Chloe Grace Moretz Turns Down Offer to Be in Taylor Swift’s Squad

Chloë Grace Moretz  Complex Magazine

-In her Complex cover story, Chloë Grace Moretz implies that Taylor Swift tried to get her to join her squad, and she said no. Cool story, bro.

Jake Gyllenhaal is pretty adorable when he’s explaining how he blew a Lord of the Rings audition.

Orlando Bloom laid on top of Katy Perry in public. Ok.

Wolfgang Puck is shit-talking Victoria Beckham because she seems “uptight” when she goes to his restaurant and only eats vegetables. Wait, did he expect her to eat real food? Gurl, please.

Harrison Ford seems really happy in interviews recently. It’s weird.

-After doing a ton of petitioning on social media (and presumably on TV mom Lauren Graham), Mae Whitman has landed a cameo on the Gilmore Girls revival.

-Ohhhh….Gwendoline Christie has joined Top of the Lake season two.

-It’s kind of lovely that Rachel Bilson is tweeting her support of Mischa Barton’s DWTS’s stint.

-The author of The Martian wrote Ready Player One fan fiction, and now it’s canon. God bless the internet!

-This clip of Matthews Rhys and Matthew Goode in a tiny car is sustaining me today.

-Of course Drake is a very good ice skater. I mean, come on.

Stephen and Robbie Amell just released a short film called Code 8 and they’re crowd-funding it to turn it into a movie. One of the perks is an invite to Stephen’s birthday party. Quick, who can spot me $250k?!

Nardwuar is back (looking and sounding healthy!) with a DJ Khaled interview.

-I remain in pleasant disbelief that Crazy Ex Girlfriend got renewed. Last night’s ratings scored a dismal 0.2 demo and only 750,000 total viewers.

-Congrats to Hilary Swank, who just got engaged. Also, where the hell has Hilary Swank been?

-Everyone’s making plans in the new Huntsman: Winter’s War trailer.

-The first trailer for Sky is out and available for us to scrutinize endlessly and try desperately to discern hints about Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus‘s relationship.  Have fun!

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