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November 2016

Chris Pratt Opens Up on His Father’s Death


-In his Britsh GQ cover storyChris Pratt talks about his father’s death: “There are wounds that are never going to be totally healed.”

-Also sad: Michelle Williams opens up about raising her daughter without Heath Ledger: ‘It just won’t ever be right’ *sob*

Mariah Carey eats two things, and only two things: Norwegian salmon and capers. As if that wasn’t perfect enough, the fact that she specifies “Norwegian” puts it over the edge. Bless her.

Amanda Seyfried is pregnant. Well, well, well.

Dolly Parton and her goddaughter Miley Cyrus sang ‘Jolene’ on The Voice last night, and it was pretty great.

Stephen Amell’s reaction to the Arrow cast doing the mannequin challenge is perfection.

-Meanwhile, The Flash part of the crossover delivered the show its largest audience in two years. Which is great because I loved it — mostly because everyone dragged Barry.

-I haven’t watched Survivor in decades but this is pretty great and inspiring.

-Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley is looking nothing like the lonely boy we all remember.

Jennifer Aniston explained to Ellen why she wrote that anti-tabloid op-ed, saying she was fed up by “disgustingly objectifying” paparazzi photos. Ok…but…wait…what?!

Erika Christensen introducing her Parenthood TV husband to her new daughter is giving me all the feels.

-Speaking of Parenthood-y feels, did you watch This Is Us’ touching Jack/Randall push-up scene last night? The cast recreated it IRL — and it’s way hotter.

-This is a great piece on how all the major broadcast networks (except the CW) opting out of the TCAs’ exec sessions proves they’re in more trouble than we realized. This is my favourite part: “[Being a broadcast network] doesn’t mean you automatically get the biggest piece of the pie, viewers and ratings-wise. Americans are absolutely bloated with pie. They may stick a finger in yours and have a tiny taste but they are never, ever – and this is important so pay attention – going to put all their forks down and just eat your pie every week.”

-In case you missed Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s Drunk History episode last night (shame!) here’s the best parts — in gif form.

-Meanwhile, here is Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s musical about millennials.

-I’ve been wanting Jennifer Lawrence to ditch Dior forever, but I actually like this look from Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first collection.

-Are people seriously body-shaming the woman who plays Tara on The Walking Dead? She just had a baby! And even if she didn’t, that’s still gross.

Cher, Mark Ruffalo, and more celebrities ring the alarm about global warming in the trailer for the new documentary In This Climate.

Megan Markle’s new movie trailer suddenly has a lot more people interested in it. I wonder why?

Natalie Portman & Michelle Williams Remember Being Child Actors


-The excellent Actors on Actors clips continue to roll out, with Viola Davis and Tom Hanks talking about acting in stage vs. film, and Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams discussing playing famous historic women and being child actors.

Mariah Carey‘s new reality series is actually getting good reviews(!), with critics saying it has a “surprising sense of humor and humility.” What?!

Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Uma Thurman and Robin Wright appear unretouched for the 2017 Pirelli Calendar, and their photos are stunning. Said Moore,  “I walk in, no makeup on and wet hair. [The photographer] said, ‘No, no, no, you are perfect.'”

-I love Gilmore Girls’ Matt Czuchry low-key shading about how the revival did his character dirty. My favourite soundbite (of many): “I think Amy and Dan see Logan as Christopher from a story perspective. For me as an actor, that’s not something actionable that I can play.”

Alexis Bledel was on Fallon last night, where she ranked her favourite characters and defended her ability to hold everyday objects.

-I wholeheartedly agree with this article on how Rory Gilmore proves we need better fictional journalists.

Leah Remini has been a vocal critic of Scientology since leaving the “church,” but she’s learned not to criticize Tom Cruise. She also revealed that Cruise pressured 60 Minutes to kill a piece on Scientology.

Tom Hanks finally cleared up that confusing Bill Murray look-alike photo.

-With everything that’s happening to Kanye West, GQ wonders if Jay Z is a bad friend.

-Even Lin-Manuel Miranda can’t convince me that developing movies and TV shows simultaneously is a good idea.

-I love that Questlove just randomly makes a cameo during Lin‘s Drunk History ep (which airs tonight).

-Meanwhile, Hamilton hit a new record buy grossing the most amount of money in a week for Broadway. Great boycott, guys.

-Super Girl hits a new ratings high last night (for their CW run), but that was probably only because it was promoted as the start of the 4-show crossover, which only happened in the last 40 seconds of the episode. My Twitter TL was pressed.

Adam Driver‘s Interview chat with director Noah Baumbach is great, but the Trainspotting-inspired photo shoot that accompanies it is terrifying.

Ben McKenzie is engaged to his baby mama and Gotham costar Morena Baccarin.

-Don’t feel bad for Brad Pitt not being able to spend Thanksgiving with his kids. He did just fine.

Anthony Rapp being cast in the new Star Trek series is such a delightful surprise!

Tilda Swinton is criticizing the Harry Potter franchise for romanticizing “cruel” boarding schools. That seems like a totally relatable and down-to-earth hill to die on.

Reese Witherspoon proves she’s the queen of trolling by selling a “Wreath Witherspoon” dress.

-Another big sign that the TV industry is changing (and not for the best): executives from the big four networks and Amazon are skipping this year’s TCA press tour. Cowards.

-Female Walking Dead fans are freaking out Jeffrey Dean Morgan  with their weird ass requests.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt get shirtless and sexy in the new Passengers trailer.

-I didn’t see this one coming, but I really liked the trailer for Lifetime’s Beaches remake. I know!!

Evan Rachel Wood Reveals She’s a Rape Survivor, Won’t “Stay Silent Any Longer”


-In her Rolling Stone story, Evan Rachel Wood originally said she’d experienced “physical, psychological sexual” abuse in the past, but the day after Trump was elected (just before press time), she emailed the writer to clarify that she’d been raped twice. “I don’t believe we live in a time where people can stay silent any longer. Not given the state our world is in with its blatant bigotry and sexism.”

Kanye West will not be released from the hospital today as originally planned. Meanwhile, sources say he’d been having nightmares about Kim’s robbery before his hospitalization and ‘wasn’t able to snap back‘ without his wife by his side.

-Every clip from Leah Remini’s new anti-Scientology show on A&E is like the fire emoji come to life.

Naomi Watts opens up about life after Liev Schreiber, saying “change is always scary.”

-I really like the new clips that are out today from Variety’s Actors on Actors series. Ryan Reynolds charms Taraji P. Henson with a story about his “failed” audition for a Coen brothers, while Emma Stone and Molly Shannon discuss their worst on-stage nightmares.

-Here’s the first clip of Lin-Manuel Miranda talking about Alexander Hamilton on Drunk History. I hope he gets 1000x sloppier.

-This might be the best celebrity story of the decade: at a fancy British party, Princess Beatrice joked to James Blunt that she could “knight” him, and she ended up slicing Ed Sheeran’s face with a sword. I love all of those words!

John Mayer and Mandy Moore are being all flirty on Twitter. New (fake) couple alert?

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas apparently spent Thanksgiving together. So that’s still happening.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie also spent Thanksgiving together. I always forget they’re still a RL couple.

-Aww man, Ron Glass from Firefly passed away? Suck it, 2016.

Lupita Nyong’o talks about sleeping with goats on a new Billy on the Street segment. As you do.

Amber Heard spoke out against violence towards women in emotional Facebook video.

-This festive short from Wes Anderson for H&M is Adrien Brody‘s best work in years.

Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon‘s limited HBO drama Big Little Lies will premiere in February.

-Also debuting in February, Drew Barrymore’s new Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet.

-Overall I thought the Gilmore Girls revival was pretty good, though I had Issues with a capital “i” over the ending — and how terrible Rory was in general. The worst part was what a terrible journalist she turned out to be.

-Also, I love Vulture but their incessant Gilmore Girls tweets this weekend almost made me unfollow them.

-No, Scarlett Johansson. You’re not allowed to call for more diversity in Hollywood while promoting your lead role in Ghost In The Machine. That’s not how this works.

-In her new book, Kathy Griffin says that Ashton Kutcher is “rude” and a “d-bag.” Sounds about right.

-Star Wars is struggling to find a female director with proper experience, says Kathleen Kennedy. Total bs. They gave Rian Johnson a Star Wars movie and the only things he’d done before was Looper and Brick. Trevor Trevorrow got Jurassic Park after just Safety Not Guaranteed. Josh Trank got to do Fantastic Four after only doing Chronicle. White dudes who only have one or two indies in their credits get handed the keys to the kingdom, but no one will take a chance on women directors.

-Garbage’s Shirley Manson discusses feminism, beauty and aging like the boss that she is.

-Yikes. Anthony Michael Hall was charged with felony battery after an alleged beatdown and now faces a 7-year sentence.

-The new Riverdale trailer looks like the CWiest show to ever be on the CW. Who knew Archie had abs?!