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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are still keeping it low key and I remain pleasantly surprised. (Although I swear they look more and more alike in every photo.)

Emma Stone has dropped out of Greta Gerwig‘s Little Women — but Emma Watson might take her place. Are white Emmas interchangeable? Maybe.

Anne Hathaway and Mandy Moore’s Instagram exchange is adorable.

Nicki Minaj needs to stop worrying so much about her album sales (publicly at least) and then this sort of stuff wouldn’t happen.

-This might be the best use of Twitter ever.

-The To All the Boys’ team says the sequel (which hasn’t officially been green-lit yet but duh) will focus on Lara Jean and Peter’s romantic struggles. So I’m guessing they’re following the second book which was, um, not my fave.

-Meanwhile, this is a really cute bts story about TATBILB — but also feels kind of privacy violating?

-Also, I’m really glad someone translated this bit of dirty teen talk from the movie.

-Whoa, Sony confessed to releasing fake Michael Jackson music?

-This article on Conan O’Brien never-ending quest to get Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Caro on his show is great. “I know that someday I’m going to turn on Fallon and see Caro playing Pictionary…He’s going to get everyone cheering, and Cardi B’s there, high-fiving him. And I’m just going to be enraged.”

Ava DuVernay‘s Central Park keeps sounding better and better. Joshua Jackson just joined the cast (and we all know that Pacey improves everything).

-I feel like no one can come after Jennifer Garner after this week. She’s a goddamn superstar.

-JJ Abrams continues to cast his TV show alums in Star Wars: Episode 9. His latest: Lost’s Dominic Monaghan.

Chance the Rapper and Zazie Beetz discover that a pizza place is actually the gateway to hell in the horror-comedy Slice.

-The Kissing Booth’s Joey King stars in the trailer for Summer 03, but more importantly: Andrea Savage and Paul Scheer play her parents. (I guess I’ve officially entered the age where I get more excited by parental casting than the leads.)

Julia Roberts‘ long lost son, played by Lucas Hedges, unexpectedly returns home from rehab in Ben Is Back. I’m debating whether to add this to my TIFF list, but the trailer doesn’t give a lot to go on.

Taylor Swift’s In-Delicate Dance Moves

Taylor Swift released her music video for “Delicate” (one of the few songs on that album that I genuinely love), and it starts like Britney Spears’ “Lucky” before it segues into a Sia-esque video featuring Maddie Ziegler-ish dance moves. I was confused why she’d want to look so awkward on purpose, but I love Vulture’s take on it: “It’s a daring move by Swift to cripple one of her best new songs with some of the corniest physical motions ever committed to film just to use the corniness as a kind of loyalty oath. Major artists have thinned out the ranks of their fans with clumsy maneuvers before, but for Swift to do so on purpose is remarkably spiteful. In less than two years she’s gone from being sabotaged by others to accidental self-sabotage; now she’s self-sabotaging on purpose.”

-I love that Mindy Kaling commented soup snake on BJ Novak‘s Instagram post about her. It’s a callback to a very funny joke from The Office and it means soul mate. GAH!

-So Emma Watson really is dating Glee star Chord Overstreet? Huh.

-Man, I have mixed feelings about Ready Player One. Personally, I loved the book — while at the same time recognizing that it reinforced some male toxicity/nostalgia porn/gatekeeping tropes that suck. But the reviews out of its SXSW premiere are glowing. I especially like this one, which specifically addresses any post-Gamergate concerns.

-Also, there’s talk that Black Panther breakout Letitia Wright was cut out of the movie, which bums me out. 

Selma Blair is walking back her comments that pal Cameron Diaz has no plans to ever act again.

-Ruh roh. ABC pulled a politically and socially-themed Blackish episode due to “creative differences” with creator Kenya Barris. There’s been talk about the network pivoting recently to target the heartland (hello, Roseanne reboot) so I guess this fits, sadly.

-She alluded to it on Maron’s podcast, and once again Gina Rodriguez is implying that there’s a clear end for Jane the Virgin — possibly as early as next season. While I love that show, I totally support this. CW shows especially seem to not understand when the well has run dry.

Charlize Theron and David Oyelowo teach each other slang words from the Afrikaans and Yoruba languages in this delightful Vanity Fair video.

-There’s lots of hand-wringing about Jennifer Lawrence‘s sudden inability to open a movie. Tessa Thompson’s response to the article is perfection.

-One of my favourite celebrity interviews I’ve ever done was Hugh Grant, even though I could barely find any usable quotes because he basically just spent the whole time taking this piss. This interview reminded me of that.

-Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer have been accused of verbal abuse on their set. In an official statement, they responded: “Due to the high-stress nature of production, tempers occasionally get frayed, and for that, we apologize. However, we think it is important not to mischaracterize our set, where we believe strongly in treating everyone fairly regardless of gender, orientation, race, religion, or anything else.”

-In honour of Buffy premiering 21 years ago, Sarah Michelle Gellar posted some never-before-seen BTS pics on Instagram.

-This is an interesting look at how Fox is promoting I Love Simon thanks because of Greg Berlanti — who says he asked the studio to “sell it as they would any other teen rom-com, the same size and scope” and “not hide or obfuscate in any way what the movie is about.”

-The Sorry To Bother You trailer has dropped and it looks phenomenal. No wonder this movie is getting such huge festival buzz.

Tiffany Haddish Has a Hookup Pact with Brad Pitt

Tiffany Haddish talking about her encounter with Brad Pitt in an elevator is all good. “He said in one year if he’s single and I’m single, we’re gonna do it.” God, how interesting would that suddenly make him?

Haddish also wore the same Alexander McQueen dress that she wore to the Girls Trip premiere and on SNL, and she jumped over a rope on the red carpet so she could curtsy in front of Meryl Streep. We are blessed to have her in our lives.

-Everyone’s talking about how E! bungled their red carpet coverage, with Maria Menounos grabbing most of the stars while Ryan Seacrest was awkwardly left with nothing to do.

-Also, I wasn’t as convinced as the rest of Twitter that Taraji P. Henson was “shading” Seacrest during her interview. Sure enough, she says she was actually supporting him: “I did it to keep his chin up. It’s an awkward position to be in. He’s been cleared but anyone can say anything.”

Frances McDormand gave the best speech of the night — and then someone tried to steal her Oscar trophy from her.

-People are really angry about Emma Stone trying to pull a Natalie Portman with her “These four men and Greta Gerwig” comment when presenting best director, seeing as one of those men is a Mexican immigrant and another is the first black person to win Original Screenplay. Someone needs to teach her about intersectional feminism.

-I have watched this GIF of Jennifer Garner at the Oscars so many times today. What is she thinking about?!?

-I also spent a long time looking up photos of Mindy Kaling with BJ Novak at the after-parties. I have such hope, guys!

-Also, this photo of the four women who lost Best Actress in a group hug is wonderful.

-I love this video of Sandra Bullock talking about crying in front of the Black Panther cast because the movie will mean to her son.

-I also love this video of Nicole Kidman interrupting Bullock during a red carpet interview (especially because Kidman seems so surprised that she liked Practical Magic when she showed it to her kids recently).

-I’m assuming the Times Up tat Emma Watson was sporting at the Oscar parties is temporary?

Henry Cavill isn’t dead, just confused.

-Good on Dwayne Johnson for accepting his Razzie for Baywatch. Here’s the thing, though: I actually saw Baywatch in theatres (it was a dark time), and he was the best thing about it! The reason that movie is so horrible is because his character disappears for like 40 mins.

Mae Whitman‘s continuing campaign to have every Friday Night Lights hunk play her boyfriend at some point tickles me. Do it, Kitsch!

Lee Pace opened up about his sexuality on Twitter after getting some pushback for hedging his answers in a recent W interview.

-The first trailer for Mary Poppins Returns dropped during the Oscars.