Skylar Astin’s Ex Tells All

Anna Kendrick Skylar Astin
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Skylar Astin‘s ex wrote an editorial about what it’s like when an old boyfriend gets famous and it’s making my cringe muscle spasm.

-Meanwhile, Skylar’s Pitch Perfect costar Anna Kendrick had prime seats today at New York Fashion Week.

-Sad: Julia Roberts‘ half-sister was found dead of a suspected OD.

Shia LaBeouf continues his one-man quest to redefine annoying. He walked out of the Nymphomaniac press conference and then wore a paper bag over his head at the premiere. I wonder how his antics are going to go over with Brad Pitt when it comes time to promote Fury?

Bill Murray has a perfectly logical explanation for Shia LaBeouf‘s problem: “he probably got beat up a lot.”

Channing Tatum has finally started to write Magic Mike 2 (while staring at a bust of Matthew McConaughey, which is really how all creative endeavours should begin).

Lupita Nyong’o is a stunner on the cover of New York magazine. She also looked lovely at the Oscar nominees’ luncheon (where Amy Adams and Cate Blanchett seemed to be trying to out-fug each other).

-Meanwhile, Amy Adams‘ rep slammed Valentino for putting out a tactless press release saying that she wore their purse to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s funeral.

-Brace yourselves: Rihanna and Drake have been spotted together again.

-In other fantasy couple news, B.J. Novak talks about his relationship with Mindy Kaling.

Woody Allen responded to Dylan Farrow‘s open letter with his own NYT piece over the weekend. She quickly responded with a point-by-point rebuttal.  Before you check out either, Vanity Fair’s “10 undeniable facts” is a must-read.

-I feel like Nina Dobrev can do way better than Miley Cyrus’ old castoffs, but that’s just me.

-Well, if anyone *has* to make a movie about The Room, I guess we could do worse than James Franco.

Jimmy Fallon said goodbye to Late Late night on Friday with a little help from The Muppets.

-Meanwhile, some heavy-hitters will be stopping by Fallon’s new couch at the Tonight Show next week.

-In other late-night news, SNL’s Fred Armisen will be Seth Meyersnew bandleader.

-Speaking of SNL alums, Chris Kattan was arrested on suspicion on DUI.

-Well, this is weird: the French media seem convinced Beyonce is having an affair with President Obama.

-Friday Night Lights’ Crucifictorious will reunite for a Parenthood gig!

-Our national shame Justin Bieber was driving more than 100 m.p.h. before his arrest.  Also, there’s video surveillance in his egging incident.

-The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo Galavis uses the “gay cousin” defense in explaining his controversial comments. Yeah, you’re still gross.

Jesse Eisenberg‘s “The Double” has a new trailer.

Rachel McAdams is dating someone who is not Ryan Gosling. Let’s all just have a good cry.

-If you’re interviewing Samuel L. Jackson, it’s a really good idea to not confuse him with Laurence Fishburne. He won’t like it.

-Certain rappers won’t work with Frank Ocean because he’s gay and they suck.

Lena Dunham showed off her book cover and announced its release date.

-What Olympics? The Walking Dead’s return last night tied with its best ratings ever.

-Speaking of last night’s TV, HBO ran a 15-minute preview of the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. Needs more Brienne!

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