Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless, Gets In Trouble…Again

Justin Bieber shows off his abs on Instagram. (instagram.com/justinbieber)

-Why (WHY????) does Justin Bieber insists on walking around shirtless, especially at an airport? It’s not like he was wearing a shirt made of metal when he went through security. He can’t possibly be this proud of his starter muscles — can he?!

-Meanwhile, Justin‘s terrible month continues (and I’m not even talking about the fact that the Globe & Mail just called him “a national embarrassment“). He’s reportedly being investigated for battery after allegedly getting into an altercation with a neighbour this morning over loud parties that were happening at his house while he was away.

David Letterman told James Franco last night that the reason Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine was banned from Late Night was because Letterman once found him ruffling through Merly Streep’s purse.

-Meanwhile, James Franco insists he and Anne Hathaway have made up since the Oscars and says he has no idea why everyone hates her. I’m more interested if he has any theories on why everyone hates him?

-Is Kanye West‘s upcoming album going to be called I Am God? Ugh.

-A man has been arrested for breaking into Bryan Cranston’s car and stealing one of the final Breaking Bad scripts — which still hasn’t been found. What kind of a person would mess with Cranston? He’s the one who knocks!

-I know nothing about Jennifer Lawrence‘s upcoming movie with David O. Russell, but her hairstyle has already sold me on it.

-Jebus! An actor from Game of Thrones got into a noise dispute at his hotel and had his ear bitten off! Between this and the Jared Leto story, severed ears are super in this week.

-More proof that Smash is dead: Debra Messing just signed on for a CBS pilot.

-Can’t Britney Spears afford a bikini that fits her?

-Meanwhile, everyone is still really confused about what exactly it is that her new boyfriend does.

-I’m getting as tired as everyone else of the insane Justin Timberlake overload, but his Michael Caine impression in this interview is pretty great.

-MTV is going to honour Emma Watson at the Movie Awards with the Trailblazer tribute.

Dennis Quaid‘s rep say he hasn’t called off his divorce after all. Guess we’ll have to keep pinning all of our reconciliation hopes and dreams on Danny & Rhea.

Amanda Bynes continues to implode before our eyes.

This cute photo of Daryl and Carol makes me feel much more hopeful about the Walking Dead finale.

Angelina Jolie is back in Africa for the UN, where she was spotted wearing a gold band.

-I love these prints of Parks and Recreation characters as superheroes, but Ben Wyatt as the Green Lantern? He’d clearly prefer to be Batman.

Jim Carrey is mocking gun owners in a new video for FunnyorDie.com. Too bad it’s not, you know, funny.

-Raise a glass (or four) of celebratory wine: Cougar Town has just been renewed for another season.

Pretty Little Liars also got renewed — along with a spinoff.

-I’m really digging A$AP Rocky. Not only is his new video great, he’s super into fashion and is trying to discourage homophobia in hip-hop.

Homeland’s Damian Lewis has some bad news for anyone still ‘shipping Carrie and Brody.

-Good lord, exactly how many Hemsworth brothers are we supposed to care about?

Kevin Bacon gives the weather in terms of six degrees of him. J’adore!

-A new clip from Greetings From Tim Buckley has surfaced. I really, really liked Penn Badgley‘s performance in that movie.

-I’m pretty sure I spent way too much time today debating whether to vote for Buffy/Angel or Buffy/Spike in EW‘s TV couples tournament.

-I’m intrigued by the trailer for The Story of Luke, starring Seth Green and Kim Bauer.

-Speaking of new trailers, here’s the latest TV spot for Oblivion, which really, really needs to succeed for Tom Cruise’s sake. (If nothing else, at least the new M83 song for the movie’s soundtrack is great!)

-A 20-second teaser for the new Wolverine movie has landed (as well as a Vine). What, is he a ninja now?

-Here’s Heidi Klum‘s sexy new commercial for Carl Jr.’s. It’s cute how she pretends to actually eat burgers.

Jen McDonnell is an entertainment freelancer and social media specialist. She put her celeb stalking skills to good use as managing editor of www.dose.ca. Likes: pop culture, celebrity dirt, guilty pleasure TV, George Clooney, cheese. Dislikes: people who use 'begs the question' incorrectly. Follow Jen on Twitter @jen_mcdonnell. Follow Jen

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