Britney Spears Breaks Our Hearts With New Interview

Britney Spears covers the January 2014 issue of InStyle magazine
Britney Spears covers the January 2014 issue of InStyle magazine.

Britney Spears is giving us the feels with her new InStyle interview, talking about how she wants a daughter so she won’t “feel as alone in the world anymore” and wishing she had “more mom friends.” Jebus.

-Congrats to Kate Winslet, who just had a son. Her rep called the child “Baby Boy Winslet,” which hopefully means the kid won’t be saddled with his dad’s ridiculous surname.

Justin Bieber reportedly called a young fan a “beached whale” and told her to go on The Biggest Loser. Charming.

-Here are the 18 breakout stars of 2013, according to the Interwebs at least. (Good list, but Anna Kendrick deserves higher placement than an honourable mention. Her Instagram wins my feed every other day.)

-Speaking of Anna Kendrick, she joined Bunheads star Sutton Foster at the White House a few days ago — before changing into the cutest sweater ever!

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey guest-edited the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly and it sounds like they basically just assigned their famous friends interviews with their other famous friends, which means it’ll be awesome.

-Meanwhile, here’s the duo’s first Golden Globes promo.

-Here are photos of Mila Kunis as a bridesmaid at her brother’s wedding. It’s comforting to know that even she can’t make bridesmaids dresses work.

-Homeland star Damian Lewis made a stupid diss against Ian McKellan, implying he’s a “fruity actor.” McKellan responded awesomely, of course.

Paris Hilton wasn’t the only one hit by a Twitter hoax surrounding Nelson Mandela‘s death. Kanye West is the latest to have to address the “false stories” about his fictitious Mandela quotes. Stop sucking, Twitter!

-No one has to make up ridiculous, fake Kanye quotes; he’s got more than enough real ones. He just compared himself to police officers, saying going on stage is “putting my life at risk.”

-In other Kanye news, he threw a fan out of his concert for heckling.

-Speaking of Kanye, my buddy interviewed Donald Glover recently, and he was def giving off a “Imma let you finish” vibe. I’m beginning to realize that my love of Donald is inversely proportional to how many interviews I read with him.

-I don’t even need new episodes of Community as long as Alison Brie and Danny Pudi keep making Vines like this.

Jimmy Fallon embarrassed Amy Adams last night by showing a Grease-themed bank commercial she once starred in.

Julia Roberts wore a baggy sweater so now everyone’s assuming she’s pregnant (and ignoring the fact that she’s 46, apparently).

-Well, this is a pleasant surprise: Amanda Bynes reportedly turned down sit-down interviews with Oprah and Dr. Phil because she wants to focus on her health.

-Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick says he’s single, much to his mom’s chagrin.

James Franco‘s Instagram feed is getting a little NSFW-y.

-Is Courteney Cox dating Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid? He’s young and hot, so good on her!

-Speaking of May-December romances, Madonna has reportedly split from her 25-year-old boyfriend.

-Everyone pulled out the Miley Cyrus quote from Noah Gallagher’s Rolling Stone interview last week, but it’s worth reading the whole thing. He really, really doesn’t like Arcade Fire.

-Meanwhile, Miley still has a shot at being named Time’s Person of the Year. She’s already been named MTV”s Artist of the Year.

-Forbes just named Adam Sandler and Katherine Heigl the most overpaid actors of 2013. Wait, Katherine Heigl worked this year?!

-I missed the news that Keri Russell has split from her husband of seven years. You hearing this, Scott Speedman?

-Here’s the freaky first trailer for the Wachowski brothers’ upcoming film Jupiter Ascending, starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. I don’t really get it, but at least we now know that Channing can even make elf ears look hot.

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