Idris Elba and the Star Trek Cast Dance for Charity

Idris Elba dancing in this Star Trek promo for Omaze is my new favourite thing ever.

-A teenager asks Bryan Cranston how he liked filming Breaking Bad in Albuquerque,  immediately regrets the question.

-Just in case you were starting to like Jesse Eisenberg, he just likened Comic-Con to genocide and labelled journalists pariahs. So he’s still *that” guy.

Whoopi Goldberg has finally admitted that Bill Cosby is maybe sorta probably a rapist.

-While everyone makes jokey headlines about 50 Cent‘s bankruptcy, no one seems to be paying attention to the fact that he filed for bankruptcy because he lost a lawsuit for distributing revenge porn.

-Oh, and now he’s playing the victim and saying “when you’re successful, you necome a target.” Yeah, that’s not gross at all.

-Key & Peele’s menstruation PSA is golden. “Be nice to your bitches when they bleeding.”

-God bless Amandla Stenberg for calling out the double standard around black female sexuality following Kylie Jenner’s cornrows photo on Instagram.

Eric Stonestreet and Bethenny Frankel aren’t confirming or denying reports that they’re dating, but at least they’re having fun with it.

Amanda Seyfried says a few years ago on one of her big-budget movies, she found out she was getting paid 10% of what her male costar was making.

-Guys, what the heck happened to Bradley Whitford? It’s not like Trophy Wife was that long ago. Also, he divorced Jane Kaczmarek six years ago? I feel like that’s news to me, but perhaps my brain cells just refused to absorb such tragic news.

-NBC says it will still renew Aquarius, despite banishing the drama to Saturdays.How does this make any sense, financially or otherwise?

-Warner Bros. is mad that we all wanted to watch the Suicide Squad trailer after it debuted at Comic-Con, and got really pouty when it ended up online.  This is pretty much the best reaction to it.

-I’m hearing only good things about this Tangerine movie, which was shot almost entirely on an iPhone 5s.

-I don’t know why Kate Hudson is so reluctant to eat ants. I once paid lots of money for that privilege.

-The final Fantastic Four trailer is…not good.

Owen Wilson hooking up with Imogen Poots in She’s Funny That Way has scarred me for life. And that’s just the trailer.

Liam Hemsworth and Kate Winslet are in love in this trailer for The Dressmaker (which, sadly, is not about Liam’s secret desire to become a seamstress.)


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