Azealia Banks Kicked Out of Russell Crowe’s Hotel Room

-What the hell happened this weekend between Russell Crowe and Azealia Banks? She was reportedly hanging out in his hotel as RZA‘s guest, began criticizing his music selection and allegedly got into an altercation with another female. Crowe is said to have physically removed her and called security, but now she’s filed a police report saying that he choked her and called her the n-word, and is promising “receipts.” So now the two most belligerent people in Hollywood are in a he said/she said; this should end well.

-Congrats to Designated Survivor’s Italia Ricci and The Flash’s Robbie Amell, who got married this weekend. (Entertainment Tonight congratulated the wrong Amell. If they ever need an expert on all things Amellian, I’m available…)

-Speaking of weddings, Glee star Dianna Agron got married to a guy from Mumford & Sons.

Sarah Jessica Parker is threatening us with another SATC movie. Let us live, woman!

-In other news about reboots no one wants, Jason Segel is already talking about a How I Met Your Mother reunion.

-People says Jennifer Lopez dumped Casper Smart because he cheated on her? I don’t understand life.

-Cancel this entire week and crawl back into bed: Luke Perry is on cover of AARP magazine.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wing-manning for Leslie Jones on Twitter is my new favourite thing!

-Hamilton’s Leslie Odom, Jr. is expecting a baby with Nicolette Robinson. Maybe now Lena Dunham won’t be insulting the next time he doesn’t flirt with her.

Perrie Edwards says Zayn Malik ended their engagement with a text message. Kids today.

-Kids today, part deux: Joe Jonas doesn’t feel the need to apologize to Ashley Green for telling everyone she took his virginity.

-I really liked this article on Kristen Stewart‘s complicated new appeal.

-The only thing that would make this video of every shot of Tom Cruise running in movies better would be adding scenes of the Cougar Town cast making fun of Tom Cruise running in movies.

Kylie Jenner says she didn’t get butt implants, it’s just her “chunkiness.” If by “chunkiness” she means “injections” then sure.

-This is an interesting take on how the Billy Bush saga might mark the end of softball entertainment journalism.

-Meanwhile, Bush might get a $10 million settlement from NBC just to go away.

Taylor Swift donated $1 million to Louisiana flood victims because despite everything, she’s still kinda great.

Hilary Duff is dating a personal trainer, which sounds like my version of hell.

-Here’s the first promo for Big Little Lies, the new limited HBO series starring Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Adam Scott and Nicole Kidman, directed by Jean-Marc Vallee. Just give everyone all the Emmys now.

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