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Jennifer Lopez “Loves” Drake

Jennifer Lopez talked about Drake on the red carpet, and now everyone’s dissecting that convo. I think if she loved Drake she wouldn’t actually say “I love Drake!” but I’m a cynical b*tch so maybe?

Katy Perry, you can shade Taylor Swift all you want but you best be leaving Britney alone.

-In case you missed it, here’s Beyonce‘s full Grammy performance. Part of me was like ‘this is weird and strange and you’re not the first person to get pregnant’ but then a larger part of me was like ‘eff yeah!’

-Is it weird that I wasn’t super impressed when Adele restarted her George Michael tribute? I mean, she looked really sad at the end and all, but all I could think about was the acceptance speeches that were going to get played off even quicker because she did that. I just might need to nap more, though.

-Well, I never thought Moby would be the one claiming to have insider information that Trump is in “collusion with the Russian government.” Then again, I didn’t think national parks employees would be the first to lead the revolution, so I guess it really is a brave new world.

-Meanwhile, John Oliver figured out an ingenious way to teach Trump some facts.

-Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe wore this dress to the BAFTAs. On purpose.

-I went back and forth on Emma Stone’s pantaloons. I *think* I hate them? They confuse me.

Leonardo DiCaprio may not be my fave, but this BAFTA moment with Maggie Smith was hella cute.

-Wow, they’re turning Prep into an HBO pilot? I devoured that book. Pick it up, HBO!

-Pregnant Ciara’s tribute to Whitney Houston is pretty damn impressive.

-I can’t believe Jared Padalecki is pulling this crap again. The last time he did it to a bartender, and she got death threats and was fired. Famous people: if you have a customer service issue, ask to talk to a manager instead of siccing your millions of followers on them.

Justin Theroux shared a rare photo of Jennifer Aniston on Instagram to celebrate her birthday.

Will Smith, Ariana Grande, John Legend, Alicia Keys, and John Cena are singing while commuting in this Carpool Karaoke series trailer.

Titus has a Beyonce moment in the trailer for Kimmy Schmidt, which returns May 19.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s twitter exchange gave me life this weekend.

-I do not have time for you and your articles about why Casey Affleck should be judged only for his work onscreen, THR! Especially because you went so hard after Nate Parker. Not today, satan!

Jamie Dornan explaining his sex sounds to Keanu Reeves is a sight to behold.

Keanu Reeves is everywhere these days and I don’t hate it! (He’s like Colin Farrell; they just work their asses off on weird, interesting films and then disappear into their private lives, which I love.)

Scarlett Johansson is a lean, mean, cyborg-killing machine in this new Ghost in the Shell trailer. She also shared reservations about a Black Widow movie. I seriously think she just doesn’t want to do one, and I can’t say I blame her. Why do a standalone when you can work less and make the same kind of bank in a big ensemble film?

-This 3-and-a-half-minute Avengers: Infinity War teaser is pretty dope.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Donald Glover, Issa Rae and Damien Chazelle Talk Creativity


-THR’s big year-end issue is devoted to “creativity” and features the awesomely diverse Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton), Donald Glover (Atlanta), Issa Rae (Insecure) and Damien Chazelle (La La Land) on the cover. The video roundtable, moderated by Jon Favreau, is also a good watch. (Though I needed Lin and Issa to talk 97% more.)

-This is an interesting take on how all of the divorce rumours surrounding Kanye West and Kim Kardashian suggest they’ve lost their tight grip on the media.

Mariah Carey is still wearing that $10 million engagement ring from James Packer  because men come and go, but diamonds are forever.

-Meanwhile, Mariah Carey returned for a Christmas-themed Carpool Karaoke — which also featured Adele, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Chris Martin, Selena Gomez and more.

Julia Roberts is the latest huge movie star to sign onto a TV series. She’ll star in limited series based on Maria Semple’s latest book, Today Will Be Different.

-If Joss Whedon directs the Supergirl and The Flash musical crossover I will die of happiness.

Jay Mohr filed for divorce from wife Nikki Coxfor the second time.

-The View co-hosts don’t seem too shaken about Raven-Symoné and Candace Cameron Bure’s exits: “It’s like, whatever.”

-Here’s the first trailer for Sneaky Pete, produced by Bryan Cranston. (I keep thinking this is called Skinny Pete and get so excited!)

Michael Stipe and James Franco joined Stephen Colbert to celebrate the end of 2016 with a song.

Faith Evans and Stevie J are a couple now.

Carrie Preston just joined The Good Wife spinoff. I loved her character, but Lisbeth seemed like a “small doses” kind of person.

Mindy Kaling says she’s frustrated with all of the paparazzi focus on the Ocean’s Eight set — because they don’t care about her at all. (“People think I’m Sandra Bullock’s assistant.”)

Jennifer Aniston has gotten out of the hair care game.

Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn are a nutty mother-daughter duo in the Snatched trailer.


Adele Talks Motherhood, Beyonce in Vanity Fair


Adele just delivered a master class in giving a good interview with her Vanity Fair cover story, in which she discussed being friends with Beyonce (“She’s my Michael Jackson”), not always shaving her legs (“I’ll have no man telling me to shave my fuckin’ legs. Shave yours”), and postpartum depression (“I felt very inadequate; I felt like I’d made the worst decision of my life”).

-On the other end of that spectrum is Justin Timberlake‘s new Variety cover story, in which he gushes about how Woody Allen is his hero and says things like “If 20/20 sounded like it literally surrounds your entire head, this [new material] feels more like it just punches you between the eyes.”

-People is going all in on the Prince Harry/Meghan Markle story, reporting that she’s already met Prince Charles and an engagement is “certainly a possibility.”

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon reportedly settled their divorce just days before her split from James Packer. Also, there’s new talk that the split may have had something to do with Packer’s Scientology connections.

Taylor Swift borrowed her Halloween Deadpool costume from Ryan Reynolds because that’s just how she rolls.

-Meanwhile, Beyoncé and Jay Z dressed as Barbie dolls for their latest Halloween costumes, Heidi Klum “cloned” herself, GoT costars Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner went as “hash brownies,” and the New Girl cast dressed up like characters from The People vs OJ Simpson.

Gerard Butler used his Halloween costume to make a gay joke. Charming.

-I listen to wayyyy too many podcasts and am always trying to trim my list because there aren’t enough hours in the day, but I’m totally going to listen to one starring Oscar Isaac and Catherine Keener!

-That Cruel Intentions sequel was just dropped by NBC.

-In a new interview with Elle Canada, Miranda Kerr opened up about slipping into an unexpected depression after divorcing Orlando Bloom.

Justin Theroux insists he was not shading Brad Pitt on Instagram. That’s a shame.

-Whoa whoa whoa. There is a new series inspired by Roswell? And starring the cast of Roswell? I want it now!!

-In honour of this week’s season finale, here’s a roundup of the best moments from Atlanta so far. (Earn freaking out about “market price” at the restaurant gets my vote.)

Chris Pine does his best Drump impression in Joss Whedon’s new voting video.

-Meanwhile, Samantha Bee‘s Drump conspiracy theory is actually very convincing.

James McAvoy‘s rumoured new girlfriend looks like a normal woman, which is refreshing. So much so, that I don’t even want to think about his separation timeline.

-The Flash movie has lost its director. Dope’s Rick Famuyiwa parted ways with Warner Bros. over “creative differences.” Maybe the universe just doesn’t want a Flash movie that doesn’t star Grant Gustin

-Buffy and UnREAL’s Marti Noxon is going to adapt Dietland for AMC. I loved that book so much I immediately bought my mom a copy.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven is officially returning for Stranger Things Season 2 because those producers aren’t stupid.

Chris Evans fights for custody in the first frailer for Marc Webb’s Gifted.

Annette Bening enlists some help raising her son in the new 20th Century Women trailer.