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October 25, 2016

Gilmore Girls Trailer: Lorelai Hikes Now?!

-The first Gilmore Girls trailer has arrived! I’m 78% certain this reboot is a terrible idea, but damn if this didn’t get me pumped anyway.

Emma Watson says of the US election: “It has been excruciating to sit on the sidelines.”  Really? ‘Cause being able to sit on the sidelines is the only thing keeping me sane.

-Did Justin Timberlake break the law by taking a selfie while voting early?

-It’s cute that Diane Kruger didn’t seem to realize that we’re scouring her Instagram posts for possible clues about her status with Joshua Jackson.

-There are conflicting reports about whether or not Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have split after three years of dating. Page Six says they’re done; Us Weekly says they’re still going strong. They’ve never confirmed a relationship, so don’t expect their reps to clarify.

Nicole Richie is not sorry for her wild child past. “I don’t have to worry someone is going to put an embarrassing picture up on Facebook — the worst is already in strangers’ heads.”

Miley Cyrus was “too stoned” to remember lyrics in her Bill Murray tribute performance. Way to stay on brand, girlfriend.

-Is Notorious the first fall TV casualty? ABC just cut its episode order, and we all know that “trimmed” is the new code word for “cancelled.”

-Every once in a while I dip back into Supergirl when there’s nothing else on. Was this show always so gay? Not just the obvious Alex evolution, but I was getting some major potential ‘ship vibes from Supergirl/Lena. It’s awesome!

-Despite critics absolutely hating on it, The Walking Dead premiere killed in the ratings. Humanity is doomed.

-These photos of Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett filming Ocean’s 8 tell us nothing about the plot and yet it’s already my favourite movie of all time.

Taylor Swift’s groping lawsuit deposition has been released, and she said she felt “violated in a way I had never experienced before.”

-This photo spread with Stranger Things’ Millie Bobbie Brown makes me both want to see her get a modeling gig, but also stop her from growing up. It’s confusing.

-Sources tell People that Jennifer Lawrence seems less ‘stressed out’ with new man Darren Aronofsky. Yes, because when you think of stressed out people, Jennifer Lawrence is the first to come to mind.

Aaron Paul is losing his mind in the trailer for Come and Find Me.