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November 30, 2015

Amy Schumer Posed Nude for Annie Leibovitz


Amy Schumer took to Twitter to show off the nude photo Annie Leibovitz took of her for the Pirelli calendar, and it’s stunning. Serena Williams is also featured.

Mary-Kate Olsen married her much older boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy, and the ceremony sounded like, um…something. Everyone had to turn in their cellphone, and there were “bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes, and everyone smoked the whole night.” Wow, she’s really living the dream!

Mariah Carey’s face as she’s forced to watch Ariana Grande sing is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

Erykah Badu shaded Iggy Azalea so hard at the Soul Train Awards last night.

-Comedy’s reigning power couple Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti are getting hitched!

Sinead O’Connor was found safe after posting on Facebook that she had ‘taken an overdose’ during her custody dispute.

-Hello, Adele’s hot bodyguard, it’s me.

-The Coldplay song that features Gwyneth Paltrow just debuted, and I seriously can’t hear her in it. Is that her doing the background “hey hey” at 2:25? Maybe?

-This is lovely: the Seinfeld cast sent in-character videos to a terminally ill fan.

Katie Holmes proves that celebrities are just like us by posting a video of her family’s post-Thanksgiving nap.

-Retailers are struggling to meet demand for toys of female Star Wars characters. Really, Hollywood? Every single time?!

Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t afraid to die anymore in the new teaser for The Revenant.

-I skipped The Walking Dead’s midseason finale last night to watch The Leftovers (which somehow has gotten really good!), but here’s the 2-minute TWD prologue that made Twitter lose its poo. I don’t get it.

-Also, TWD showrunner is defending the fallout from Glenn’s dumpster dive, saying”I don’t think there’s a credibility issue.” Aw, that’s adorable.

-An oral history of Hackers? Sure.

–The Fresh Off The Boat cast has the best Golden Globes plea yet.

Taylor Swift stopped her car to meet a fan who was walking down the street wearing her shirt, which is pretty damn sweet.

Justin Bieber cancelled some appearances last week for “personal reasons,” but felt fine enough to buy strangers shots in a college bar. K.

-CBS just ordered 7 more episode of Supergirl, which everyone is spinning as “full season pickup” but is it? That brings the total episode count to 20 instead of 23. I still think it’ll be renewed even though the ratings have substantially dropped lately because it’s bringing in a much younger audience to CBS, but this doesn’t feel like the vote of confidence I was expecting.

-Speaking of ratings, the creator of New Girl explains just how complicated they can be.

-I’m all in for this Midnight Special trailer, starring Kirsten Dunst and Michael Shannon.