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March 11, 2013

Amanda Bynes Reveals New Look, Cheek Piercings

Amanda Bynes posted these photos on Twitter with the captions “wink!” and “Talk That Talk :D”. (twitter.com/AmandaBynes)

Amanda Bynes posted photos of her, um, makeover on Twitter this weekend. Looks like she’s going for the “Eastern European hooker” vibe.

-Best dinner party ever? George Clooney, Matt Damon, John Goodman and Bill Murray all grabbed a bite to eat together in Berlin. I can’t imagine being seated between George and Bill. Like, my brain can’t even process the idea…

Blake Lively actually left the house to do something Hollywood-y! (In service of her husband whom she refused to pose for photos with, but still.)

-Even when Tina Fey is telling a photographer to go f*ck himself, she still manages to be incredibly charming and sweet about it.

-It took Joss Whedon and his Much Ado About Nothing cast to convince me that Vine is a worthwhile app.

Tina Turner looks amazing on the cover of Vogue. She’s 73, you guys!

-Meanwhile, Kate Upton is reportedly going to grace the cover of Vogue this summer. Somewhere, Victoria Beckham is weeping uncontrollably into the three edamame beans she allows herself each day.

-In other cover news, Diane Kruger looks great in the new issue of Flare. (I kind of wish they’d chosen more avant-garde clothes for her because she can pull off couture like no one else, but the Chanel is still lovely.)

Barbara Walters clarified today that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is not being fired from The View — though that doesn’t really mean she’s not leaving. There’s also some chatter that Brooke Shields may be joining the show.

-In other daytime TV drama, Matt Lauer claims he was actually in Ann Curry’s corner, despite reports to the contrary.

Jennifer Lawrence and Adele are becoming BFFs? Yes, please!

Brangelina are planning to wed after the Cannes festival, which may be a little too close to Jennifer Aniston‘s wedding date for her comfort. BECAUSE IT’S ALWAYS GOT TO BE A COMPETITION!

-Whoa. Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s gotten all muscle-y.

-I’m not sure I can support the outfit Selena Gomez wore to SXSW. At least it’s slightly better than this one.

-Meanwhile, someone convinced her and Ashley Benson to sing a Britney song onstage at SXSW.

Selena just released a new video on her YouTube channel in which she dances to “Everybody Knows (Douchebag),” which everyone assumes is a thinly veiled message to Justin Bieber.

-Meanwhile, Bieber‘s grandparents (but not the same ones who he dragged on tour and then only hung out with once) are “saddened” by his antics.

-His manager Scooter Braun insists “there’s nothing wrong with him.” Avert your eyes from the public meltdown, people!

Britney Spears buys road art, (which perfectly aligns with the image I have in my head of what the inside of her house looks like).

-There’s lots of movement happening in TV land today. Mandy Moore pulled out of her upcoming ABC sitcom, as did Majandra Delfino (aka Roswell’s Maria, who I was looking forward to seeing again on the small screen). But on the plus side, John Malkovich is going to play a pirate on NBC.

Chris Brown continues to be THE WORST.

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy are still hanging out in my work ‘hood. I remain the only person I know who hasn’t spotted them yet.

-I don’t know why I enjoyed watching Ron Swanson dance to Daft Punk for 10 minutes — but I really, really did!

Danny Boyle is working on a Trainspotting sequel?!

-Following up her health scare last week, Kelly Osbourne joked that her life has turned into an episode of House.

-The Arrested Development crew would like everybody to just relax and enjoy the new episodes before pestering them about a movie, ok?

-For those of you keeping track at home, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are still on separate continents.

Kim Kardashian paid money to get a facial using her own blood for the same reason Kim Kardashian does anything: she’s an idiot.

-In news that should surprise no one, Entourage star Kevin Connolly is kind of a jerk.

Jennifer Garner did some damage control for her husband this weekend.

Olivia Wilde says she doesn’t “feel beautiful enough” for Jason Sudeikis. Really? Him?

-Are Justin Timberlake and Kanye West fighting for Jay-Z’s attention?

-Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake‘s SNL episode (which was pretty damn great) earned the show its highest ratings in 14 months.