Rihanna and Drake Reuniting?

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Rihanna and Drake were spotted together. Sure, it was at a strip club in Houston where they dropped over $17,000, but our ‘shipper hearts don’t care about the details. Even if the reunion took place in a sea of sad ladies harbouring daddy issues, we’re just happy that they might be back on!

Robert Pattinson‘s possible girlfriend Dylan Penn had dinner with Jon Hamm and the guy from The Vampire Diaries. What is it with this girl and vampires?

-Meanwhile, this might be the happiest (and handsomest — despite the douchey facial hair) Robert Pattinson has looked in years.

-Now that I’ve seen the clip featuring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, does this mean I can skip David Blaine‘s special? Because he makes my brain rage-y.

-Despite Sandra Bullock saying she has no interest in a sequel to The Heat, Paul Feig is reportedly writing one anyway. It’ll be focused on Melissa McCarthy‘s nutso fam.

A$AP Rocky‘s new video “Phoenix” features Michael K. Williams. Sigh. It’s like reliving what happened to Omar all over again…

M.I.A. also released a new video, as did Rihanna, and Katy Perry showed off a 30-second preview of her next one. It’s purdy.

-One of my friends thought that Terrence Howard was the best thing about Prisoners, but I couldn’t agree, mostly because whenever he’s onscreen I can never fully forget who he is in real life (unlike, say, Tom Cruise.) And who is he? He’s this guy.

-Did Bravo fire Andy Cohen?

Justin Bieber’s Believe movie trailer is here, completely with overly earnest voiceover.

Bill Cosby appeared on the Tonight Show and made fun of his age with this epic entrance.

Lindsay Lohan Instagrammed a photo of herself smoking and topless.

-I love Claire Danes new hair colour; I despise her makeup.

-The new and final season of Misfits just arrived on Hulu. I gave up last season after the departure of Simon and Seth, but these GIFs  might convince me to give it another shot.

This photo perfectly captures the very essence of Larry David.

-Every single update about BatKid on Twitter is making my ovaries melt. Seriously, this might be the best story ever.

Jamie Foxx just directed his first short film, a science fiction romance called …And She Was My Eve.

-Is it weird that I think Victoria Beckham looks like she was just crying in every one of these photos?

Jamie Dornan is all kinds of charming in his first big interview about Fifty Shades.

-Do you think when Jennifer Lawrence chooses a premiere dress, she has to do the “waving my arms wildly over my head” test?

Alec Baldwin’s apology for using a gay slur is almost worst than the slur itself.

-I want Idris Elba to walk red carpets every single day. Can someone please make that happen?

-I haven’t watched this week’s Scandal yet but I’ve already been spoiled because everyone is talking about THAT scene.

-Wait, the Walking Dead spinoff is going to be a prequel? Boo!

Sarah Silverman showed up on ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night, and awkwardness ensued.

-I really like Imogen Poots. I really like Beautiful Ruins. Ergo, I really like the news that Imogen Poots will star in the Beautiful Ruins adaptation.

-This prank about trapping people in Ikea is my version of hell.

-I don’t hate what Miley Cyrus is wearing here, which is a very new and disorienting feeling.

-We got not one, but two new trailers for Noah this week.

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