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March 7, 2016

Zac Efron Shows Off His Baywatch Muscles

Zac Efron’s new muscles¬†are giving me nightmares. Unsubscribe!

Calvin Harris got Taylor Swift a really ugly locket for their 1 year anniversary.

Kelly Clarkson says her music label blackmailed her into working with Dr. Luke, calling him¬†“not a good guy.”

-Because Marvel actors don’t always get the whole script, Anthony Mackie didn’t realize¬†he was an Avenger until he was at the Age of Ultron premiere.

Sarah Jessica Parker just reminded us of the time she taught everyone the importance of backing up.

Steven Tyler is dating his former assistant who looks like his daughter. Not weird at all.

-If Tom Hiddleston is really and truly being considered for James Bond, I don’t understand¬†life.

-I don’t understand life, part deux:¬†Geena Davis is set to star¬†in Fox’s reboot of The Exorcist.

-Come stand under Bette Midler’s shade tree with me. It’s lovely.

-I love that my entire Twitter feed spent the weekend screencapping¬†Bear Grylls’ bulge. I follow a lot of pervs, apparently.

-Running a fanpage for Charlie Hunnam does not sound like a fun time.

Lil Wayne did a good thing.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth‘s relationship sounds super healthy!

Louis C.K. sends out weekly emails whenever a new episode of Horace and Pete drops which I usually ignore because I don’t watch that show — but the last one included an amazing rant about Donald Trump.

-Also angry about Trump is George Clooney, who calls him an opportunist and a fascist.

Jimmy Kimmel is going to host¬†this year’s Emmys. He’s not¬†my favourite, but I do love that he’s a super TV fanboy.

-This is not exactly the Melissa McCarthy-related Gilmore Girls reunion we were hoping for, but I’ll take it.

-You know what’s better than actually watching The Walking Dead? Just skipping the episodes and reading Funny or Die’s recaps instead.

-Nearly 5 million people watched a YouTube video of Keanu Reeves at a gun range. Seems logical.

-It’s weird that Britain has Mother’s Day on a different date than we do, but at least that meant Victoria Beckham didn’t have a lot of competition yesterday when it came¬†to sweetest celebrity Mother’s Day messages.

-This is kind of impressive:¬†Chloe Grace Moretz appeared in a skit on SNL Korea — in which everyone only spoke Korean.

-Bless anyone who can get through this Hardcore Harry trailer without puking.

-If a kids movie stars Adam Pally, Lauren Graham, Retta and Andy Daly, is that a good enough excuse to go see it? ¬†Or does that make you the creepy old person without a child¬†sitting in a kids movie? Asking for a friend…