Did Vivica A. Fox Just Out 50 Cent?

-Last night when I was flipping between feeling trolled by The Walking Dead or feeling faint over Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s hotness on The Good Wife, Vivica A Fox was spilling truth tea over on Watch What Happens Live. First she insinuated that her ex 50 Cent is gay…and then she just kind of said it. He promptly responded with his gross go-to.

-How cute is Steve Aoki when meeting Celine Dion? When she does a live version of his “Heart Will Go On” remix and he looks like he’s about to pee? Adorable.

-I was hard on The Leftovers last season, but that scene in last night’s episode between Regina King and Carrie Coon was next-level acting.

Patrick Dempsey and his ex-wife were spotted holding hands in Paris, 11 months after filing divorce.

-This behind-the-scenes recounting of ER’s “Hell or High Water” (the episode where George Clooney‘s character saves the kid in the drain pipe) is great.

Justin Bieber was on Ellen today, and she asked him how he felt about that leaked dick pic, as well as whether or not he plans to reunite with Selena Gomez.

-Speaking of Ellen, she hosted a celebrity cooking segment that was basically an excuse for us all to watch Martha Stewart shade Drew Barrymore.

-I didn’t want to listen to Marc Maron‘s interview with Lorne Michaels because he whines so much about not getting cast on SNL (and apparently this podcast took it to new levels), but he did manage to get some decent scoop.

-There’s lots of backtracking on the box office reporting this weekend. Last week, everyone was saying Spectre had to make at least $90 million, and now they’re trying to spin a $73 million opening into a good thing.

-Blindspot is the first new fall show to score a renewal.

-Speaking of TV, here’s the first trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s new cop show.

-As if you need another reason to tune into Jane the Virgin, Britney Spears is on tonight’s episode.

-In my head canon, Joshua Jackson is standing just out of frame and about to throat-punch Jared Leto for this.

-This new CW drama from Olivia Munn sounds like something I’m going to watch the crap out of.

-I held off on listening to the Hamilton soundtrack until last week because I was pretty sure it was going to take over my life. I wasn’t wrong. 60 Minutes interviewed Lin Manuel Miranda last night, and it was awesome. I love when he talks about how Hamilton’s raps had to be so much more complex than the rest of the characters’.  “He needed to be, like, from the future, just this world-beating intellect. So every couplet had to be unimpeachable.”

-Here’s the season 2 teaser for Better Call Saul, I show I loved when it aired but then promptly forgot existed.


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