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February 22, 2016

Walking Dead’s Richonne Breaks the Internet

-I gave up on The Walking Dead awhile ago, but it still warmed my heart to watch the internet break last night over the Rick/Michonne stuff. And I love the fact that no one ships it harder than star Andrew Lincoln. You just know that he fell down rabbit hole of Tumblr gifsets today…

Jack Antonoff has offered to produce new music with Kesha, saying “if you want to make something together & then leak it for everyone I’m around.”

Taylor Swift donated $250,000 to Kesha for her court costs in show of support (which was first revealed by Kesha’s mom), and for some reason that made Demi Lovato really angry and she accused Swift of using feminism to further her brand. Hey Demi: judging other women’s choices and publicly dragging them is pretty un-feminist.

Taylor was the maid of honour at the wedding of her BFF (who must be the most confident person ever).

-Whoa. Mashable has issued a hell of a correction to that Meryl Streep “We’re all Africans” story.

Kim Kardashian shared the first photo of Saint West. I guess that’s one way to distract everyone from the fact that your hubby seems to be having a full on public breakdown.

-At the very least, Kanye needs a nap — but he’s too busy breaking up fights by hugging.

John Oliver‘s Last Week Tonight was on fire last night, first doing a blistering segment on Hollywood white-washing and then tackling abortion.

-If you have a half hour this week, I strongly advise you to listen to this podcast with a woman who helps actors with their Oscar campaign strategy. The Leonardo part is fascinating.

-I’m not happy about this Prison Break casting news, entirely for irrational shipper reasons.

Johnny Depp promises that even though he looks like a hobo, he smells “really good.” Sounds fake but ok.

Tina Fey‘s expression in this photo is like “how is this my life?!”

-One of Will Smith‘s costars in Ali just went on a radio show and talked about how Will was a huge jerk to him during the shoot and implied it was because he was on steroids for the role. Welcome to unemployment, random actor dude.

-I know people aren’t super impressed with Pepper Potts coming back for Civil War, but I love this news. That role is Gwyneth at her most tolerable to me.

Kaley Cuoco says she’s not dating Sam Hunt. (Is it because she’s dating Captain Lance??)

Mekhi Phifer is coming to the CW? And it’s for a Frequency reboot? Yasss!

Peter Facinelli and Blindspot’s Jaimie Alexander have ended their engagement. What do we think of her? I keep hearing…stuff.

Shia LaDouche slapped a fan while spending 24 hours in an elevator for his art. Expected.

Madonna posted a photo of son Rocco with the caption “‘I miss this boy” as the custody battle continues.

-A new study confirms what we already knew: Hollywood is so, so, so, white (and male, and straight).

-Deadpool beautifully mocked Kanye West in response to the internet’s Saturday Night Live petition.

-So the Justice League movie is going ahead with filming. No pressure, Batman v Superman!

-Glee’s Lea Michele and BF Matthew Paetz have split after nearly two years of dating.

-A new Bieber song leaked today. It’s very <finger quotes>sexy</finger quotes>.

-The X Files revival wraps up tonight — but David Duchovny is already talking about how he “would love to” make more episodes.

Drake crashed a bat mitzvah in New York City and it was wonderful.

-Meanwhile, Rihanna and Drake just blessed us with a two-for-one music video for “Work.” That restaurant they’re in is The Real Jerk on Gerrard St! I can vouch for their chicken roti.