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September 2016

First Looka at Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in Beauty and the Beast

-Not gonna lie; these first photos of Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast hit me right in the heart guts.

-Also, Emma is still made of awesome. And hanging with our PM.

-According to E! News, Brangelina has reached a temporary agreement, with both having agreed to participate in individual counseling and Pitt agreeing that his first visit with his children will be with a therapist(!).

-Meanwhile, I was really hoping that Us Weekly would drop something big about Brangelina today. Quotes from their former bodyguard about how they used to pass love notes on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith isn’t really cutting it.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have once again blessed the world by sharing their perfect DNA and welcoming a second child.

-Justin Theroux says he found the sweatpants scene in The Leftovers “mortifying.” “It’s like having someone yank your shorts down in public. It doesn’t feel great.”

Nate Parker just keeps digging a hole for himself on the Birth of a Nation press tour.

Nicole Kidman says of her marriage to Tom Cruise: “I was so young when I got married,” she said. “I look back now and I’m like, ‘What?’”

-My favourite issue of EW is always the reunion one, and it looks like this year’s won’t disappoint. Look at their Who’s the Boss one! Mona’s still got it.

-The extended version of Ghostbusters reportedly fixes the film’s biggest problems.

-Has Joshua Jackson moved on from Diane Kruger? With someone who isn’t me? *pout*

Lorne Michaels says it was Tina Fey’s idea to make Alec Baldwin SNL’s new Donald Trump. Don’t blame her for everything!

-I love that everyone’s talking about Shia LaBeouf’s rattail in American Honey. It might have been my favourite part of that movie.

-The Fall is back in the UK for season three. I still didn’t get through the second season; lord knows how long they can sustain this premise.

-Wait, Westworld will remind of us Dollhouse? That’s…not good.

-Here’s the first round of Oscar predictions. I’m surprised everyone is assuming Dev Patel will be in the supporting category, though I guess it makes sense ’cause he doesn’t show up in Lion until an hour in.

-Oh great, there’s another new CW show that sounds right up my alley. I should just hand over my paycheque to this network.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson tweeting against the guy who writes the AV Club recaps of Modern Family kinda makes me think Jesse Tyler Ferguson is a terrible person.

-There’s a new Twin Peaks teaser. I still can’t believe this is happening.

-The only good thing I’ve heard about Zach Galifianakis‘ new movie masterminds is the scene where he and Kate McKinnon improv ridiculous engagement photo poses, and they’ve already released it. Guess we don’t have to watch the rest, then.

Kim Kardashian Is “So Over” Her Taylor Swift Feud


-In her new Billboard cover story, Kim Kardashian tries to convince us that she doesn’t want to talk about Taylor Swift anymore. Uh huh.

Kim Kardashian was assaulted by the same creep who grabbed Gigi Hadid. Here’s a history of his “pranks.” Kim reportedly plans to press charges; I hope she finishes him.

Benedict Cumberbatch interviewed Tom Hiddleston and refused to ask him about Taylor Swift. Jesus cripes, what kind of a Sherlock is this guy?!

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are texting again? Ruh-roh.

-Girls is ending after this season and is wrapping up filming this week, which Allison Williams celebrated with some adorable Instagram posts.

-Oh, FFS. Now Johnny Depp is in talks to star in a remake of Murder On The Orient Express? Sigh.

-CW”s new superhero fight club segment is so good, I almost want to watch more of this instead of the actual shows.

-How did I not realize that Rami Malek was on the Gilmore Girls? “All I remember was that was the fastest talking show…and I don’t have the most pace when I speak. I gently take my time.”

-I keep forgetting that Janet Jackson is pregnant. Good for her?

-YouTube star Lilly Singh met Drake and it was as adorable as you’d expect. The “#ScarboroughTingSinceTimeG” hashtag wins everything.

-I am so, so fascinated by THR’s story about how TV stars are getting rich at fan conventions. My brother and I once tried to calculate how much the average celeb makes at one of these things, and we clearly underestimated. I’d never judge the stars who attend or the people who regularly pony up hundreds of dollars for an autograph or photo, but there’s definitely an assembly line feeling to that component of cons. I’ve gone to two and had a blast, but mostly stuck to the panels. I lucked out when I met Gillian Anderson but from all accounts, that was a fluke caused by extenuating circumstances and most attendees only get to talk to the stars for a minute or so (mere seconds during photo opps). In any case, to each their own but I could devour a whole series on the commodification of celebrity interactions.

-Meanwhile, Stephen Amell is super unhappy about how that article portrayed the experience.

-Designated Survivor got a full season pickup (I think last night’s episode lost me), as did Speechless (which is surprisingly great. Minnie Driver FTW!)

-So glad to see Kate Middleton is enjoying our view.

-It tickles me to see Woody Allen’s new Amazon series get terrible reviews.

Jon Favreau is directing a new Lion King. Sigh.

-I saw Sandra Oh at TIFF and though I hated her movie, it reminded me how much I miss her. She just joined the cast of ABC’s American Crime.

-Speaking of TIFF, I liked Kristen Stewart‘s Personal Shopper. I think. It’s still percolating. In any case, here’s the new trailer.

Adam Driver plays a poetic bus driver in this new clip from Paterson.

Emily Blunt Hates the Word ‘Likable’


-I wasn’t totally on board when Emily Blunt was first cast as the lead for The Girl on the Train because she’s so different than how I imagined Rachel while reading that book, but the longer her press tour goes on, the more I’m into it. Her THR interview is lit: “Women are held to what a man considers a feminine ideal. You have to be pretty. You have to be ‘likable,’ which is my least favorite bloody word in the industry…Rachel isn’t ‘likable.’ What does that mean? To be witty and pretty and hold it together and be there for the guy? And he can just be a total drip?”

-Meanwhile, Emily and Lin-Manuel Miranda are both set to host upcoming episodes of SNL. Here for it. Also, it looks like Alec Baldwin is playing Trump in the premiere.

Lin is also making us swoon on the new Variety cover.

Angelina Jolie‘s camp is denying reports that she plans to move to London after the split.

-Meanwhile, Brad Pitt took a voluntary drug test amid the child abuse investigation, according the Us Weekly (who seems decidedly pro-Pitt this week).

-This is exactly why I still follow Sophia Bush even though I don’t watch any of her TV shows. A Trump and Chad Michael Murray burn in one response? Slay!

Stephen Colbert, America Ferrera, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, George Takei and other celebs urge you to vote in a new PSA.

-Even more powerful is Jesse Williams’ voting PSA: “This is not about the White House, this is about your house.”

-Well, looks like one good thing came out of The Mindy Project’s disappointing run on Hulu. They did enough episodes to score a syndication deal.

Mandy Moore says “it’s not weird” for her ex Wilmer Valderrama to date her pal Minka Kelly. Isn’t it, though?

-Speaking of Mandy, her new show This Is Us is the first fall pilot to score a full-season pickup. I really liked the second episode, but am already wary about how many twists they’re throwing at us. Like, is this going to be a thing every episode? ‘Cause nope.

-The new Billy on the Street trailer features Lupita Nyong’o, Aziz Ansari, Seth Rogen, Jon Hamm, and my fave: lil’ Jacob Tremblay!

Kate Hudson belted out an impromptu rendidtion of En Vogue’s ‘Hold On’ on the Tonight Show.

-Critics like the new Netflix series Easy way more than I did (though I really dug the episode with Gugu Mbatha-Raw).

-I feel like James Corden is doing pretty much the same things I’d do if I were suddenly famous. The latest: singing with the Backstreet Boys.

-Speaking of superhero TV, this new movie is a Flash lovefest: co-directed by Jesse L. Martin and Rick Cosnett, with musical arrangements by Carlos Valdes.

-Yass! You’re The Worst has already been renewed for season 4.

-This is sad: the 50-year-old showrunner of NCIS died in his sleep.

Gwyneth Paltrow posted a no-makeup selfie to celebrate her 44th birthday and looks pretty damn great.

-I vowed I wasn’t going to watch the new Arrow trailer when I saw it drop. I made it exactly 47 minutes. I’m weak af.