Adele’s Carpool Karaoke Is Just What We Need Today

Adele’s carpool karaoke is as wonderful as you wanted it to be. Her reaction when James Corden starts harmonizing on “Hello” is priceless. (Everyone forgets he was in Into the Woods and has bonafide pipes.)  Apparently, they shot for two hours and the first edit was 54 minutes. I would watch that whole damn thing.

-Thank god for Adele brightening up this day because it was rough. It started with Alan Rickman‘s tragic passing. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Matthew Lewis and more penned lovely tributes, but no one punched me in the heart guts like Emma Thompson.  “Alan was my friend…this is hard to write because I have just kissed him goodbye.” Excuse me, I have to go rehydrate because I just cried ALL the tears.

-Also sad, Céline Dion‘s husband René Angélil died after a long battle against cancer.

-And as if today didn’t kick us all in the junk enough, then came the Oscar nominations. I’m glad Spotlight came out swinging since the buzz around that movie had quieted considerably in the last few weeks, but there were some big snubs. No Carol? No Jacob Tremblay? No Creed, Michael B. Jordan, Compton or Idris Elba? No wonder #OscarsSoWhite trended this morning. But hey, Jennifer Lawrence was rewarded with her fourth nomination for a performance in an unworthy film.

-In happier Jacob Tremblay news, this is him being adorable and telling Jimmy Kimmel what it was like to live our dream meet Oscar Isaac.

-I wish it was Grant Gustin‘s birthday every day, because his CW alums are sending him some pretty rad tributes. Colton Haynes reunited Glee’s Warblers, while the iZombie cast did their best Flash impression.

-Speaking of Colton, he and Emily Bett Rickards donned drag for a new photo shoot.

Selena Gomez has explained that photo of her and Brad Pitt at a Golden Globes party.

-Everyone on my Twitter TL is buzzing about One Direction‘s Rainbow Bondage Bear conspiracy. Clearly, I need to follow different people.

-Ruh roh. Steven Avery’s ex-fiancée, Jodi Stachowski, says “he’s not innocent” in a new interview. (My friend interviewed the doc creators yesterday and after he asked the question I asked him to, they cut the interview short. But I need answers, dammit!!)

-Friends “reunion” update: Matthew Perry is not coming.

-Interesting. If the Netflix numbers NBC offered up yesterday at the TCAs are accurate, Jessica Jones is about as big as Quantico.

-Speaking of Netflix, CBS is planning to pull all of the CW shows from the service. Sigh.

Cameron Diaz wrote a new book about aging gracefully. Um, ok.

-Here’s the first clip from Batman v Superman. God, is this movie ever going to NOT feel like homework?

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