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Buckingham Palace Not Disputing Reports That Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Moving to Africa

-There was lots of gossip coming from the palace this long weekend, including talk that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will move to Africa after the baby is born, putting further distance between them and Will & Kate. The brothers were notably chilly during their Easter public appearance.

-Meanwhile, the palace released new photos of Prince Louis in celebration of his 1st birthday.

-A LOT of celebrities used the Easter long weekend as a news dump for split announcements: Michelle Williams split from hubby Phil Elverum after less than a year of marriage, Adele and husband Simon Konecki called it quits, and Pitch Perfect’s Anna Camp and Skylar Astin have split after two years of marriage.

-It wasn’t all bad news: Michelle Branch married Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney on Saturday.

Luke Perry‘s final Riverdale episode will air this week.

-It looks like Homecoming was just the beginning: Netflix has landed a three-project deal with Beyoncé worth a whopping $60 million.

-God, last night’s Game of Thrones was my favourite episode in years. The big battle episodes like next week’s is rumoured to be don’t mean anything unless they’re preceded by “people talking in rooms” episodes. And it featured a perfect scene between my favourite duo on the series: Jaime and Brienne. This article on why they’re the show’s best couple is spot on.

-Speaking of GoT, people need to stop talking about “fan service” if they don’t know what it means. It means when the writers suddenly introduce elements that haven’t been developed/don’t feel natural just to appease a segment of the audience (the term comes from anime, when they’d throw in sexy costumes and scenes just to keep dudes on the hook even if it didn’t make sense character-wise). Fan service is NOT anything that makes a certain group of fans happy. That’s called story development. Paying off our investment in the characters we’ve followed for a decade by allowing them to have conversations before they head into a giant battle that some won’t survive isn’t fan service; it’s good storytelling. This thread sums it up nicely.

-There was also a lot of backlash to Arya‘s choice last night, but I loved it for these reasons. It’s hilarious that the HBO twitter account confirmed her character is 18 before the episode aired. Also hilarious: Sophie Turner drunkenly posting about “pussayyyy.”

-During Age of Ultron junket, MTV’s Josh Horowitz made the cast guess each other’s biceps. He leveled up this press tour by adding butts and abs, and it was hilarious. “Do not tell him that I knew that was his butt!!” “I’m texting him right now…”

-How is SNL’s Micheal Che continually allowed to pull this crap on social media?!

-Coachella screwed up Lizzo‘s music for the second weekend in a row — but she pulled out a flute and made it work.

Felicity Huffman might luck out and get home confinement instead of prison time.

-NBC’s Chicago-set shows dropped a bunch of regular cast members. My mother will be crushed.

-I keep forgetting that iZombie returns on May 2. Here’s the trailer for the final season.

Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway get their con on in the latest trailer for The Hustle.


Jennifer Lopez “Loves” Drake

Jennifer Lopez talked about Drake on the red carpet, and now everyone’s dissecting that convo. I think if she loved Drake she wouldn’t actually say “I love Drake!” but I’m a cynical b*tch so maybe?

Katy Perry, you can shade Taylor Swift all you want but you best be leaving Britney alone.

-In case you missed it, here’s Beyonce‘s full Grammy performance. Part of me was like ‘this is weird and strange and you’re not the first person to get pregnant’ but then a larger part of me was like ‘eff yeah!’

-Is it weird that I wasn’t super impressed when Adele restarted her George Michael tribute? I mean, she looked really sad at the end and all, but all I could think about was the acceptance speeches that were going to get played off even quicker because she did that. I just might need to nap more, though.

-Well, I never thought Moby would be the one claiming to have insider information that Trump is in “collusion with the Russian government.” Then again, I didn’t think national parks employees would be the first to lead the revolution, so I guess it really is a brave new world.

-Meanwhile, John Oliver figured out an ingenious way to teach Trump some facts.

-Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe wore this dress to the BAFTAs. On purpose.

-I went back and forth on Emma Stone’s pantaloons. I *think* I hate them? They confuse me.

Leonardo DiCaprio may not be my fave, but this BAFTA moment with Maggie Smith was hella cute.

-Wow, they’re turning Prep into an HBO pilot? I devoured that book. Pick it up, HBO!

-Pregnant Ciara’s tribute to Whitney Houston is pretty damn impressive.

-I can’t believe Jared Padalecki is pulling this crap again. The last time he did it to a bartender, and she got death threats and was fired. Famous people: if you have a customer service issue, ask to talk to a manager instead of siccing your millions of followers on them.

Justin Theroux shared a rare photo of Jennifer Aniston on Instagram to celebrate her birthday.

Will Smith, Ariana Grande, John Legend, Alicia Keys, and John Cena are singing while commuting in this Carpool Karaoke series trailer.

Titus has a Beyonce moment in the trailer for Kimmy Schmidt, which returns May 19.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s twitter exchange gave me life this weekend.

-I do not have time for you and your articles about why Casey Affleck should be judged only for his work onscreen, THR! Especially because you went so hard after Nate Parker. Not today, satan!

Jamie Dornan explaining his sex sounds to Keanu Reeves is a sight to behold.

Keanu Reeves is everywhere these days and I don’t hate it! (He’s like Colin Farrell; they just work their asses off on weird, interesting films and then disappear into their private lives, which I love.)

Scarlett Johansson is a lean, mean, cyborg-killing machine in this new Ghost in the Shell trailer. She also shared reservations about a Black Widow movie. I seriously think she just doesn’t want to do one, and I can’t say I blame her. Why do a standalone when you can work less and make the same kind of bank in a big ensemble film?

-This 3-and-a-half-minute Avengers: Infinity War teaser is pretty dope.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Donald Glover, Issa Rae and Damien Chazelle Talk Creativity


-THR’s big year-end issue is devoted to “creativity” and features the awesomely diverse Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton), Donald Glover (Atlanta), Issa Rae (Insecure) and Damien Chazelle (La La Land) on the cover. The video roundtable, moderated by Jon Favreau, is also a good watch. (Though I needed Lin and Issa to talk 97% more.)

-This is an interesting take on how all of the divorce rumours surrounding Kanye West and Kim Kardashian suggest they’ve lost their tight grip on the media.

Mariah Carey is still wearing that $10 million engagement ring from James Packer  because men come and go, but diamonds are forever.

-Meanwhile, Mariah Carey returned for a Christmas-themed Carpool Karaoke — which also featured Adele, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Chris Martin, Selena Gomez and more.

Julia Roberts is the latest huge movie star to sign onto a TV series. She’ll star in limited series based on Maria Semple’s latest book, Today Will Be Different.

-If Joss Whedon directs the Supergirl and The Flash musical crossover I will die of happiness.

Jay Mohr filed for divorce from wife Nikki Coxfor the second time.

-The View co-hosts don’t seem too shaken about Raven-Symoné and Candace Cameron Bure’s exits: “It’s like, whatever.”

-Here’s the first trailer for Sneaky Pete, produced by Bryan Cranston. (I keep thinking this is called Skinny Pete and get so excited!)

Michael Stipe and James Franco joined Stephen Colbert to celebrate the end of 2016 with a song.

Faith Evans and Stevie J are a couple now.

Carrie Preston just joined The Good Wife spinoff. I loved her character, but Lisbeth seemed like a “small doses” kind of person.

Mindy Kaling says she’s frustrated with all of the paparazzi focus on the Ocean’s Eight set — because they don’t care about her at all. (“People think I’m Sandra Bullock’s assistant.”)

Jennifer Aniston has gotten out of the hair care game.

Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn are a nutty mother-daughter duo in the Snatched trailer.