazil with a bracelet she took from the set of Anger Management.

-Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart and Lindsay have apparently bonded over their shared hatred of the paparazzi. This cannot end well for KStew…

-Congrats to Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, who just welcomed a baby girl named Lincoln. (I like the name, but I would have liked it a whole lot more in any other year than this one.)

-Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spending time together again?

Angelina Jolie is shooting down reports that she and Brad Pitt already got married.

-I haven’t fully caught up with the show yet, but I really liked this article on why Bunheads shouldn’t be cancelled (it hasn’t been, despite the URL).

Amanda Bynes is now threatening to sue people who say mean things about her, so I’ll just post this without comment: she’s working on a fashion line.

-A whole bunch of stars (including Sarah Jessica Parker, Elisha Cuthbert and Blake Lively) showed up to the grand opening of a Target store in Toronto last night. I can understand why Blake went — she’s been hanging around Ontario while her husband shoots a film in Sudbury. But SJP was a get! (Word is she was the nicest too, walking the aisles chatting with people about what they were buying.)

Miley Cyrus says she totally didn’t go on a date with Nick Jonas this week.

Liz from Roswell (or Natalia from Girls, for you hipsters out there) just had a baby girl.

-Saturday is Tabletop Day, where you’re encouraged to play board games. Seth Green even did a little dance about it.

-FX made a bunch of announcements today, including the fact that they’re going to start airing reruns of Sports Night, Parks & Rec, Arrested Development and Freaks & Geeks. I just blue myself.

Taylor Swift will show off her adorkable side on the season finale of New Girl. (Sidenote: next week’s episode will air Thursday instead of Tuesday, and it’s promisingly titled “First Date.”)

-I’ve never been a fan of planking or Swintoning or any of those other dumb photo trends, but I can totally get behind this one that’s taking off in Japan right now!

-I really, really don’t need to get into another TV show but man, is Orphan Black getting rave reviews. (Good on Tatiana Maslany, the Canadian actress who landed the lead.)

-Speaking of TV, Matthew Weiner says he knows you all want Sal back on Mad Men, but he doesn’t care.

-Wow. The Walking Dead really is weirdly similar to Toy Story.

-This is unexpected: Christopher Nolan is reportedly courting Matthew McConaughey for the lead in his next movie.

-Here’s the first bit of footage of Matt Damon and Michael Douglas in HBO’s Liberace biopic. So many sequins…

-I love the Nerdist podcast. I love YouTube’s My Drunk Kitchen. So watching the Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick cook fish sticks made my day! “Isn’t cooking so awful??!” Yes. Yes it is.

-I also enjoyed watching Amy Poehler turn into a fangirl while talking to Facts of Life writer Irma Kalish.

-Gawker has a pretty good rundown of all the f**kery happening on NBC’s Today right now.

Kate Bosworth is looking skinnier than ever these days.

-The Lizzie Bennet Diaries wrapped up today. *sigh* I really liked Daily Beast’s video recap of all 100 eps in 100 seconds.

-Speaking of people in the LBD universe, John Green (who wrote the amazing The Fault in  Our Stars) just announced that he’ll be writing the introduction for a book being released about the girl that inspired his novel.

-I kind of adore this photo of Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger. #PaceyForever

-The new trailer for Kick-Ass 2 is all about Hit Girl, which can only be a good thing.