Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Split

Jennifer Lawrence snake vanity fair
Jennifer Lawrence photographed by Patrick Demarchelier for Vanity Fair.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have called it quits — again.

-This story about Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes possibly being engaged surprised me, only because I assumed they were already married. Apparently once they had a baby, I totally stopped caring.

-For those of you on wedding ring watch, both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are bare fingering it these days.

-Praise Blue Ivy! Ed Sheeran‘s terrible chest tattoo of a lion was a prank. Joke’s on us…I guess?

-Did Woody Allen fire Bruce Willis? Not that I’m a WA fan, but this makes me happy. The guy who’s responsible for the word “chuffa” doesn’t seem like the kind of actor who’ll take direction.

Amy Schumer called into the Bachelorette’s after show for a little “phone sex” and then took a photo of what she was wearing, winning the internet in the process.

-Also, Amy and Jennifer Lawrence are writing a movie together in which they play sisters.
Taylor Swift keeps collecting awesomes for her squad. The latest additions include St. Vincent and Beck.

-Buffy and UnREAL writer Marti Noxon is developing a new show set in NYC’s restaurant scene? Gimmie!

Cindy Crawford has a a cottage on Ontario’s Lake Muskoka, and it looks amazing. (It would look even more amazing if George Clooney was vacationing in it.)

-Mr Robot’s season finale has been pulled from tonight’s schedule due to “a graphic scene similar in nature to today’s tragic events in Virginia.” It will air next week instead. The critics who’ve seen the finale said the delay is absolutely the right call.

-Meanwhile, we can fill time during the delay by reading how Mr. Robot became an obsession thanks to this one weird visual trick.

-Also, this Mr. Robot Supercut proves that last week’s big twist holds up. (Spoilers, obvs.)

Jeremy Renner doesn’t think Avengers/Guardians crossover will happen, but this is the same guy who admitted that he basically only reads his parts in the Avengers scripts, so what does he know?

-A new rumour suggests Man Of Steel 2 is on “permanent hold,” which sounds like a fancy way to say DC is waiting to see how much everyone hates Superman vs. Batman before figuring out their future moves.

-Every new clip from Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario makes me want to try to get into it at TIFF. Seeing what Emily Blunt wears on the red carpet also wouldn’t suck.

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