Robin Wright Talks Ben Foster, Sean Penn in Vanity Fair


-In her new Vanity Fair cover storyRobin Wright says she’s “never been happier” than with Ben Foster, and promptly shuts down any trash talk about her ex, Sean Penn. She’s a bit of an ice queen and I freakin’ love it!

-Welp! A jury just ordered Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams to pay $7.4 million for copying Marvin Gaye’s in “Blurred Lines”.

-Well, this doesn’t bode well for Sleepy Hollow’s chances of renewal. They just lost their showrunner — and possibly location.

-Canadian Heritage Moments just got the Drake treatment and it’s wonderful.

-Could Kristen Stewart be Woody Allen’s new movie muse? This news is even more disappointing than when Emma Stone was working with him. KStew just seems like she would be above it.

-Watch Bette Midler turn Kim Kardashian’s dumb tweets into piano ballads.

-This story about Cara Delevingne and Naomi Campbell brawling at Paris Fashion Week is gossip gold.  (Naomi’s already denied it, natch.)

-Also, Cara got in on the Zoolander action, which pretty much overshadowed everything else from PFW today.

-If you have five minutes to spare, do yourself a favour and watch Amy Schumer’s brilliant, feminist stand-up set at Night Of Too Many Stars.

-I don’t watch The Bachelor, but that didn’t stop me from loving this recap. “Women are just buffet items under the giant sneeze-guard of a man’s life.”

Kanye West just made me feel better about my inability to do the robot.

-I still haven’t finished The Fall’s second season, but Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan just signed on for a third.

-Speaking of British TV, Fox is delaying the American remake of Luther for “casting” reasons. Whew!

-I actually agree with this GOOP article on foreign shows you should binge and now my world is askew.

-This is a great profile on Broad City’s Abbi & Ilana. I’m always fascinated to read about awkward interactions with stars and their super fans.

-How did it take this long for someone to put Michael Bolton in an Office Space spoof?

-I’m torn on this new trailer for Netflix’s Daredevil. It looks great (I’m ignoring the “You’re blind, but you see so much!” dialogue), but I’m over Christopher Nolan-y superheroes.

-Watch The Rock save people from earthquakes in the new San Andreas trailer. I’m glad Colton Haynes is getting work, even if it’s in stuff like this. I fear his future on Arrow is not long and movies like this don’t actually require him to, you know, act.

-Here’s the new trailer for Ride starring Helen Hunt and Luke Wilson.

-Listen to the voices in your head in the new trailer for Pixar’s Inside Out. I want Amy Poehler to voice everything from now on forever. Is that asking a lot?


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