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Taylor Swift’s Holiday Home Movies

Taylor Swift grew up on a Christmas tree farm so it makes sense that she wrote a holiday song called “Christmas Tree Farm.” The video, released just days after she wrote the tune, features home movies of her as a kid and is undeniably adorable.

-Queer Eye’ star Jonathan Van Ness is the first non-female to grace a Cosmo cover since Boy George.

Jennifer Garner showed off her giant Christmas tree. “I’m not sure this is the tree we picked out. It’s a little aggressive.” (Also, she says ‘foyer’ weird.)

-Variety went deep with Billy Eilish and brother Finneas O’Connell for their new cover story.

-I friggin’ love that Robbie Amell did interviews for his new movie at Pai because it’s his fave Toronto restaurant. He’s not wrong. (Great cameo by Chef Nuit, too.)

James Corden and Max Greenfield made an aspiring screenwriter’s dreams come true in a Starbucks.

-My god, just shut down every version of Big Brother immediately. This show is a trainwreck in every country.

-In honour of Marriage Story hitting Netflix today, Vulture did a feature on how Adam Driver looks ridiculously tall in that movie. (“What we are gathered here today to discuss is how much fun it is to see Adam Driver, big boy, squeeze himself into small things.”)

-Wait, now Amy Sedaris is in The Mandalorian? I’m gonna have to watch this sucker, aren’t I?

-This is a very good, very deep dive into the reporting style of the National Enquirer.

-All the brands who replied to this Netflix tweet nailed it. (Scroll through the photos for responses.)

Tom Holland may have saved the Spider-Man movies by drunkenly calling Disney head Bob Iger at a pub in tears. “I’m like three pints in, I haven’t eaten much…I was really emotional because I felt like it was all coming to an end.”

Keri Russell and Oscar Isaac are the real dream duo on this promo tour.

-Here’s a lovely moment of Jodie Whittaker getting a silver disc for her cover of Coldplay’s Yellow.

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne star in the trailer for The Aeronauts, a film that got lukewarm reviews on the festival circuit.


Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama Named People of the Year

taylor swift jennifer aniston jennifer lopez michelle obama people of the year

Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama all grace People magazine’s People of The Year issue. Swift talks about learning to deflect rude questions (“The more women are able to voice their discomfort in social situations, the more it becomes the social norm that people who ask the questions at parties like ‘When are you going to start a family?’ to someone as soon as they turn 25 are a little bit rude. It’s good that we’re allowed to say, ‘Hey, just so you know, we’re more than incubators'”), Aniston says she remains open to love (“Even when it’s scary, even when it hurts. It’s always going to be worth it”), Lopez talks about wanting more kids (“I don’t know that it’s in God’s plan but I would like to try. I’m so open to it!”), and Obama recalls getting “a little emotional” when dropping off Sasha at college (“We were there, just like most parents, helping her unpack and make her dorm room feel like home”).

-Meanwhile, Taylor Swift wrote a Christmas song over the weekend — and it’ll be released tonight. “I know this is pretty wild but I’ve just written a Christmas song.”

Emma Stone is engaged to SNL writer Dave McCary, who she’s been dating for over two years. I dig her pearl engagement ring.

-It’s very weird that Justin Timberlake broke his silence and apologized for being spotted getting flirty with his costar nearly two weeks after the photos first surfaced. Everyone had pretty much forgotten about it before he dragged it back into the spotlight. It’s also weird that he doesn’t apologize to his costar, who social media deemed a homewrecker. He does, however, manage to squeeze in a plug for their new movie, so I guess there’s that?

Jason Derulo is still talking about the fact that Instagram took down his dick pic — and wants us all to know that he was only “semi-aroused…an arousal looks different. It’s a different vibe. It’s a different beast. It leans more to the front, you know what I mean?” I can’t believe this story won’t die.

-The trailer for the new season of Legends of Tomorrow features a Mister Rogers spoof. God, I love those weirdos.

Harry Styles showed off the vinyl set for his sophomore solo album Fine Line, and the liner notes feature a completely nude photo of the singer. So I guess we’re all buying record players, huh?

Tim Allen was on The View last week and complained about political correctness. “I grew up on Richard Pryor; you can’t even go back and talk about the book he wrote. You know, what I got to do sometimes sometimes is explain – which I hate – in big arenas, that this is a thought police thing and I do not like it. But when I use these words, this is my intent behind those words. So as long as you know my intent… I still get people who say, ‘Just don’t say it.'” Listen to those people, Buzz Lightyear.

-Is anyone having a hotter streak than Florence Pugh right now? The only person I can think of that comes close is Lakeith Stanfield.

-A disguised Alanis Morissette and Jimmy Fallon took to the New York City subway to busk. People seemed to catch on pretty quickly it was them.

-This is a very lovely joint interview with Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale. They talk about costarring together (“It starts out as a very pragmatic thing. You have the kids, the kids are getting bigger, and you don’t want to spend the time apart”), and how they’re currently living in Trinity-Bellwoods (which Cannavale calls the Brooklyn of Toronto).

Penn Badgley has some strong thoughts about Los Angeles in the YOU season two teaser.

-The second trailer for Mulan has landed.

Julia Garner stars in the trailer for the Weinstein-based thriller The Assistant, playing a composite character based on public records, documents, and original interviews.

The Rock Shows Off His Softer Side

the rock wsj mag

-In a new interview with WSJ Mag, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson talks about his recent marriage to his longtime girlfriend, singer-songwriter Lauren Hashian. “My divorce did a number on me. I wasn’t fearful of getting married again, there was just some hesitancy. But Lauren was incredibly patient: ‘I love you, you love me, we have this amazing life together — no presh.'”

-I really, really love the styling on Taylor Swift‘s British Vogue shoot.

Liam Hemsworth is reportedly dating 22-year-old actress Maddison Brown, but she shut down questions about it in a recent interview. “I’m not answering that question. My rule is not talking about my personal life.”

Kim Kardashian was once offered $1 million for an Instagram post by a fast-fashion brand that often knocks off Kanye West‘s clothing line, so he asked her not to do it. She says he then rewarded her on Mother’s Day with a $1M cheque and a contract to make her part owner of his line. So basically, when Kim Kardashian stays off social media, everyone wins!

-Meanwhile, James Corden says Kanye canceled two times before finally filming Airplane Karaoke.

Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s girlfriend claims that Offset slid into her DMs. Cardi B insists he was hacked. The world, somehow, continues to spin.

-The Virginia Roberts Giuffre interview aired last night in the UK and she repeated her claim that she was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein and forced into sex with Prince Andrew three times when she was 17.

-When Chris Evans‘ glorious sweater was revealed in Knives Out, my friend and I both automatically reached for each other and sighed loudly. So yeah, this costume designer deserves all the love she’s getting.

Chrishell Hartley filed a divorce petition in response to This Is Us actor Justin Hartley‘s divorce filing, and she listed a date of separation that’s months after what he listed.

Drake and Kylie Jenner: still not dating.

For some reason, the Variety reporter asked everyone on the Gotham Awards red carpet what they thought of Baby Yoda. Jennifer Lopez clearly had no idea what he was talking about (but pretended she did), Lili Reinhart wants to cuddle himLaura Dern rolled with itAwkwafina joked that she looks like “an uglier version” of him, and Elisabeth Moss said that Baby Yoda has “united the country in a way that is very necessary.”

-A sexual violence hotline in the U.S. witnessed a spike of more than 40 per cent after Grey’s Anatomy aired an episode about sexual assault. I gave up on Grey’s eons ago but caught up on that episode because there was so much buzz about it at the time and it was incredibly powerful.

-Of all the things Jason Momoa could possibly call Chris Pratt out about, a plastic water bottle wasn’t at the top of my list.

-NPR has launched it’s annual book concierge feature and it’s basically my entire xmas wishlist.

-Speaking of books, the author of Red, White and Royal Blue (which was one of my fave books of 2019) just announced a new novel and she’s describing it as “a queer Kate and Leopold” so I’m gonna need that asap.

Paul Welsley has an idea of how he wanted The Vampire Diaries to end, and it’s way better than how it actually ended.

-I wasn’t expecting the Black Widow trailer to give me Bourne vibes but I dig it. Also Florence Pugh going from Little Women to this is a giant flex.