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February 1, 2016

Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue Is All Women, All the Time

Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue 2016

-After last year’s whiteness, Vanity Fair redeemed itself with this year’s all-female Hollywood Issue cover. I like that they not only included minority women, but also older women. But someone please explain Diane Keaton? What has she done cover-worthy this year?

-I love that Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson hit on a reporter mid-interview. That’s very on brand for their movie.

-This is how Sophie Turner reacted to seeing Ryan Gosling. Sophie Turner is all of us.

-Gird your ovaries before looking at this pic of Idris Elba chllin’ with Jacob Tremblay.

-This interview with Lauren Graham about the first Gilmore Girls revival table read made me a little misty when she talked about missing Edward Herrmann. She also revealed that the infamous final four words that were always intended to end the series (but didn’t because the writer/creator was pushed out before the last season) will be in the final moments of the reboot.

Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans’s ultra steamy Gucci ad is here.
Louis CK released a surprise new TV series online this weekend called Horace and Pete. He’s the Beyonce of TV comedy!

-Did y’all watch Grease Live last night? It was a bit bumpy but compared to all other live musicals so far, it was a technical triumph. The fact like they changed camera angles like it was a movie instead of a static wide shot made it look amazing. And bless Vanessa Hudgens. She lost her dad to cancer hours earlier, and not only was she able to get through it, she was the best damn thing about the whole production.

-This is a really interesting article about how New Girl is thriving while its lead is on maternity leave. After last week’s episode, those blind items implying that Zooey Deschanel is nervous make sense now…

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson were live mannequins at the Valentino store in Rome this weekend.

Channing Tatum sings and tap-dances in this new Hail Caesar clip.

-Whoa. New Better Call Saul episodes are going to be available on Netflix the day after they start airing on AMC later this month.

-Speaking of new TV debuting soon, critics are RAVING over FX’s The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, which I wasn’t even going to watch until everyone started gushing over it. Damn you, TV!

-This is a long but fascinating read: the 100 jokes that shaped modern comedy.

-ICYMI, Nicole and I picked our best and worst dresses at this weekend’s SAG Awards.

Maria Bello and Clive Owen play estranged parents in the new trailer for The Confirmation.