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Arrow, Supergirl Stars Weigh in on E.P.’s Sexual Harassment Allegations

-Whoo boy. The CW, home of all my fave current shows, kind of imploded this weekend after Variety’s Mo Ryan talked to 15 women and 4 men about alleged sexual harassment from CW showrunner Andrew Kreisberg of Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl. (Ryan tweeted Monday: “If this story were published today, the number would be higher. I had an interesting weekend.). Among the allegations: he once told a woman “Wow, you look so tired that I don’t even want to have sex with you anymore” in front of her kids, he put his hands on a man’s hips and mimicked having sex, he asked an array of women for their bra sizes, he asked a woman to lie on his office floor while he assumed a push-up stance over her and then he asked her to choke him “for research.” He has been suspended.

Carina Mackenzie, a writer on The Originals who worked on an episode of The Flash last year, tweeted (and then deleted): “When I left The Flash I told my agents I would rather live in a cardboard box under a bridge than work with AK again…I was at that show for a few short weeks & was disturbed by the way he spoke about women, the way he treated assistants and — to be honest — even the way FICTIONAL females were discussed.” (She also defended super producer Greg Berlanti, though a writer who worked on Legends of Tomorrow for two years seems to think Berlanti knew.)

-The ladies of the CW immediately stepped up, with Melissa Benoist, Caity Lotz, Emily Bett Rickards, and Chyler Leigh releasing statements. I was particularly impressed with EBR’s tweet, because it directly addressed the Arrow showrunner’s stupid, tone deaf tweet after the story surfaced about “reverse sexism.” That’s her boss! If she gets fired (or her character suddenly gets reduced screentime/plots), we’re burning that network down…

-It took a while for the CW men to get in on the action, but eventually Arrow’s David Ramsey, and  Supergirl’s David Harewood voiced their support.  Stephen Amell waited a whole day but eventually put out a pretty boss Facebook video, saying  “I thought that it was appropriate before I spoke publicly to speak with our cast and our crew, which I got the chance to do this morning…I told them this morning and I tell you now and I meant it, if anyone ever feels anything less than 100% safe…that they should come to whomever they’re supposed to go to and that I’ll stand right beside them. I’ll speak on their behalf if need be. If you’re not an active part of the solution than you are part of the problem.”

-A writer on Hannibal (the darkest show ever) called BS on the notion that you have to act disgusting in a writers room for “research.”

-The story seems to have opened the WB/CW floodgates, with a writer detailing her horrible experience on One Tree Hill. (All of the actresses from that show are publicly supporting her.)

-Screw everyone who made Mel Gibson‘s new movie a box office success this weekend.

-I watched Lady Bird this weekend instead (it’s lovely) and then I immediately texted my childhood BFF because of the movie’s generous, perfect use of “Crash Into Me.” It also did crazy good at the box office. Expect Oscar buzz on this one.

Gal Gadot will reportedly only sign on for a Wonder Woman sequel if accused sexual harasser Brett Ratner is completely removed from the franchise. Bless her! (It just got an earlier release date, away from Star Wars, so I’m guessing she won.)

-A dozen cast and crewmembers told THR about the time in 2003 when actor Tom Sizemore was removed from a movie set in Utah for allegedly violating an 11-year-old girl.

-Because everything is terrible in Hollywood these days, someone asked Twitter for their stories about nice celebrity encounters and everyone delivered. (If you don’t want to read the whole thread, here are some highlights. This tweet about Chris Pine is my fave.)

-Thor: Ragnarok has started a jam war between Jack Black and Chris Hemsworth (except only one of them knows what that means).

-The early reviews for Justice League aren’t exactly glowing, but they’re not as horrible as I expected. So yay?

-The Weeknd may be dating Justin Bieber’s ex? That’s extra messy.

-Meanwhile, The Weeknd joined Robert Pattinson at Leonardo DiCaprio’s 43rd birthday party.

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone were all kinds of adorable together this weekend.

-Stranger Things’ David Harbour tweeting about his dad bod made my day…

-I really like this article on Stranger Things and other genre shows/movies keeping female characters apart.

-Wait, is Blake Shelton really getting named People’s Sexiest Man Alive? REALLY?!

-I’m just going to pretend this GQ cover with Colin Kaepernick is actually People.

-If season 8 happens with Suits, it will likely be without Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle.

-White men are the minority in the L.A. Times’ directors roundtable this year.

Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and Michelle Williams join the circus in the trailer for The Greatest Showman.



Did Katy Perry Copy An Idea for Her Music Video?

-A video director is accusing Katy Perry of ripping him off.

-That ‘Avril Lavigne is dead‘ conspiracy theory resurfaced again this weekend. It’s like it’s 2015 all over again.

-It looks like that Vogue cover is already working: Elle Fanning is the new face of L’Oréal Paris.

Drake chaperoned his cousin’s prom. More importantly, she and her date wore matching outfits!

-Ruh roh. Hackers are reportedly threatening to release an upcoming Disney movie online if they’re not paid a ransom.

-This article about how The Leftovers’ Damon Lindelof wrote an episode of the show inspired by Vulture’s TV critic left me gobsmacked and a little teary. Definitely worth reading.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum remembers the time she dated Justin Timberlake: “It’s not as salacious as everyone thinks.”

-Yikes! Michelle Kwan learned of her husband’s divorce filing in a tweet “without warning.”

-Speaking of divorces, Mary Elizabeth Winstead has split from husband Riley Stears.

-In happier couples news, Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons married his longtime partner Todd Spiewak over the weekend in New York City.

Arcade Fire reportedly debuted half a dozen new songs at a secret show in Montreal over the weekend.

-Here’s an oral history of SNL’s epic season, made even better by a hilarious photo shoot.

-Speaking of oral histories, everyone’s talking about this juicy one about The Strokes.

-King of Arthur: Legend of the Sword could lose $150 million. This has not been a good run for white male directors.

-I haven’t watched American Gods yet, but I LOL’d at this interview with Bryan Fuller about how he demanded a gay sex scene be reshot. “I was like, ‘Okay, unless he has a 12-inch, candy-cane c*ck and can f*ck around corners, his dick’s not getting in him. So you guys need to go back and figure out where holes are.”

-It’s upfronts week, which means a ton of TV news is breaking. Fox blasted ABC’s resurrection of American Idol as “extremely fraudulent,” renewed New Girl for a shortened final season, debuted the full trailers for their X-Men show The Gifted starring Amy Acke, and The Resident with Matt Czuchry and Emily Van Camp, confirmed The X Files will return next year and cancelled Scream Queens (though 24: Legacy and Prison Break may live on).

-Speaking of cancelled shows, NBC did the unthinkable and reversed their decision about Timeless’ cancellation. It had more to do with renegotiated ownership stakes than fan outcry, but it’s still sure to give fandoms false hope for years to come.

-Speaking of fandoms, this is a good read on why the cancellation of diverse, female-friendly shows is a tough pill to stomach.

-NBC also ordered a new show starring Mae Whitman and Retta, which is already my favourite. They also debuted the new Will & Grace promo which…ok.

-No, YOU cried watching this video of the This Is Us cast surprising fans.

-Bravo greenlit a new series called All That Glitters about Anna Wintour & Tina Brown‘s rise in publishing and I want it NOW.

-In honour of upfronts, a former TV Guide and Variety writer lays out why each network sucks. Up first, Fox and NBC: “[Fox’s ratings are]  that guy with a tiny dick telling you he grows 100% if you just give him a chance (a.k.a. Live+7).”

Felicity from Arrow can sing? (I’m not sure why she’s wasting her talents on Maroon 5 covers, but still.)

Jason Bateman says he signed on for a new season of Arrested Development on Netflix, so I guess that’s a thing.

-The official trailer for Glow, Netflix’s show about 80’s lady wrestlers, is out.

Dakota Johnson Addresses Jamie Dornan Rumours … Kinda


Dakota Johnson addressed those rumors about hating her Fifty Shades co-star Jamie Dornan..but she didn’t exactly deny it. Interesting.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have finally officially finalized their divorce.

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara as a couple makes SO MUCH sense to me.

-The world will never get to see Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson, as U.K. broadcaster Sky said it has decided not to air that Urban Myths episode.

-It sounds like Robin Thicke and Paula Patton‘s custody fight is getting dirty. He is being investigated for child abuse after allegedly admitting to his son’s school that he’s “spanked” the kid.

-The Arrangement creator claims the show has nothing to do with Tom Cruise And Katie Homes’ relationship. This is not how to sell a show, sir!

-Following surprise nominations from the WGA, PGA and DGA, Deadpool pulled together an award season reel — which of course features assless chaps.

-Ohhh….Lifetime is developing an adaptation of the psychological thriller You, produced by Greg Berlanti and possibly starring Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards if tweet teases are to be believed. I tore through that book in a weekend and loved it (and kind of started rooting for the stalker? It was weird).

-Awww…some actors from UNreal got married IRL.

Patti LuPone guest-stars as Rebecca’s rabbi on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend tonight and I am here for it!

-Girls star Jemima Kirke and husband Michael Mosberg reportedly separated months ago. But who’s going to grab her butt when she’s getting out of the shower now?

Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston and James Corden made a soap opera…using only Kanye West lyrics. It works.

Ryan Murphy knows you want Taylor Swift and Katy Perry for season 2 of his show Feud, but it’s not going to happen. K, then how about Mariah vs JLo?

-Buzzfeed asks a really good question: Why the hell isn’t ER streaming anywhere?

-This story about Zsa Zsa Gabor’s widower holding her ashes hostage is bananas.

-The new XX album is streaming. Stick it in your ear holes now!

-If anyone else was publicly pushing this hard to be Green Lantern I’d find it gauche, but since it’s Sterling K Brown it somehow comes off as endearing.

-The first box-office bomb of 2017 (probably) is here: Monster Trucks is a $125 million live-action hybrid expected to take in just $8-10 million at the box office this weekend.

-Meet more of the monstrous residents of Skull Island in the new Kong trailer.