Sarah Jessica Parker Isn’t Ready to Let Carrie Go

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Pari Dukovic for The New Yorker

-This is an incredibly charming profile of Sarah Jessica Parker. She talks about avoiding what people think of And Just Like That (“No one sends me press clippings. I don’t get reviews, watch reviews, read reviews”), how she’s different from Carrie (“I could never do any of that stuff in my life. It would be immoral. It would be unprincipled. An affair, husbands, kissing, buying, drinking—whims, whims, whims!”), and her relationship with Kim Cattrall (“It’s the weirdest thing, to be told we’re in a catfight. I would never speak poorly about Kim. I just wouldn’t”).

-After a year and a half hiatus, Shawn Mendes returned to the stage in a surprise cameo at the Ed Sheeran show in Toronto this weekend.

Pete Davidson has been charged with reckless driving a few weeks after he crashed his car into a Beverly Hills home.

Pharrell launched his first Louis Vuitton ad campaign — with a little help from Rihanna.

-Woof. The Flash opened at just $55M at the weekend box office — even less than the already-conservative $70M estimate. That’s lower than Black Adams’ opening weekend, which was considered a flop. There’s going to be a lot of finger-pointing and I’m sure some of its failure is due to audiences not wanting to support Ezra Miller (that is definitely playing into my disinterest), but there’s also superhero fatigue, Michael Keaton‘s Batman not being the huge draw they seemed to think it was, and James Gunn basically announcing that DC is going in a different direction after this so this movie won’t matter.

-Pixar’s Elemental also bombed.

-The Bear returns this week, but dropping season 2 all at once feels like a bad idea. Season one was such a great, word-of-mouth slow build that ended up taking over social media (helped in large part by this still).

Jennifer Lawrence is making some wild fashion choices on the No Hard Feelings press tour.

-A glimmer of hope for concert lovers: ahead of their meeting at the White House, both Ticketmaster and SeatGeek have committed to “all-in” pricing, meaning customers will see the full price up front rather than getting hit with a slew of previously unseen “junk fees” upon check out.

-Terminator star Linda Hamilton has joined the new season of Stranger Things.

-So Spotify is just going to continue to let Joe R*gan peddle vaccine misinformation, huh?

-This is a fun interview with Ted Lasso’s Juno Temple and Daisy Jones’ Riley Keough, who used to be roommates.

-This interview with Parker Posey is both excellent and kind of sad. “Do communities only happen in your 20s, then they kind of fade away?”

-Speaking of good interviews, I liked this one with The Other Two’s Heléne Yorke: “I only want to be known to the point where I can get restaurant reservations.”

Sarah Hyland‘s Father’s Day posts always include her Modern Family dad Ty Burrell and I just think that’s sweet.

-Eek. Maggie Moore, the upcoming dark comedy starring Jon Hamm and Tina Fey about the murders of two women with the same name in a small Texas town, is based on a true story — and the victims’ children said they found out about the film’s existence when the trailer was released. On Mother’s Day weekend, no less.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson bulked ALL THE WAY for Marvel’s Kraven The Hunter. This looks silly but what superhero movie doesn’t these days?

-Netflix held its Tudum event over the weekend, and there were less trailers/previews than I was expecting (especially no new Bridgerton footage — only these images). We did, however, get the first trailer for Heart of Stone starring Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan.

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