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January 29, 2016

Netflix Confirms Gilmore Girls’ Revival with Original Cast

-Netflix just confirmed that they’re going ahead with the Gilmore Girls reboot and they’ve locked down pretty much all of the original cast. Woot! And now we all stare pointedly at Melissa McCarthy
Tyra Banks is a new mom! That kid’s going to be smizing in no time…

Vulture’s article on the rise and fall of Relativity’s head honcho is full of wonderful insidery tidbits, like how he tried to impress actresses — including buying a $65,000 edition of The Diary of Anne Frank for Natalie Portman, and leasing a horse for Kate Bosworth.

Diane Kruger, what are you trying to tell us?!?

-Random: Jack Black revealed that he spends every Easter with Angelina Jolie.

-ABC ordered a new Shonda Rhimes comedy starring Scott Foley and Greg Grunberg. It’s a Felicity reunion!

Colin Trevorrow wants to shoot Star Wars: Episode 9 in outer space. Okaaaaayyyyy….

-Me thinks you doth protest too much, Yeezus.

-Meanwhile, Kanye West is set to be the musical guest on SNL the night Melissa McCarthy hosts.

-Tidal says a system error was the reason behind Rihanna’s album leak, so simmer down, conspiracy theorists.

-Whatever happened, RiRi handled it like a pro.

-Guys, poor Dakota Johnson is very sensitive. “I feel so much all the time that it’s exhausting.”  Aww muffin.

-Orange Is the New Black’s Taryn Manning is denying those accusations that she attacked a makeup artist back in Nov.

-Is E!’s new scripted series a thinly veiled Tom Cruise exposé?  Gimmie gimmie gimmie!

Coldplay just dropped a new music video starring Beyoncé, as you do.