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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Enjoy An Ice Cream Date in Canada

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were spotted in his hometown of Stratford, Ont. this weekend.

-Did Chloë Grace Moretz imply that she found out about then-boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham kissing Playboy model Lexi Wood through push notifications? She told The Sunday Times, “Breakups are hard across the board. But when every verified account on Twitter posts something about me, I get tagged. And every major publication is verified. So anytime they post something about a certain relationship, it pops up on my phone, which is how I find out about 90% of things.”

-Chloë also thinks her shelved Louis C.K. film ‘should just go away‘, which makes a lot of sense.

Robin Wright and Clement Giraudet got married in a low-key ceremony over the weekend.

Ruby Rose is the latest star to be hounded off social media after a fan backlash. Stupid fandoms.

-Celebrities are tweeting their love for Aretha Franklin, who is reportedly very ill.

-I watched the Teen Choice Awards last night and felt INCREDIBLY. OLD.  There were so many Youtube “stars”, guys!

-Not that we should look to Lindsay Lohan for sane, measured takes on real-world issues, but she still probably shouldn’t have implied that when women speak out against sexual harassment and assault, “it makes them look weak.

Chris Hardwick started last night’s Talking Dead episode by tearfully addressing the sexual assault and abuse claims made against him. Not surprisingly, he didn’t mention the several staffers who resigned in protest. Watch the video of him crying here, if that’s your thing.

-Meanwhile, the Nerdist website continues to distance itself from Hardwick.

Stephen Colbert says there was no pushback from CBS when he discussed Les Moonves on The Late Show. “As soon as I heard the article came out, I knew that I’d have to talk about it on Monday night because we talk about everything. That’s kind of all I worked on that Monday was what I wanted to say, and about a half an hour before we taped we told CBS. We said ‘We’re gonna do this, and we’re going to do this.’ And there was no pushback. Nobody said a damn thing.”

Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine are in a financial deadlock with Paramount that could end with them leaving the Star Trek franchise.

-Crazy Rich Asian star Awkwafina shared the story of how a music video she uploaded to YouTube called “My Vag” helped kick off her career.

-A bunch of British actresses depict how brutal the audition process can be.

This is a good take on Disney’s latest casting controversy.

-I am so very here for Amanda Bynes’ comeback. I always liked that kid and am rooting for her.

-Follow with me now: DL Hughley says he once had an affair and she got pregnant, and he prayed the baby would go away, but then the child was murdered at nine months by his mistresses’ boyfriend, and then DL’s wife found out years later and felt bad and began paying the mistress.

-This list of movies that Tom Cruise reportedly passed on is fascinating.

Nicki Minaj just released the music video for “Ganja Burn,” and it centers around a tale of biblical-level beef.

Lupita Nyong’o and Saoirse Ronan hang out in beautiful apartments to sell perfume for Calvin Klein.

-The new Happytime Murders red band trailer is so incredibly NSFW, which is weird considering that all the dirty parts involve puppets.


Drake Returns to Degrassi For His New Video


-Holy crap, am I loving Drake‘s epic Degrassi reunion in his new video. (Nina Dobrev is looking good here. I was worried for a minute there…) At first I assumed it was just really good timing on his part and couldn’t possibly be a reaction to Pusha T‘s diss track (which dropped May 29) because the timeline was too short to pull together a video like this.  But it turns out they shot it last weekend and according to this IG post it went from “concept to shoot in a week, shoot to release in four days.”  So yeah, he managed to call up his old costars and pull together the perfect response in just two weeks. Way to go, Wheelchair Jimmy!

-Stranger Things’ Millie Bobbi Brown has left social media after a fake meme about her being homophobic went viral. People are the worst.

-For the first time in years, HBO is completely skipping Comic-Con. There will be no Westworld or Game Of Thrones panels, and no activations.

Kim Kardashian and Alice Johnson sat down for a joint interview on the Today Show to talk about Johnson’s release.

Meghan Markle calls Prince Harry “the best husband ever,” continues to wear terrible pantyhose.

-She’s also reportedly happy all the wedding fuss is behind her. No doubt.

Brie Larson was on hand to announce a Sundance & TIFF iniative to allocate 20% of press credentials to underrepresented movie critics and journalists. “I do not need a 70-year-old white dude to tell me what didn’t work for him about A Wrinkle In Time.”

Rose McGowan helped bring about Harvey Weinstein‘s downfall. Now, the activist says he’s trying to take her down with him. (She may be problematic, but the felony drug charge she’s facing over a lost wallet with cocaine does indeed sound shady af).

Marc Maron, Louie Anderson, Ray Romano, Tracy Morgan, Sean Hayes and Tony Shalhoub talked about the #MeToo movement in THR’s comedy actor roundtable. I’m not overly interested in what any of these guys have to say about it, but Romano made a good point: “I don’t know how to speak to any of this, but there’s an awareness of how hard it is for women now…Yes, there are some harsh things happening and harsh judgments, but the one good thing is that we’re becoming aware of what it means when somebody, even if they don’t think they’re harassing, is crossing the boundaries a bit.”

Bill Cosby has fired his entire legal team ahead of his sentencing following his guilty verdict.

-In a new interview, R Kelly‘s ex-wife opened up about years of alleged abuse.

-A woman was granted a temporary restraining order against Chris Brown after the singer allegedly hit her. Seriously, how is he still a thing?

Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande want to take you to “Bed” in their new single.

Here’s the video from An Evening With Female Showrunners, the highly successful event Liz Hannah organized in response to Variety’s all-male TV writers panel.

-I was reading in the newspaper this morning about how this the summer of romcoms (YASS!!!) and I don’t know how I missed that Juliet, Naked, which is one of my fave Nick Hornsby books, is being adapted into a film starring Rose Byrne, Chris O’Dowd and Ethan Hawke that’ll be out in August. How did I not know this? How is there no trailer yet?!

Chloe Grace Moretz is plagued by a mysterious illness in the Brain on Fire trailer.

Gwyneth Paltrow Revisits Conscious Uncoupling

-I really like the tanned, no makeup thing Gwyneth Paltrow has going on on The Edit cover. The interview is predictably eyeroll-y though, in which she acknowledges that the phrase “conscious uncoupling” is “dorky” but still “a good idea.” She really loses me when she blames the backlash against GOOP on “stay in your lane” sexism, saying “Women in general get a lot of pushback, especially if you’re successful and attractive.” Maybe the pushback had less to do with how beautiful she is, and more to do with the fact that she told women to steam their vaginas?

-HBO nabbed Julia Roberts‘ first TV series, Today Will Be Different, based on the Maria Semple book.

-The new Arcade Fire song “Everything Now” I mentioned yesterday is out with links that aren’t disappearing! It’s got an ABBA vibe that I can get behind.

-People has released a statement in response to Jennifer Garner’s clapback, saying “Our story on Jennifer Garner is fair and truthful. To be clear, it does not include rumors and does not say she’s pregnant. We wish her well.” It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out, as she was clearly pro-People when it came to exclusives before this.

-Netflix has cancelled Sense8 after only two seasons. Probably not great timing that they killed such an LGBT-positive show on the first day of Pride.

-Variety points out a disturbing trend in the recent TV cancellations: they’re often inclusive, diverse shows.

Jennifer Hudson, Aubrey Plaza, Adam Scott, Kal Penn, Joseph Fiennes, and Rose Byrne are among the 30 supporting TV actors who posed for this giant Emmy photo.

Riz Ahmed, Ewan McGregor, Billy Bob Thornton, Sterling K. Brown, John Lithgow and Jeffrey Wright take part in THR’s TV drama actor roundtable.

Chloë Grace Moretz apologized for her new animated movie’s terrible, body-shaming ad, tweeting “I have now fully reviewed the mkting for Red Shoes, I am just as appalled and angry as everyone else, this wasn’t approved by me or my team. Pls know I have let the producers of the film know. I lent my voice to a beautiful script that I hope you will all see in its entirety.” I dunno, the trailer seems pretty bad, too.

-Wonder Woman — earning rapturous reviews — is expected to chase away the doldrums at the early summer box office with a $95M debut this weekend.

-Meanwhile, the studios are blaming critics for the soft Memorial Day weekend. Lolz.

-The mayor of Austin just shut down a sexist email about women-only Wonder Woman screenings and it’s everything.

Chris Pine says he spent the Wonder Woman shoot “flirting and acting like a jackass.” Which pretty much sounds like typical actor behavior but at least he’s admitting it.

-I love this season of The Leftovers. I don’t understand it, but I love it. The thing I find really interesting is how it’s engaging directly with TV critics. A recent episode was inspired by the death of Vulture critic Matt Zoller Seitz’s wife. Creator Damon Lindelof also admitted that they wrote season two and three’s long opening sequences to mess with critic Andy Greenwald. And now Variety’s Mo Ryan has written a heartrending personal essay about experiencing the loss of her parents through the lens of the show, and it left me in tears.

-This is Us creator Dan Fogelman has written an ode to broadcast network TV.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Josh Gad, Katy Perry, Ashley Judd and more celebs took to Twitter to slam Trump for pulling out of the Paris climate accord.

-Here the first trailer for Kenneth Branagh‘s Murder on the Orient Express, featuring Penélope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, Josh Gad, Leslie Odom, Jr., Michelle Pfeiffer, Daisy Ridley, and some really pretty tracking shots.