Rihanna and Drake Perform “Work” at Brit Awards

Drake showed up during Rihanna‘s Brit Awards performance tonight to perform “Work” and it was a grindy good time.

-Solid human being Ellen Page traveled all the way to Japan to help a young fan come out to his mom. No, YOU’RE crying!

Victoria Beckham is now wearing flats and the interwebs lost all chill.

-This interview with an anonymous Oscar voter made my entire day. Their hatred of Leonardo DiCaprio and The Revenant feeds my soul!

-I hate House of Cards, but it turns out it’s not bad when Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Fallon are starring in it and it’s being written by kids.

-I have a lot of thoughts about this definitive ranking of every CW drama ever. A lot.

-We get it Helen Mirren; you’re a perfect person who can pull off any wardrobe.

Adele voiced her support for Kesha during an acceptance speech.

-Meanwhile, I really liked this article questioning why Kesha’s abuse is being used to shame Taylor Swift.

-It kind of tickles me that Topher Grace seems to spend his days making fan vids. First he did the infamous Star Wars one, and now he’s edited together a Seinfeld reunion using Curb Your Enthusiasm dialogue.

-The New York Times’ interactive feature on what it’s like to work in Hollywood when you’re not white, male and/or straight is great, especially Wendell Pierce’s memory.

Kanye West debuted a yet another new song, “Closest Thing to Einstein,” at a club. Still no official album, tho. Ok look, now it might not come out until summer. NBD.

-I very much agree with this article on how it’s time to kill a favorite character on superhero shows.

-Bless Mindy Kaling for showing her Spanx prep before a big event.

-The owner of the gigolo agency that used to employ Lea Michele‘s now ex-boyfriend has released a statement. Wow. So not helping!

-One of my favourite TV critics just wrote a defense of The X Files revival. I hear what he’s saying…but no.

-Is Chris Rock dating Megalyn Echikunwoke, the girl who plays Vixen on Arrow? I approve! (I’m sure they were worried about that…)

Michael B Jordan is going to star in a remake of The Thomas Crown Affair? Just take my money now!

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander find love and a baby in this The Light Between Oceans trailer.

Ethan Hawke has an affair with Greta Gerwig in first trailer for Maggies Plan, which is sure to be the talkiest movie ever.

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