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March 31, 2016

Rihanna Will Kiss It Better

-How many times have you watched the “Kiss It Better” video today? It’s ok;  I won’t tell.

-Meanwhile, I still like Father John Misty’s cover better.

-Lululemon threw shade at Beyonce and then quickly realized how stupid that was. And here I thought introducing thigh gap leggings was the worst thing they’d do this month…

-DC has ordered reshoots of Suicide Squad because they want to funny it up like Deadpool? Well, that bodes well.

-This article on Ben Affleck and his changing image throughout the years is so, so good.

Seth Green once thought Jon Bernthal looked homeless so he gave him some White Stripes tickets. This just makes me love Seth Green even more.

-Oh geez. Now Tidal is trying to take on Netflix by streaming moviesKanye West is already developing a film with Bret Easton Ellis.

Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife is dating Vladimir Putin? I thought we were still a day away from April Fool’s?

Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff continue to be adorable besties in this Ham4Ham video. Sidenote: who wakes up in full eyeliner and lip gloss?

-You stay away from Anna Kendrick, Kellan Lutz! You stay far away!

-Speaking of Hamilton stars, the producers perfectly pointed out the irony of the current”controversy” over their non-white casting.

Stephen Colbert had a musical interview with Crazy Ex Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom and it was beautiful.

-I’m glad Alyson Hannigan is still getting work, but this seems like a weird choice for her.

-Here’s the Alice Through the Looking Glass trailer. Meh.