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January 4, 2016

Anne Hathaway Shows Off Belly Bump


Anne Hathaway noticed the paparazzi taking photos of her at the beach so she beat them to the punch by quickly Instagraming a pic of her giant baby bump.

-Previously engaged couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were spotted together in Australia looking all cozy again.

Ryan Gosling is here to teach you how to say Saoirse Ronan’s name, while Saoirse Ronan is here to teach you that Ryan Gosling is a “blonde, Canadian Jesus.” Fair.

-It’s a Pitch Perfect union! Skylar Astin and Anna Camp got engaged. How acca-romantic.

-Did Leonardo DiCaprio dump his girlfriend to get an Oscar? No no no, Leo. That’s not how campaigning works. You have to BE in a relationship, even if it’s fake. Has your thirst taught you nothing?

-Yeah, Michael Fassbender gets it.

-I still haven’t dragged my ass to the theatre to see The Revenant, perhaps because director Alejandro
González Iñárritu keeps saying shit like “This film deserves to be watched in a temple.”

Chris Brown continues to be a shining example of stability and reform. He’s under investigation for battery after an encounter with a female fan.

-Here’s Channing Tatum performing “Let It Go” on Lip Sync Battle, because I love you.

Jaden Smith is the star of Louis Vuitton new *womenswear* campaign. You do you, kid.

-The 14-year-old accused of causing Kylie Jenner & Tyga‘s split just held a press conference and I already hate 2016.

-I don’t watch Galavant, but the fact that they titled their season premiere “New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear” is a thing of beauty. (The Cancellation Bear remains unimpressed.)

-Wait wait wait. In the Gossip Girl books, both Dan AND Chuck date a guy?  Way to drop the ball, show!

Selena Gomez doesn’t want to talk about Justin Bieber in interviews. I’ve never liked her more.

George R.R. Martin just admitted that he missed his book deadline, which means Winds Of Winter won’t be out before Game Of Thrones’ season 6 premiere and we can finally (finally!) live in a world where the book readers don’t smugly hint about what’s coming up next on the show.

-Deadlifts are the bane of my existence, but watching The Force Awakens’ Daisy Ridley deadlift 176 lbs is pretty damn motivating.

Robbie Amell is returning to The Flash as the Earth 2 version of himself, who is called Deathstorm instead of Firestorm. That sounds…foreboding. Whatever. He (and his abs) got me through a holiday airport fiasco, so I’ll take him however I can get him.

-Speaking of CW superhero actors, Colton Haynes sort of came out on Tumblr. How did people not know he was gay? Maybe it’s just because I follow way too many actors on Instagram, but he just got back from the most fabulous-looking vacation with Arrow costars Katie Cassidy and Emily Bett Rickards, and a bunch of dudes.

-For such a bleak show, Mr Robot’s gag reel is delightful.

Joss Whedon gave a really thoughtful explanation when asked why he cut ties with the Marvel movies.

-Let John Oliver show you how to fake those New Year’s resolutions.

Yahoo Screen just shut down. So no more Community for realsies, then?

-Speaking of Community alums, here’s the first teaser for Judd Apatow‘s Netflix series Love starring Gillian Jacobs, which critics are raving about.