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January 2016

Best and Worst Dresses at 2016 SAG Awards

There were a lot of messes on the 2106 SAG Awards red carpet, but there were some winners too. Here are Nicole and my picks for best and worst dressed of the night:


After a big misstep with the white apron dress, Alicia Vikander‘s Louis Vuitton sequinned column dress is two in a row for gorgeous gowns this season. Her shiny, straight hair compliments the dress and simple bronze makeup nails the look. She’s probably my favourite of the night, especially when she turned on the red carpet and I saw the thigh-high slit. -Nicole

I have never, ever liked anything Gaby Hoffman has worn on a red carpet – but that changed tonight. Her Rachel Comey dress was weird and unique and super flattering. Add the punk hair (with visible greys!) and she was a total boss. She also recycled her shoes from a recent event.  I adore her. -Jen

I have loved Rachel McAdams‘ choices this season and her SAG Elie Saab gown is classically stunning. I do wish she’d worn a brighter lip but the un-fussy hair balanced out the structured dress. It’s super well done and the second time she’s been on my best list this season and impressively for a very different dress. -Nicole

Once again, Queen Latifah owns the red carpet. She’s the picture of simple elegance in a shimmery Michael Costello gown. -Jen

I’m not usually a fan of lace dresses, but Naomi Watts in blue Burberry is a vision. (And I’m not just saying that because it’s a longer version of an H&M dress that I’ve had for like, 8 years and every time I wear it someone compliments me on it – including Gillian Anderson!) -Jen


Dresses from this Gucci collection have turned up all over lately, including Dakota Johnson on The Tonight Show. I keep thinking that these dresses look as though they have walked out of a cartoon and Nicole Kidman‘s is no exception. The tiers are too fussy. -Nicole

Pairing a painful-looking topknot with a cheap-looking Romana Kevesa dress (featuring a figure skating outfitish mesh panel) was more than enough to secure Kaley Cuoco a spot on our worst dressed list. -Jen

I bemoaned the lack of lip colour tonight and I’ll give Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra props for her gorgeous lipstick. But this pink confection of a pouffy Monique Lhuillier dress is not my favourite. It’s very prom-y and does not do this beautiful girl justice. -Nicole

I don’t understand how stars can end up on a red carpet in an ill-fitting, poorly tailored dress. Sarah Silverman‘s Vivenne Westwood dress is the wrong colour, the wrong hemline, and worst of all, the wrong fit. (Gwedoline Christie‘s dress had the same issue.) -Jen

I saw Brie Larson‘s Versace dress from behind and thought the orange suspender detail was cute. Unfortunately the front was so fussy and busy that it all fell apart for me. She also looks so, so painfully thin. I’ve not been sold on Brie’s choices this awards season so here’s hoping she pulls it together for the big one.  -Nicole

Netflix Confirms Gilmore Girls’ Revival with Original Cast

-Netflix just confirmed that they’re going ahead with the Gilmore Girls reboot and they’ve locked down pretty much all of the original cast. Woot! And now we all stare pointedly at Melissa McCarthy
Tyra Banks is a new mom! That kid’s going to be smizing in no time…

Vulture’s article on the rise and fall of Relativity’s head honcho is full of wonderful insidery tidbits, like how he tried to impress actresses — including buying a $65,000 edition of The Diary of Anne Frank for Natalie Portman, and leasing a horse for Kate Bosworth.

Diane Kruger, what are you trying to tell us?!?

-Random: Jack Black revealed that he spends every Easter with Angelina Jolie.

-ABC ordered a new Shonda Rhimes comedy starring Scott Foley and Greg Grunberg. It’s a Felicity reunion!

Colin Trevorrow wants to shoot Star Wars: Episode 9 in outer space. Okaaaaayyyyy….

-Me thinks you doth protest too much, Yeezus.

-Meanwhile, Kanye West is set to be the musical guest on SNL the night Melissa McCarthy hosts.

-Tidal says a system error was the reason behind Rihanna’s album leak, so simmer down, conspiracy theorists.

-Whatever happened, RiRi handled it like a pro.

-Guys, poor Dakota Johnson is very sensitive. “I feel so much all the time that it’s exhausting.”  Aww muffin.

-Orange Is the New Black’s Taryn Manning is denying those accusations that she attacked a makeup artist back in Nov.

-Is E!’s new scripted series a thinly veiled Tom Cruise exposé?  Gimmie gimmie gimmie!

Coldplay just dropped a new music video starring Beyoncé, as you do.

Channing Tatum Calls Beyonce “His Keyser Söze”

Channing Tatum told Ellen about the intense process he went through to recruit Beyonce for Lip Sync Battle, calling her his Keyser Söze for her unknowable mystery.

-Unclench, everyone. George Clooney just shot down those Amal pregnancy rumours.

Rita Ora posed topless for a new magazine cover and now she’s trending. Seriously tho, what is a Rita Ora?

-Want to feel dumb? Watch Paul Rudd and Stephen Hawking square off in a game of Quantum Chess.

Leonardo DiCaprio meets with Pope Francis to discuss climate change because he’s in charge of saving the world, apparently.

-Good news for Ricky Whittle. The 100 star was just cast in Bryan Fuller’s American Gods. Bad news for The 100, prob.

-This X Files theory makes Mulder and Scully’s entire relationship make sense.

-Also, this new X Files blooper just made my week. Who knew getting hit in the boob with an apple would be that funny?

-Well, this is delightful: Sia, Natalie Portman, and Jimmy Fallon performed “Iko Iko” with wigs, cups, and spoons.

-The new Junior Boys album is streaming. Put it in your ears!

-I’m not quite sure why Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard posted this music video to “rage hard and honor Toto” but it’s a gift from the heavens and I refuse to question it!

-The cast of Straight Outta Compton didn’t get invited to the Oscars? FFS!

-The latest edition of Toast’s “If XX Was Your Boyfriend” is on Josh Hutcherson, and I giggle-blushed my way through the whole thing.

-This is lovely: Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriquez is giving her 2015 Golden Globes dress to a fan to wear at prom.

Zach Galifianakis wishes they only made one Hangover movie and says they should have left “well enough alone.” Did he have those concerns when he was cashing the sequel cheques?

Amber Rose slammed Kanye West for mentioning her son in Twitter feud with Wiz Khalifa. She was totally cool with mentioning butt play, tho.

-Is my love for Robbie Amell enough to make me sit through a movie he costars in where Kevin Spacey plays a cat? I don’t think it is (and this is coming from the girl who spent her last plane ride watching him play Lauren Graham’s son(!) in a movie about a solider dog, so it’s a damn low bar…)