Amanda Bynes Tweets Topless Pics

Amanda Bynes tweeted topless photos of herself last night, for reasons no sane human could possibly comprehend. Seriously, where are her people? Does she have people? Is she accepting volunteers? ‘Cause she clearly needs people!

-A feature on former Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière details how (former?) spokesperson KStew stood by him during his rocky transition.

Lindsay Lohan checked into a rehab facility today — but not the one in NYC that the court had approved. She instead opted for one in California because the NYC centre wouldn’t let her smoke. Oh, and she barely managed to check in before the deadline. And then she promptly checked out! It might not matter anyway; going to the wrong rehab centre could already be considered a probation violation. Look for an arrest warrant to be issued today.

-Just when you think Julianne Moore couldn’t rock any harder, she performs a Kills song and well, kills it.

-Another Gwyneth Paltrow interview, another mention of how hard marriage is. Is she trying to prepare us for something?

-I have no idea how the Great Gatsby movie is going to turn out (I just found out yesterday it’s not a musical. How is this not a musical?!), but at least we know the soundtrack is solid. You can stream it in full here.

Cory Monteith and Lea Michele were photographed being really animated at a hockey game.

-Speaking of Glee-ers, Mark Salling has filed a counter-suit against the woman who claimed that he had sex with her sans condom without her consent.

Anna Camp — who was in Pitch Perfect, True Blood, The Mindy Project and basically everything else you watched in the last year — is getting divorced.

Seth Rogen joins the rest of the population by admitted that he has a crush on Zac Efron.

Bradley Cooper is latest actor to quit Jane Got a Gun.

-The Pride, Prejudice and Zombies movie has risen from the dead. Look, I loved the book and I’ve already proven that I’ll take my Austen wherever I can get it, but this film went from starring Natalie Portman to Emma Stone to Lily Collins? Even I am no longer interested.

Reese Witherspoon seems to be doing more harm than good with her apology tour. Wait, she’s still trying to make us believe that she just had one too many drinks? She knows we can watch the arrest video now, right? In any case, she’ll pay a fine while her hubby pleads guilty to DUI.

-The first poster for Lars von Trier‘s Nymphomaniac is pretty unsettling. I always have such a complicated relationship with his movies. I thought I hated Melancholia when I first saw it, but damn if I don’t still think about that film.

-Here is our first look at the next season of The Walking Dead.

-Speaking of GoTJoffrey Baratheon = Caligula.

-Meanwhile, the showrunners of Game of Thrones and Parks and Recreation give us a taste of what it would be like if they wrote each other’s shows.

-You know the internet is weird when Laguna Beach‘s Stephen Colletti live-tweets an airport shooting.

-Video from Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s renewal ceremony is even better than your mind grapes could have ever imagined.

-I loved Vulture’s feature on how Jon Hamm became a comedy nerd. If you listen to any podcasts like Comedy Bang Bang or You Made It Weird, you’d already know he’s got the chops.

-In wiggada, wiggida wack news, Chris Kelly, half of the ’90s rap duo Kris Kross, died of a possible overdose at 34The Deftones covered “Jump” last night in honour of him… and it was weird.

-Ah crap. Justin Timberlake is going back to acting.

-I actually really liked The Goodwin Games pilot when I saw it (nearly a year ago now). This promo does it no justice, possibly because Fox is trying to burn it off instead of giving it a shot.

-What’s shaping up to be the song of the summer? Here are the contenders so far. (Though frankly, I didn’t make it past Daft Punk.)

-Good news for Orphan Black fans: BBC America just ordered a second season.

-What’s better than a new British crime drama? How ’bout a new British crime drama starring Gillian Anderson?

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