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Rihanna Contemplates Marriage and Motherhood

Rihanna discussed marriage and love in a candid new chat with her Ocean’s 8 co-star Sarah Paulson for Interview magazine. She talked about carving time out of her schedule for boyfriend of two years Hassan Jameel (“I got into a new relationship, and it matters to me. It was like, ‘I need to make time for this.’ Just like I nurture my businesses, I need to nurture this as well. I’ll shut things down for two days, three days at a time. On my calendar we now have the infamous ‘P,’ which means personal days. This is a new thing”), and said she wants to be a mother “More than anything in life.” (My fave part about the interview is when Paulson starts serenading her and Rihanna says “I’m going to tell you this because I’m a black girl: You’re going to have to stay on beat, okay?”)

-Vanity Fair wrote an article speculating who Ellen Pompeo may have been referring to when she talked about “toxic behavior” on the set of Grey’s Anatomy for the first 10 seasons — and Isaiah Washington read it and snapped. He tweeted “Vanity Fair needs to keep my name out of this. You gone be dirty? Why don’t you ask Ellen Pompeo how she was paid ‘hush money’ to protect Patrick Dempsey and HIS ‘toxic behavior’.” 👀

Kylie Jenner threw a Handmaid’s Tale-themed party. No, girl.

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are officially married. They shared identical posts about it on Instagram (each with a line about how they’re “grateful to Mr. Giorgio Armani” for outfitting them which is…uh…something. Did their sponcon agreement specific a sentence or do they just not know how to tag?)

-Fans are baffled after Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to a UFC fight.

-I’m very ok with The Good Place announcing that season four will be its last.

Cuba Gooding Jr. has been accused of grabbing a women’s breasts in a NYC club and could potentially be arrested.

-This is horrible: A year after Pauley Perrette exited NCIS following 15 seasons on the show, she took to Twitter to beg fans to stop asking her to return — because she says she’s afraid of being in the presence of lead actor Mark Harmon. She posted “I am terrified of Harmon and him attacking me. I have nightmares about it. I have a new show that is SAFE AND HAPPY!” and then a separate tweet of two graphic photos of an NCIS crew member with stitches around his eyes.

-I love that The Other Two and Barry are on this list of the best TV so far in 2019. I’d add Better Things, too.

-This video compilation of Gwyneth Paltrow being clueless about what’s going on in the MCU movies she stars in is great. Just cash those Marvel checks, girl.

Kiefer Sutherland calling out our ridiculous premier on Twitter is a good time.

-I gave up on The 100 after season 2 but a lot of my Twitter mutuals still watch it and ship Bellarke (which seems really hard because I don’t think they’ve progressed past a hug in the last five seasons). So it was nice to see their total bliss meltdown when the actors — who no one even knew were dating — announced that they eloped last month.

Celine Dion stopping her set until a guy came back from the bathroom so he wouldn’t miss anything is very on brand and wonderful.

-This is a good breakdown of what happened to X-Men’s Dark Phoenix, which bombed at the weekend box office and could lose $100M. Insiders told The Hollywood Reporter that after the disaster that was Apocalypse, execs came away thinking that the movie’s failure had been due to an excessive amount of explosions and scale, not due to franchise fatigue generally. “We were wrong.” Then the release date was moved to June to placate James Cameron, Fox’s most important filmmaker, so not to conflict with Alita: Battle Angel. And Dark Phoenix’s muddled marketing campaign didn’t help. “When definite awareness of Rocketman is higher than an X-Men movie, you know you’re in strange territory.”

Laura Linney and Audra McDonald had some funny “beef” at last night’s Tonys.

DJ Khaled‘s energy drink bundles might have cost him a #1 album, and now he’s reportedly planning to sue Billboard over it.

-I’m taking a break from non-Legends of Tomorrow CW superhero shows, but here’s the first full trailer for Batwoman.

-The footage of Keanu Reeves recording his part for Toy Story 4 went viral this weekend (deservedly) thanks to a Chris Evens boost.

-Cyberpunk 2077 comes out next year – but Keanu showed up at E3 yesterday to promote his involvement and debut the first trailer.


Gillian Anderson Talks X Files Pay Fight


Gillian Anderson looks lovely in the new Harper’s Bazaar UK, where she talks about feminism, sexual identity and why she went public when she was offered half of David Duchovny‘s salary. “That is a blatant inequality. They’re not going to make The X-Files without me. They’re either going to step up to the plate or they’re not going to make them at all, so I don’t really feel that I put my neck out in any way.”

Patrick Dempsey sure is saying a lot of words in his People cover story. He talks about reconciling with his wife (“You’ve got to communicate, and stay open and not get lazy. And not give up. And lots of sex!”) and tries to make us believe that killing McDreamy was a joint decision with Shonda Rhimes. Uh huh.

-Lainey’s analysis of how Tom Hiddleston is controlling the breakup narrative is all kinds of fascinating. I seriously didn’t know he had this in him.

-Meanwhile, Idris Elba and Chris Hemsworth interrupted Tom Hiddleston’s acceptance speech for the TV Choice Awards, and it was adorable.

-I’m actually surprised it took Jessica Biel this long to realize she’s a TV girl and not a movie girl.

-Why is Drake‘s dad trying to burst our Drake/Rihanna bubble? WHY?!?!

-Meanwhile, Drake reportedly “went ballistic” after thieves ripped off millions in jewelry from tour bus. Seems fair.

Justin Theroux with a beard is making me feel…things.

-Not surprisingly, Brad Pitt is no fan of Donald Trump. “What does he even mean, take our country back?”

-Let’s all just simmer down with that talk of Daniel Craig getting a $150 million James Bond payday, ok?

-Whoa. After all the mud they slung at each other, I was not expecting Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez to quietly call off their divorce.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie have finally settled their custody battle over 16-year-old son Rocco.

Taran Killam did a short about leaving SNL, shot in the style of the NFL show Hard Knocks.

-I really like this interview with Greg Berlanti on superhero TV-making (though I’m bummed they didn’t ask him about his time on Dawson’s Creek. He pushed through Jack’s first kiss with a guy, and the Pacey/Joey romance. If you ever want to take a deep dive into TV production, read The Billion Dollar Kiss.)

-Speaking of Dawson’s Creek, here’s a photo of Joshua Jackson wet and on a surfboard. Because I love you.

Zayn Malik is developing an NBC series with Dick Wolf inspired by One Direction. So many parts of that sentence confuse me.

-Wait, Gavin Rossdale is now dating Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren? Huh.

-This is a riveting profile of Tom Ford, who opens up about his battle with depression and sobriety. “Death is all I think about. There is not a day or really an hour that goes by that I don’t think about death.”

-Good to see the early reviews of Netflix’s new show Luke Cage are glowing.

-I think I’m going to stop reading about the Gilmore Girls revival because it’s getting too spoilery. Like, do we really need the 1st page of the script? (I did appreciate the “you’ve been Goop’d” burn, though).

Gwyneth Paltrow says she wouldn’t consciously uncouple via Goop again. “It sort of wouldn’t be appropriate now. It is a much bigger business and I’m not sure it would be the right place to do something like that.”

-Why doesn’t anyone seem to like this Chanel dress on Keira Knightley? I’m coveting the shit out of it.

-Meanwhile, Keira would like you to know that she’s not going bald.

Will Smith meets Love (Keira Knightley) and Death (Helen Mirren) in the first Collateral Beauty. The movie looks intriguing, but it opens against Rogue One.

Did Vivica A. Fox Just Out 50 Cent?

-Last night when I was flipping between feeling trolled by The Walking Dead or feeling faint over Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s hotness on The Good Wife, Vivica A Fox was spilling truth tea over on Watch What Happens Live. First she insinuated that her ex 50 Cent is gay…and then she just kind of said it. He promptly responded with his gross go-to.

-How cute is Steve Aoki when meeting Celine Dion? When she does a live version of his “Heart Will Go On” remix and he looks like he’s about to pee? Adorable.

-I was hard on The Leftovers last season, but that scene in last night’s episode between Regina King and Carrie Coon was next-level acting.

Patrick Dempsey and his ex-wife were spotted holding hands in Paris, 11 months after filing divorce.

-This behind-the-scenes recounting of ER’s “Hell or High Water” (the episode where George Clooney‘s character saves the kid in the drain pipe) is great.

Justin Bieber was on Ellen today, and she asked him how he felt about that leaked dick pic, as well as whether or not he plans to reunite with Selena Gomez.

-Speaking of Ellen, she hosted a celebrity cooking segment that was basically an excuse for us all to watch Martha Stewart shade Drew Barrymore.

-I didn’t want to listen to Marc Maron‘s interview with Lorne Michaels because he whines so much about not getting cast on SNL (and apparently this podcast took it to new levels), but he did manage to get some decent scoop.

-There’s lots of backtracking on the box office reporting this weekend. Last week, everyone was saying Spectre had to make at least $90 million, and now they’re trying to spin a $73 million opening into a good thing.

-Blindspot is the first new fall show to score a renewal.

-Speaking of TV, here’s the first trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s new cop show.

-As if you need another reason to tune into Jane the Virgin, Britney Spears is on tonight’s episode.

-In my head canon, Joshua Jackson is standing just out of frame and about to throat-punch Jared Leto for this.

-This new CW drama from Olivia Munn sounds like something I’m going to watch the crap out of.

-I held off on listening to the Hamilton soundtrack until last week because I was pretty sure it was going to take over my life. I wasn’t wrong. 60 Minutes interviewed Lin Manuel Miranda last night, and it was awesome. I love when he talks about how Hamilton’s raps had to be so much more complex than the rest of the characters’.  “He needed to be, like, from the future, just this world-beating intellect. So every couplet had to be unimpeachable.”

-Here’s the season 2 teaser for Better Call Saul, I show I loved when it aired but then promptly forgot existed.