Amanda Bynes Kicked Out of Gym Class for Odd Behavior

Amanda Bynes in She's the Man. (Paramount)
Amanda Bynes in She’s the Man. (Paramount)

Amanda Bynes told People that she’s doing “amazing” but that didn’t stop her from getting kicked out of her gym for “weird” behaviour. And judging by the fuggirls’ tweets, getting tossed out of that particular gym takes some real talent!

Blake Lively is eating more than usual on the Gossip Girl set, so everyone’s wondering if she’s knocked up. Because there’s no way she could just be eating a lot because she’s happy and likes food. (Her rep has already shot down the rumours, btw.)

-Meanwhile, Blake‘s Allure cover looks a bit dated, no? I love this analysis of the cover line, though.

Amy Poehler looked GREAT on Leno last night. I’m really liking the longer hair.

-Speaking of Amy, here’s a great interview about Parks and Rec‘s new season (which premieres tonight — woot!)

Up All Night also returns tonight, starring Will Arnett’s new abs! Seriously, when did those happen?

Paris Hilton was caught on tape saying that gay guys are “disgusting” and that “most of them probably have AIDS.” But her rep’s reaction to the comments is just as horrible.

-Watching DMX experience Google for the first time is something to behold.

Lindsay Lohan claims she wasn’t drunk when she clipped that pedestrian. Also, Slash is blaming the paparazzi for Lindsay‘s accident, which is weird because there were no paps there. It’s also weird because, you know…Slash!

-I really think these photos everyone’s freaking out about showing Lady Gaga’s weight gain have more to do with bad angles than actual pounds, especially since she looked great just a few days ago. And even if she did gain a few, I’m with Jezebel on this one — everyone needs to knock it off.

– Meanwhile, click here if you want to hear her rapping.

Russell Brand was spotted sucking face with someone who isn’t Geri Halliwell. What?! Why??

Dax Shepard says he gave up Jack Daniels and coke to be with Kristen Bell. In return, he got first dibs on all the gossip about the Upper East Side.

John Travolta‘s hair is out of control. More so than usual.

-If you want Kelsey Grammer to sit through an entire interview without bolting, try not to show any pictures of his ex.

Katie Holmes looks great on the cover of Russia’s Harper’s Bazaar. Not sure about the prom hair in some of the photos, though.

-This Vulture interview with Jared Leto brings up the same kind of feelings I had when I saw him at TIFF. I’ve heard enough stories (and have had enough Coachella encounters with him) to know he can be insufferable, but…there’s still some charm there, you know? Maybe it’s just residual Jordan Catalano love. The fans at the screening, by the way, were HILARIOUS! I got stink-eyed for being the only one in my section who didn’t get up for the standing O. (It was good, but really?!) And during the Q&A when Jared said he was going to take the film back to LA and edit it/tighten it up a bit and I muttered “yeah, good plan,” I seriously didn’t think I was going to make it out of there alive.

-Just in case you’re looking for an excuse to hate the universe, here’s a photo of Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen in bed together.

-A new trailer for The Hobbit has landed. Is it weird I have zero interest in this?

-Speaking of trailers, here’s the first for Beautiful Creatures, the latest film to be based on a YA series about supernatural teens. At least the cast has some pedigree (Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson, Emmy Rossum).

-Fun! Will Forte officiated the wedding of the Black Keys drummer.

Claire Danes looked very cute while talking about impending motherhood on Anderson Cooper‘s show.

Jennifer Aniston has reportedly banned her mom from her upcoming wedding to Justin Theroux.

-I love that Andy Samberg‘s first post-SNL gig is a British sitcom. Check out the first clip from Cuckoo.

-The “church” of Scientology has responded to Vanity Fair‘s cover story in the form of a snarky letter.

Maya Rudolph is joining The Roots to perform Prince songs. Judging by her version of “Nikki Darling” in this video, it’ll be worth the ticket price.

Fiona Apple was arrested after attempting to cross the border with hash on her tour bus.

-It’s a Pretty in Pink reunion!

-Speaking of reunions, there’s just something so comforting about seeing the cast of The West Wing together again and doing walk-and-talks.

Sofia Vergara was already shilling for Pepsi way back in 1990.

-I don’t watch The X Factor, but this little kid might change my mind.

Neil Patrick Harris is the latest How I Met Your Mother star to hint that this season will be its last.

-Wow. This new behind-the-scenes video from the set of Les Miserables gave me actual goosebumps. Tom Hopper just out-Spielberg’d Spielberg’s Lincoln.

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