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October 14, 2016

Emma Stone Talks Pay Gap and Prince in Vogue


-I adore Emma Stone’s Vogue cover. Even though it’s just a wig, she still makes me want to chop off all my hair.

-The accompanying interview is predictably adorable, which her sharing a story about how she played backup tambourine for Prince at an SNL afterparty, even though her foot was bleeding. I’m really looking forward to the La La Land promo tour.

Billy Bush has lawyered up with one of LA’s fiercest litigators. How can he possibly think he can come back from this?!

-Meanwhile, the Days of Our Lives actress featured in the video has spoken out about being caught in this shitstorm.

Nancy O’Dell’s terrible week continues. She just separated from her husband.

Kate Hudson‘s girls night out is so much better than yours.

-Rocky Horror Picture Show reboot is not getting great reviews. Don’t care, I’m still going to time warp my butt off.

-This photo of Elle Fanning walking barefoot through LAX is so, so gross.

Jimmy Fallon cuddles up to Norman Reedus on an imaginary motorcycle, which is pretty much the only way I’d ever want to ride a motorcycle.

Laura Dern is talking about a possible Enlightened reunion. Don’t tease me!

Nick Offerman reveals how his Parks and Recreation character would vote if he were, you know, real.

-You think Walter White was a badass? Bryan Cranston says he and his brother were once murder suspects.

Kelly Clarkson is reminiscing about that time we all assumed she was gay.

-Vulture asked 31 celebs to pick their fave TV ships. I wouldn’t even know how to answer that question. I’d be like “brew a pot of tea and get comfy; we’re gonna be here a while…”

Matt Damon prepares for battle in the new trailer for The Great Wall. This looks…not good.