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February 12, 2014

Beyonce Shares Her Vacation Photos

beyonce bikini
Photo: iam.beyonce.com

Beyonce just updated her Tumblr page with a bunch of new photos from her recent family vacation in the Dominican Republic, as well as Kelly Rowland‘s birthday dinner, just in case you forgot that her life is way more awesome than yours.

-Well, this might be the oddest celeb couple we’ve seen in a while: Sarah Silverman is dating Michael Sheen.

-Despite my intense hate for Frances Ha, I really do like star Greta Gerwig so I’m glad she landed the lead of a new CBS sitcom. I wish that sitcom wasn’t How I Met Your Dad, but still.

-In other TV news, HBO just picked up Jack Black’s new series, The Brink.

-I kinda love that Anna Kendrick is totally dominating New York Fashion Week coverage. Get it, girl.

Blake Lively also stepped out for a rare appearance at NYFW.

Lady Gaga reportedly shot a music video with the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

-I’m not usually a fan of stars who claim to love their privacy and then invite us to tour their home, but I guess if you’re Patrick Dempsey and you own a $7 million Frank Gehry-designed house, you get a pass. Who wouldn’t want to show that off?

Drake knows his hieroglyphics, so don’t even try challenge him on it.

-There’s a new clip from the Veronica Mars movie, and it focuses on her and Daddy Mars. “You know the difference between a lawyer and a prostitute? Prostitutes stop screwing you when you’re dead.” #love

Jerry O’Connell is spoofing Shia LaBeouf’s art exhibit for a Funny or Die video — by setting up his own exhibit right next to it.

Stephanie Seymour did a strangely sexy photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar with her 17 and 20 year old sons.

-Did Blake Griffin beat up Justin Bieber? Sadly, no.

Bill Murray‘s interview with Charlie Rose was pretty damn great.

-Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme was really not a fan of Imagine Dragons’ performance at the Grammys.

-Are Jake Gyllenhaal and Minka Kelly rekindling their romance?

-This is totally boss: Will Ferrell is launching a female-focused film and TV production company.

Taylor Swift chopped off her long hair in favour of slightly less long hair.

-Breaking news: Gwyneth Paltrow has a good butt.

-Just when you thought this story couldn’t get worse: Julia Roberts‘ half-sister left suicide notes, and a family member is claiming that she timed her death in order to hurt the actress’ Oscar chances.

Eva Mendes used her Ellen appearance to deny rumours that she broke up with Ryan Gosling and/or he got her pregnant.

-Speaking of relationship rumours, Jennifer Aniston spent her 45th birthday without Justin Theroux by her side so expect a new round of breakup speculation.

-Speaking of birthdays, Mila Kunis rented out a restaurant to throw Ashton Kutcher a surprise party for his 36th.

-What’s better than a new Guided by Voices video? How about a new Guided by Voices video starring Badger from Breaking Bad?

-I love this: Orphan Black’s fans respond to its Emmy snub with their own crowdfunded award.

-Speaking of crazy fandoms, a Firefly producer is teasing the possibility of a limited series reboot.

-It’s weird, but Fox’s Batman prequel is starting to sound pretty damn great.

Gillian Flynn is on a roll. The EW-writer-turned-Gone-Girl-Author is reteaming with David Fincher for a new HBO drama.

Key & Peele’s valet characters finally met “Liam Neesons” — and it was great.

Jennifer Lopez shot a music video for her World Cup song and she clearly had the makeup gun set to “whore.”

-Oh, and she’s still with Casper Smart for some reason.

-A second trailer for Johnny Depp’s Transcendence has arrived. Someone on Twitter just described it as the thriller version of Her, which sounds about right.

-The trailer for Paul Walker‘s last complete movie, Bricks Mansion, is out and it looks crazy. There’s RZA, parkour, face tattoos…and did I mention RZA?!