Taylor Swift Took on Apple — And Won!


-Is there anything Taylor Swift can’t do? ‘Cause she just made Apple bend to her will (and rightly so).

Kim Kardashian will be giving a lecture on the objectification of women. Ironic doesn’t even begin to cover this. We need a whole new word. Stupidiculousonic?

-Also, Kim confirmed that she’s having a boy on (where else?) Instagram.

-Speaking of ironic, Amber Heard is complaining about other people trying to hold onto their 15 minutes of fame.

-There were moving trucks photographed outside Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner‘s house, but don’t worry guys, they’re just renovating. Nothing to see here. Nope.

Anthony Mackie has a surprising amount of opinions about who Chris Evans should date next. Spoiler alert: it’s probably not you.

-It’s odd but awesome that Rose McGowan is calling out Adam Sandler for sexiest casting calls on Twitter.

-Sweet! Bryan Cranston made a surprise appearance at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas on Saturday to help introduce the Above & Beyond song named after his Breaking Bad character — and he went full Walter White on it.

-Meanwhile, Cranston‘s new TV show may get picked up by Amazon.

Oliver Hudson slammed his and Kate‘s dad Bill Hudson yesterday with one perfect Instagram caption yesterday: “Happy abandonment day”

-Even though I’m shocked (shocked!) that Hannibal managed to run for three seasons on broadcast TV (I mean, the last episode featured an extended black and white sequence of a snail crawling on a leaf, for crissakes), I’m still a bit surprised that NBC let it go.  Sure, it got minuscule ratings but the international co-production deal meant NBC was getting it on the cheap, and it’s the only show on that net that has any sort of critical acclaim. Like, at all.

-Also, I think the Food Network should pick Hannibal up. I’m not even joking.

-Meanwhile, this article about how Guy Fieri single-handedly destroyed the Food Network is worth a read.

-In other NBC news, Smash may be dead and buried, but the show-within-a-show lives on. After a crazy successful Kickstarter campaign led to a one-off performance, it’s now poised for a full stage adaptation.

-Royal gossip alert: Did Prince Andrew pull rank for Beatrice?

Emilia Clarke says that even though her Game of Thrones scenes with Jason Momoa were intense, but he kept it light with his modesty sock.

-This is an excellent (if longish) article about the decline of the American actor.

-Speaking of excellent articles about the state of movies, I love this one about the infuriating stupidity of telling people to “turn their brain off and just enjoy” popcorn movies.

Mariah Carey has landed herself a billionaire. I would expect nothing less.

-Thank gawd this rumour about the CW planning a Hawkgirl spinoff looks like it’s bunk.  This superhero TV explosion is already stretching a bit too thin…

-If you have 15 mins, John Oliver‘s bit last night about online harassment is one of the best things you’ll see all day/week/month/life:

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