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February 2, 2016

Melissa McCarthy Says She Wasn’t Invited to Gilmore Girls Reboot

-Shots fired! Melissa McCarthy just tweeted that she was never asked back for the Gilmore Girls revival. Meanwhile, the show’s creator claims she reached out to Melissa’s team but hadn’t heard back. My guess is her team didn’t pass it on to her — but probably because they thought she wouldn’t be interested. After all, the entire cast reunited last year at ATX and no one mentioned her at all, and everyone noticed. It think Myles McNutt’s 10-tweet explanation of how her relationship with the cast/creator probably fell apart makes a lot of sense. Plus, those of us who were following the Lauren Graham/Scott Patterson dynamics during the show’s original run know that set was never exactly free of drama.

-Words I NEVER thought I’d type: this Nick Jonas feature is a really good read. He’s surprisingly open, talking about his “beautiful connection” with Kate Hudson, his gay fanbase, and his “rock,” Demi Lovato.

George Clooney admits that he ‘should pay more attention‘ to diversity in his films. Well, yeah.

-The Power Rangers movie just cast Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa and suddenly I’m a little bit interested.

-No, YOU clicked on a headline that said “The unexpected bathroom tool that keeps Kate Hudson‘s bod in top shape.” Ok fine, it was me.

Gwyneth Paltrow just said that Chris Martin is “like my brother” now.
-Did Bradley Cooper break up with his girlfriend because his mommy didn’t get along with her?

-Guys, last night’s X Files included everything that once made the show great, and I loved everything about it. I wonder if I should just skip the remaining three eps and end on this high?

-The episode also included a lovely tribute to late producer Kim Manners.

David Simon just gave us yet another reason to love a Oscar Isaac with this Show Me a Hero anecdote.

-Kate Winslet proved that she remembers the names of every character she’s played on Jimmy Kimmel.