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March 4, 2016

Rihanna Lands on British Vogue


-Man, I hate the cover photo they chose of Rihanna for British Vogue, but the interior shots make up for it. On the plus side, it’s comforting to know that even Rihanna can’t make work a hazy,  pink-tinged shot of her in an outfit that looks like something Victoria Principal’s Dallas stunt double rejected.

Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski are dating. I’m just gonna leave this blind item from a few months ago right here

Gillian Anderson has trolled David Duchovny about those red speedos for more than two decades now and it will never, ever get old.

Bernadette Peters‘ comments about how she eats ruined my entire day. She ate a contraband slice of boiled potato? She doesn’t keep crackers in her house for fear she’ll eat them? CRACKERS?!

Jennifer Garner not only knows how to play the saxophone, but she used to have one named “Sally The Sexy Saxophone.” We need to consider this when we talk about her masterful Vanity Fair interview.

-The LAPD is testing a knife a police officer allegedly found buried on O.J. Simpson’s property, which he kept because  he “believed case was closed.” What? (Meanwhile, my brother and I binged on FX’s OJ show last weekend. Holy crap, it’s good!)

-This is so meta: TV creator Rob Thomas just cast singer Rob Thomas on iZombie.

-I forgot about Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch. Now I’m happy all over again!

Gwyneth Paltrow has once again referred to Chris Martin as “like my brother.” That will never not be funny.

Kendrick Lamar dropped a surprise album on Spotify last night, and the internet lost its shit (at least, the part of the internet that wasn’t already losing its shit over The 100).

-I gave up on all iterations of The Walking Dead awhile ago, but I’m intrigued by the premise of season 2’s Fear the Walking Dead (only because my entire zombie apocalypse survival plan involves stealing a yacht and heading to sea…)

-A Golden Girls oral history? Cancel my weekend plans!

-Hottie actors Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys have teamed up for a wine show, and the first trailer has arrived. I haven’t even seen the first ep yet, and I’m already convinced this is going to be my favourite show in the history of time.