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November 23, 2015

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s Wedding Photos

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Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello showed off so many photos from their weekend wedding. SO. MANY. PHOTOS. It’s kind of great that they shared them all on social media instead of selling them, though.

-I barely watched the AMAs last night but I did manage to catch Anna Kendrick’s hilarious acceptance speech so I feel like I’m winning.

-Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj insists she wasn’t shading Jennifer Lopez by staying stone-faced while JLo danced to her music. Mmm-hmmm.

-Speaking of shading JLo, Mariah Carey claims she was “just being honest” when she once said “I don’t know her,” which makes it even shadier! Bless. (Though I still love Jennifer Lopez. She owns my heart if only because she once did an epic interview in which she shaded Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna.)

-Hello, indeed. Everyone was expecting Adele’s new album to do well but I don’t think anyone was anticipating 2.3 million in the first 3 days in the US alone. I guess all those worries about how it not being available on streaming sites would hurt her sales were bupkis.

-Meanwhile, someone at SNL leaked the raw mic feed from Adele‘s performance, and her isolated vocals are stunning.

-I watched a few episodes of Jessica Jones this weekend. Wow. It’s not perfect, but the way it’s playing with issues of consent and female agency is impressive. From having a man telling her to “smile” (taking something every woman has been ordered to do — usually by strangers — to its most terrifying extreme) to having very few people believe her story of abuse, this is some important, intense storytelling.

-Welp. Hackers are trying to blackmail Gigi Hadid with her own photos.

-The Walking Dead finally revealed Glenn’s fate last night — and broke the show’s rules in the process.

-Meanwhile, this is HBO’s teaser art for the new season of Game of Thrones. Every show I watch right now seems to be playing with not-really-dead TV characters and I’m kind of done with it. Joss Whedon needs to teach these young pups about stakes and consequences.

The Game did an interview about his ridiculous NSFW Instagram photos (complete with ridiculous NSFW hashtag). How does this get a free pass but Instagram immediately removes any hint of a nipple?!

-The trailers for Chris Hemsworth‘s new whale movie are ruining my life. Looks like it’s tough on him, too.

-In his new Vanity Fair cover story, Chris talks about the pressure of delivering box office result for giant movies. “When something costs $150 million and it doesn’t work, it’s your face, it’s your fault.” Really? ‘Cause Michael Fassbender, Bradley Cooper, Bill Murray, Zac Efron and countless other white dudes seem to be surviving their flops just fine. But Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie‘s movies tank, and hands start wringing.

-Speaking of which, the Hollywood Reporter has a new piece on how the failures of Our Brand Is Crisis and By the Sea  might spell the end of the Hollywood “favour” movie.

-The Hollywood Reporter’s actors roundtable is more diverse than last week’s one on actresses. Even more interesting, check out how different the tone is for each story.

Andy Richter’s response to the NYT story about celebrities favoring not-hot nannies to keep husbands faithful is gold.

Aaron Carter tweeted some madness this weekend about how Michael Jacksonpassed down the torch” to him. Wut?

Gillian Anderson reprises her Hannibal role for a super creepy PETA ad.

Justin Bieber serenaded Selena Gomez on Friday night. Make of that what you will.

-Ugh. Just when I resolved to not watch any more superhero shows (especially since I’m back on the Arrow train after it totally got its groove back), The CW goes and releases a new trailer for Legends of Tomorrow (debuting Jan. 21) that is admittedly epic. Resistance is futile.