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October 26, 2016

Lady Gaga Kills It on Carpool Karaoke

-Like her or not, Lady Gaga just delivered one of the best Carpool Karaoke editions yet, vocal-wise. Also, I never want to drive with her.

Angelina Jolie and some of her kids reportedly spoke to the FBI for four hours about Brad Pitt’s plane incident.

-There are new reports that Tom Cruise is getting “serious” with his girlfriend of several months, which has absolutely nothing to do with his new movie now in theatres.

Bruno Mars said Adele was a “diva” when he worked with her but he insists he meant it as a compliment because he clearly doesn’t know how words work.

-The internet can’t tell if this photo is of Tom Hanks or Bill Murray. It’s Murray. The internet is dumb.

-Meanwhile, Tom Hanks wants to do love scenes with Channing Tatum. Tom Hanks is all of us.

-More details have emerged about that Tim Miller/Ryan Reynolds rift that saw the director leave Deadpool 2. One of the issues was that Miller reportedly wanted to cast Kyle Chandler, and Reynolds was against it. Who the hell says no to Kyle Chandler?!

-Meanwhile, Taylor Swift made Ryan Reynolds‘ birthday message all about her. Of course she did.

-There’s a new short debuting tomorrow on YouTube that stars Tom Cavanagh, Josh Dallas and Emily Bett Rickards. I like all of those people!

-Sadness: director Len Wiseman has filed from divorce from Kate Beckinsale after 12 years of marriage.

-Try to read this Patton Oswalt interview about his late wife and not cry. Actually, don’t even try. It’s not even physically possible.

-Here’s the first extended trailer for the latest 24 reboot. I don’t know how this will be without the Kief, but the last limited reboot of this series was way better than I expected it to be.

-The CW has bought yet another drama from Greg Berlanti. Does that man not sleep?!

Chloë Grace Moretz set up her pal Meghan Trainer with one of their friends, and now they’re in luvvv.

Amy Schumer‘s “Formation” spoof is getting a lot of flack, so she responded by posting a topless photo. Um, ok?

Jay Z is reportedly willing to drop big bucks on the rights to Prince’s unreleased music.

-Sausage Party is launching a big Oscar campaign? Really?!

Shia LaBeouf comes home from war in the new Man Down trailer. Sadly, the rattail does not seem to make an appearance.