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Regina King Brings Back the Buzz

regina king wears a red dress on the cover of vanity fair

Regina King graces the October cover of Vanity Fair. I feel like she got robbed of lots of Oscar buzz last year because the awards circuit was so quiet, so I’m hoping she gets to make up for it with The Harder They Fall. (“It won’t be like One Night in Miami….” She pauses, and I hear tears in her voice. “We never got the opportunity to see our film with an audience. I’m grateful to be healthy. I’m grateful that all of our crew and cast are healthy. We got to be in so many different festivals…but we didn’t get a chance to share that, except through this,” she says, indicating the virtual realm. “That was disappointing. But everything is for a reason. I try not to question God’s will.”) Also, this photoshoot is awesome. That gold skirt!!

-In THR’s new cover storyBenedict Cumberbatch discusses staying in character as a meanie while shooting Netflix’s The Power of the Dog. “[Director Jane Campion] introduced me to the crew as Phil and said, ‘You’ll meet Benedict at the end. Benedict’s really nice. Phil is Phil.’ And it just gave me carte blanche to say, ‘No.’ To be Phil, really. To stand in his shoes.”

-Congrats to Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney, who are expecting their first child.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have arrived in Venice for the premiere of his new movie.

Jessica Chastain laughed off the hysteria surrounding Oscar Isaac‘s arm kiss. “We have all been locked in our houses for so long. When this video went viral, I was like, people just need to see people touch and hold each other.”

-Gossip Girl got renewed for season two, which is genuinely surprising to me. I felt like the buzz (and any critical admiration) fell off a cliff after the first few episodes.

-The Met Gala is Monday night and there’s still rumours about the guest list. One star who won’t be attending: Zendaya.

-Netflix will be bringing a Bridgerton fan experience to select cities next year. I want it!

-The is an interesting look at how the depiction of suicide on TV is changing.

-I think I would actually love this outfit on pretty much anyone else but Katie Holmes. It’s just not her.

Rebel Wilson and some of her Pitch Perfect costars reunited to celebrate her birthday.

-TIFF starts today! Here are my picks for the 10 buzziest films, most of which are hitting theatres or streaming very soon.

Keira Knightley’s dark holiday film, which I’m seeing next week, has already sold at the festival.

-I’m not going to be able to watch any TV for the next week, but it feels like everything is debuting, including Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac‘s HBO show Scenes from a Marriage, FX’s long-awaited Y: The Last Man, and the VMAs.

-Speaking of the VMAs, Nicky Minaj just pulled out.

-Aw man. Phoebe Waller-Bridge has left the Mr & Mrs Smith project she was going to do with Donald Glover for Amazon.

-Netflix must have been more impressed with Addison Rae’s performance in He’s All That than critics were; they just signed her to a multi-movie deal.

-Watch Demi Lovato and friends search for UFOs in the trailer for Peacocks’ Unidentified.

-The Princess Diana content keeps flooding in. Netflix released the first trailer for Diana: The Musical, which will premiere in October ahead of the show’s return to Broadway.

Jason Sudeikis is doing a Ted Lasso-y accent in the South of Heaven trailer while playing a very non-Ted Lasso character, and it’s breaking my brain.

-The Matrix Resurrections dropped its first trailer early Thursday morning. I have no idea what’s happening in it but I’m in!

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Flower Power

Anya Taylor-Joy poses with sunflowers on the cover of InStyle

Anya Taylor-Joy covers Instyle’s Beauty Issue. She talks about how her friends keep her grounded (“I also have great friends who tease me mercilessly if I even hint at being overworked or stressed. They’re like, ‘Oh yeah, honey, it’s so sad that you have to go get on a plane and go do whatever'”) and learning boundaries (“I really struggle with wanting to give everybody everything all of the time”).

-Besides Dune, her new movie (Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho) is the hottest ticket at TIFF. A new trailer dropped today and it’s both creepy and intriguing.

-Big news broke last night: Jamie Spears asked a judge to end his daughter’s 13-year conservatorship. There’s chatter that he didn’t want to deal with the “pressure” Britney’s new attorney has kept up on him, accusing him of abusing his power over her and of dissipating her estate. He also resisted Jamie’s attempts to be compensated for stepping down as her conservator, saying there was nothing to negotiate and that Jamie should resign immediately.

-Though this is a good step forward, ending her conservatorship likely won’t be a quick process.

-Last night’s other big news: John Mulaney appeared on Seth Meyers’s show last night and spoke candidly about his intervention and subsequent trip to rehab, and confirmed he and Olivia Munn are expecting. Meanwhile, the discourse around him has grown exhausting. I think two things can be true at the same time: people are very invested in his personal life because he’s made that such a huge part of his standup that they’re now pushing back against (unjustified) feelings of betrayal, but also he traded on his rep as Hollywood’s “good guy/non-toxic celeb/the marriage guy” a little too heavily to make the timeline of events (not to mention his ex wife’s reactions) sit well with some folks. This thread pretty much nails it.

-Speaking of the timeline, he opened the interview with some clarification (or revision?). He said he first went to rehab in September last year, split from his ex-wife in October, then relapsed and went back to rehab for two months, and didn’t start dating Munn until the spring.

Kylie Jenner announced that she and Travis Scott are going to have another baby with this cute Instagram video, and fans are convinced she hinted it’s a boy.

Bob Odenkirk posted a photo of himself look happy and healthy back on the set of Better Call Saul.

-This Vulture review of Drake‘s new album is the best one I’ve read yet. “It is a trip through a world we already know. There are no surprises in its landscapes. Maybe this is the source of its appeal.”

Nicole Kidman made an ad about why everyone should return to AMC, and a lot of people are pointing out that her watching movies in an empty theatre is kind of missing the point.

Eva Longoria has resigned from the Time’s Up board amid the organization’s turmoil.

-Though no official cause of death has been determined yet, authorities are reportedly investigating Michael K. Williams‘ passing as an overdose.

-Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist has been officially revived by as a Christmas TV movie by Roku, marking their foray into original programming.

-Netflix dropped a trailer for Midnight Mass, Mike Flanagan‘s follow up to The Haunting of Bly Manor. Saracen!

Riz Ahmed plays a Marine who goes on a rescue mission to save his two young sons from an alien threat in the Encounter trailer.

-The first teaser for Netflix’s star-packed Don’t Look Up has arrived. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill, Timothée Chalamet and Meryl Streep.

Jennifer Lawrence Jumps on the Bennifer T rain

Jennifer Lawrence was on a podcast when the Bennifer news broke and lost her mind just like the rest of us. “Breaking breaking breaking f*cking news!”

-Meanwhile, ARod’s latest Instagram post (which makes it look like he’s leaving empty seats at his dinner table for JLo and her kids) is embarrassing. Please continue.

Nicki Minaj called last year’s hit-and-run death of her father “the most devastating loss of my life.”

-Netflix is capitalizing on the success Bridgerton with a limited series that will tell Queen Charlotte’s origin story. It will be interesting to see if they actually lean into her race, since the main criticism of the series has been its handwaving away of racism.

Gillian Anderson will guest star on The Great, which might make me catch up on the show. I watched the first two episodes and liked it, and then promptly forgot about it.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry all trolled Orlando Bloom over his poncho photo. Wait until they realize the world is never going back to non-drawstring pants.

-Also, Orlando is now buddies with Prince Harry.

-Black-ish is coming to an end after eight seasons.

-I don’t watch Batwoman, but apparently the show has fumbled Ruby Rose’s departure.

-iCarly is back! The 13-episode season will pick up nearly 10 years after Nickelodeon’s original show ended.

-It feels like there’s a lot of new pop culture dropping this weekend — the Angelina Jolie’s firefighter movie on HBO Max, Amy AdamsWoman in the Window on Netflix (both getting a mediocre reception) and Ewan McGregor‘s Halston on Netflix (hated by critics) — but the only new thing that’s getting glowing reviews is Jean Smart‘s new comedy Hacks on HBO.

-I already never, ever want to hear the word “cheugy” again. Is Drew Barrymore cheugy? Are you? Is it over yet?

-NBC are giving the Golden Globes time to “do the work” and get their house in order before the confirm they won’t air the show anymore.

Ellen DeGeneres‘ farewell tour continues to be a disaster.

-Check out Jodie Turner-Smith in the first trailer for Channel 5’s Anne Boleyn.

Kevin Hart and Alfre Woodard are going to make you cry in the trailer for Netflix’s Fatherhood.