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March 16, 2016

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Invite You On Their Intimate Vacation


-Part of me loves it when celebs do the paparazzi’s jobs for them, but Taylor Swift and Calvin Harrisvacation photos and videos are so grossly staged that I just can’t deal.

-Also, Harris reportedly changed his name from Adam to Calvin because  “I thought Calvin Harris sounded a bit more racially ambiguous. I thought people might not know if I was black or not.” Um, yeah.

Olivia Wilde dropped some gems during her Stern interview, including that she was considered ‘too old’ at 28 for a role in The Wolf of Wall Street, and that Jason Sudeikis played it hard to get when they first met. “When he got my number he didn’t text me for a month. I was on the hook. I was like, ‘You guys, did Jason Sudeikis die?’ Because I don’t have any texts … It was kinda sweet.” She and I have different definitions of “sweet. ”

Casey Affleck is having a rough winter. His latest movie tanked hard, he Joaquin Phoenix’d the press tour, and now he and wife have split after nearly 10 years of marriage.

-My favourite part of Rihanna and Drake‘s latest steamy performance is when he tried to kiss her and then play it off like he didn’t. God, I love that dork.

-This chart depicting the ratings change of network shows in the past year is depressing as hell.

Gwyneth Paltrow wore this to an event celebrating The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Power Stylists issue, cementing her reputation as the greatest troll of our time. *slow clap*

James Corden and Paul Rudd peed forever while pondering the importance of voting.

Rudd also admitted to holding Captain America’s shield on the Civil War set between takes.

-I’m gonna watch the crap out of Mariah Carey’s reality show without hesitation or shame. My greatest hope is for more moments like this:

-Remember all those conspiracy rumours that Michael Fassbender and Alica Vikander are a fake PR couple set up by Weinstein? Blind item writers sure do.

-I don’t have time to listen to any more podcasts, and I certainly don’t have time to do any TV rewatches. But damn if  Joshua Malina’s new West Wing podcast doesn’t sound like fun.

Natalie Portman calls filming with Christian Bale “scary.” Uh oh. Did she accidentally walk into his eyeline?

-This article on the five sadistic male directors who treat their actors like garbage is a juicy read.

-Speaking of great reads, I liked Mo Ryan‘s piece on the rise of TV comedy. As she points out, one of the reasons comedy is so much more interesting than drama right now is that it’s much more varied. I’m so over the “difficult male lead” trope, which drama is still swimming in.

Alicia Florrick will drink her last homemade margarita on May 8.

-The man behind that giant celebrity nude photo hack has been caught.

-I could watch Ben Affleck being scared on Ellen on a loop, but that would be weird, right?

Anna Camp and Skylar Astin are planning to make some of their Pitch Perfect costars part of their wedding party, which is aca-awesome.

-Congrats to Jamie Dornan, who just welcomed baby No. 2 with his wife. Jamie Dornan, who is NOT a serial killer being chased by Gillian Anderson, despite what my brain keeps screaming at me whenever I see his photo.

-Everyone I know who saw Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz‘s The Lobster at TIFF either loved it or loathed it. The trailer doesn’t tip me either way.

Morgan Freeman is on the warpath in the new Now You See Me 2 trailer. (Is it uncool to admit that I really dug the first movie?)