Kelly Osbourne and Justin Bieber Were Both Hospitalized After Collapsing Today

Kelly Osbourne in So Undercover (Photo: Bluefin Productions)

Kelly Osbourne was rushed to hospital during a taping of Fashion Police after she suffered a seizure on set.

-In other celebrity health scares, Justin Bieber collapsed onstage during one of his troubled 02 shows — but still managed to finish the gig before being rushed to the hospital.

-Meanwhile, Bieber continues to mistake his Twitter feed for a free-flowing therapy session. Healthy!

-I really liked this story about Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, and the delicate formula for becoming America’s BFF — which Lena Dunham will never be because she’s not cute enough (apparently).

Jessica Simpson confirmed on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she is having another son the only way she could — in the most crass, vulgar way possible.

-She didn’t fare much better on Ellen.

Sofia Vergara and her creepy fiancé Nick Loeb are allegedly expecting a baby via surrogate.

-In other baby news, Kim Kardashian has been ordered on bedrest after a pregnancy scare. Does this mean we’ll be deprived of her terrible, terrible maternity fashions?

-In other Kardashian clan news, Lamar Odom fell asleep in court during his custody hearing.

Tina Fey‘s husband confirms the Mean Girl musical is “actually becoming a thing!”

-Meanwhile, Tina Fey is not super happy with those photos that were released last week of her in a bathing suit, hanging with her daughters.

-In the best corporate endorsement deal ever inked, Andrew WK just became the new face of Playtex.

-Sadness: Anna Kendrick and Edgar Wright have reportedly split.

-The plot thickens: Miley Cyrus is no longer wearing her engagement ring, while sources close to her are talking to People about her “complicated relationship” with Liam Hemsworth.

Kate Moss is rumoured to be on cover of Playboy‘s 60th anniversary issue.

Chris Brown threatened a valet with physical violence over $10. Is anyone surprised? Bueller? Bueller?

-What does Drake do at 5 a.m. in Toronto? Hear all about it in his new single.

-In other new music news, She and Him just dropped their new single ‘Never Wanted Your Love.

-Shocking report: Brangelina’s wine sold out in five hours.

-I love that Tate Donovan trashed all of his former costars of The OC: “The first year, those kids were fantastic. And then all of them fell apart.”

-Celebrities have been having fun making Vine vids.

Glee’s Jane Lynch rapped “Super Bass” on Conan — and she was awesome.

-Joy Behar is quitting The View after 16 years.

Mandy Patinkin sees his role in Homeland much like the nurse in Romeo and Juliet.

-I’m sad that Nick Offerman‘s Somebody Up There Likes Me is getting bad reviews because he’s Ron Effing Swanson and usually turns everything he touches into gold.

Rachel Weisz says she’d like to play a Bond villain opposite husband Daniel Craig. I saw Oz the Great and Powerful this week (more on that tomorrow), but she’s got the villain thing down pat.

-This video of Breaking Bad‘s opening credits reimagined as a 90’s show is awesome.

-New cast portraits for Catching Fire have been released.

-Rejoice! Joss Whedon is finally on Twitter!

-Speaking of Joss, the trailer for his new movie Much Ado About Nothing has dropped. People I know who saw this at TIFF loved it. Can’t wait!

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