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Grey’s Anatomy Looks To the Future


-Variety interviewed the women of Grey’s Anatomy about the show’s upcoming 17th season, and they talked about the possibility that this might be its last. Ellen Pompeo has a few more months before she decides whether she wants to continue, and said she knows the show will likely end when she leaves. “I don’t take the decision lightly. We employ a lot of people, and we have a huge platform.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez covers the new issue of Vanity Fair, and talks about how she warned Rep. Ted Yoho to watch himself after he called her a “fucking bitch” on the steps of Capitol Hill. She found him the next day and told him, “You do that to me again, I won’t be so nice next time” — and she lived up to that promise when he brought it up on the House floor.

-IMDb has taken down user ratings for David Oyelowo and Angelina Jolie‘s upcoming film Come Away after it became the target of a review bombing campaign, mostly because it’s a prequel to Alice in Wonderland and a bunch of racists got mad that the kid actors they cast aren’t white.

-Us Weekly says Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski have been “over for a while now.” But were they every really together?

Sacha Baron Cohen did a Reddit Q&A in character last night and it was as filthy as you’d expect.

Machine Gun Kelly says Megan Fox has made him a better person, and that he was “coked out of my mind and in a drunken stupor” before meeting her. No pressure, girl.

-Despite the rumours that she’s dating Skepta, Adele is calling herself a single cat lady.

-There’s been whispers for a while about Diplo, but he’s denying a relationship with a 19-year-old TikTok star after she said she lives with him. He tweeted, “OK so I rent one of my properties to @quenblackwell. And yes I use the studio that is in that building. Her social media is sarcastic and chaotic and I can see you can get a twisted idea but there is nothing but a friendship between us.”

-I couldn’t find a source for all of these Emma Watson/Tom Felton rumours going around, but I’m into it.

-Bless Lizzo for dropping off her ballot while wearing a stars-and-stripes bustier.

Khloé Kardashian contracted the novel coronavirus earlier this year and described her symptoms in a new sneak peek of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

-I always forget that Sarah Jessica Parker has kids because she’s so (admirably) private about it. Her tribute to her son on his 18th birthday was very sweet.

Sam Smith has hair plugs and they don’t care who knows about it.

-Netflix’s holiday rom-com Holidate, which drops on Friday, is actually getting decent reviews? I mean, I was going to watch the crap out of it either way, but that’s nice.

Diane Keaton and Jeremy Irons and star in the Love, Weddings & Other Disasters trailer.

Paul Mescal Remains the Internet’s Boyfriend


-It feels like I watched Normal People 9 million years ago (it was in May) so I should probably be over my Paul Mescal crush, but this new GQ photo spread just pulled me back in. This is some Chris-Evans-in-Knives-Out levels of sweater perfection.

Zac Efron‘s girlfriend Vanessa Valladares threw him a star-studded surprise birthday party this weekend. Wait, is the pandemic over and nobody told me?!

Chris Pratt was trending on Twitter this weekend because most of the Avengers cast is assembling for a Biden fundraiser, and he’s the notable absence.  Who’s still surprised that this guy is most likely a Republican? Did we all forget that Ellen Page called him out for supporting an anti-LGBTQ church?

-It seems like only Canadians appreciated the “BonjourHi” sketch on SNL but Bowen Yang killed it. I also thought this cut sketch about Lovecraft County was also good in that they’re right — that show is impossible to describe.

Adele is hosting SNL next weekend, and I’m already exhausted by the discourse around her weight loss (and the thought that they might do a sketch about it.)

Harry Styles got a haircut and fans are all up in their feelings.

R Kelly‘s lawyers say he was beaten in jail and “no one raised a finger.” Presumably the ones who did the beating did though.

-A judge just ruled that Danny Masterson‘s rape case will go forward in court after the actor’s lawyers tried to get it tossed out.

-Black Panther’s Winston Duke had insomnia and spent the night posting shirtless thirst traps. That’s the kind of middle-of-the-night productivity I appreciate!

Cardi B deleted her Twitter account following her reconciliation with Offset, saying she’s tired of “a bunch of 15-year-olds telling me how to live my life.” She should probably avoid her Insta comments too then.

-Oh god, Kanye West is going to be on Joe Rogan’s podcast next week. I just can’t with either of them.

-Hahahaha – one of the kids from Home Improvement is getting divorced, and copy and pasted his announcement from Armie Hammer. Of all the ones out there to crib, you choose that one?!?

-Speaking of Hammer, his Rebecca costar Lily James is pulling out of interviews after those photos of her and Dominic West surfaced — reportedly because some of the bigger outlets are insisting she address it. I was actually surprised that she was still doing them last week (though not surprised by how awkward she was).

-I really, really liked Olivia Dade‘s new book and this interview on fat representation makes me like it even more.

-I haven’t watched The Trial of the Chicago 7, but there’s a ton of supercuts floating around of dialogue being directly lifted from Aaron Sorkin’s past projects. He remains the master at recycling old bits.

-Sony is denying rumors that originated from a sketchy fan site about Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire joining the cast of Spider-Man 3.

-I really liked this article on Bryan Fuller, shipping and fandom’s purity culture.

-CBS All Access just dropped a new trailer for The Stand. I couldn’t imagine another mini-series I’d want to watch less in the middle of a pandemic.

Kurt Russell’s Hot Santa is back to save Christmas in the trailer for The Christmas Chronicles 2.

-The trailer for All My Life is here and I’m definitely down to watch Harry Shum Jr as the lead in a romantic drama.

Niecy Nash Comes Out with Wedding Announcement

Niecy Nash (whose legal name is Carol Denise) made two announcements with one tweet: that she’s married, and that her new spouse is a woman. Love this for her. (Also, that dress is killer.)

This story is wild. Marisol Nichols, who plays one of the parents on Riverdale, has had a side gig these past few years as an undercover agent in the fight against sex trafficking. She’s been working with the FBI and local law enforcement agencies, acting as “bait” by either playing the part of a parent pimping out a child, or impersonating a child being pimped out to a guy who thinks he is about to have sex with a 12-year-old. Sony Pictures Television just optioned the rights to her story.

Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend Nicole Poturalski is reportedly married and in an open relationship. No judgement, but I’m wondering if her husband is now second-guessing their arrangement.

Adele is being accused of cultural appropriation after posting a pic in which she wears Bantu knots. (It’s shocking to me how much she looks like Katy Perry in that photo.)

-Paparazzi who are stalking Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are causing chaos in their small beach town of Montecito.

Channing Tatum wrote a kids book called The One and Only Sparkella. I have a lot of questions about this photo, including why is he reading an empty book jacket?

-These Emma Roberts/Garrett Hedlund pregnancy photos are odd. What are they looking at??

-The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air is the latest series to get a reunion special at HBO Max, following cast reunion announcements for Friends and The West Wing. Will Smith, Alfonso Ribeiro, Tatyana Ali, Karyn Parsons, Joseph Marcell, Daphne Maxwell Reid and DJ Jazzy Jeff are reuniting to celebrate the show’s 30th anniversary

-Warner Bros reports that Tenet grossed around $53 million in 41 territories outside the U.S. It’s a good start as initial lowball expectations were around $40 million. Weirdly, according to IndieWire the movie studio has taken unprecedented step of blocking Canadian numbers on industry-standard box-office service Comscore.

-Stars continue to pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman, who played the title role in Marvel’s Black Panther and died Friday of cancer. Meanwhile, ABC’s airing of Black Panther last night was easily the night’s top-rated show.

-Black Panther director Ryan Coogler released a 1,250 word written statement about Chadwick’s legacy.

Jennifer Lopez says she and A-Rod are “so disappointed” at pulling out of the bidding war to buy the New York Mets. (She originally tweeted about it in an all caps statement on Friday night, but deleted it because all anyone was talking about was Boseman’s death.)

Bella Thorne has apologized to sex workers and OnlyFans users and says she’ll speak to the site’s executives to about the new restrictions they instituted because of her. This is a great thread explaining how she’s endangered the livelihood of OnlyFans creators. Basically, she advertised a nude photo for $200 but ended up sending a bikini pic, leading to an unprecedented amount of requests on for refunds on the site, which in turn led OnlyFans to set a new $50 limit on the price that creators can charge for pay-per-view content, and limit tipping to $100.

-I needed this old video of Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx bonding over Cardi B today.

-Last night’s VMA awards was a discombobulated mix of pre-recorded performances and speeches. According to Page Six, performers who felt comfortable flying to NYC for it were required to quarantine for three to four days before their scheduled shoot, and shot their bits throughout the last week. Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga and Doja Cat all stayed in LA but shot their performances on a green screen to make it look like they were in New York.

-The extended trailer for Supernatural’s final episodes offers a glimpse at new Young Dean and Sam in flashbacks, plus a dire warning from Billie.

-Fox is developing an animated X-Files spinoff. There was a time when this would have made me ecstatic but the reboot has ruined it for me.

-Dave Grohl accepted a drum challenge issued by a 10-year-old British girl on Twitter that went viral.

-Aw man. The second season of Hulu’s High Fidelity series was going to make Cherise the lead character. Now that cancellation hurts even more.

-The first trailer for Netflix’s The Haunting of Bly Manor is here, which reminds me that I still have a couple of episodes of The Haunting of Hill House left.