Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Flirt Their Way Through Interviews

Gillian Anderson David Duchovny Jimmy Kimmel Touching

-Here’s where I’m at with The X Files revival: even if the remaining four episodes don’t improve after what the critics screened (and hated), at least we’re getting a new one from Darin Morgan, who wrote my two favourites eps ever. AND we’re also being gifted with the cutest, most squee-worthy press tour I’ve ever seen. I dissolved into a puddle while watching Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny on Kimmel last night, especially when she was explaining that a lot of their past tension was the result of Vancouver’s “moistness.” And gawd, when he’s talking about Mrs Butterworth and she’s just staring at his lips? AND ALL THE TOUCHING. Kill me now.

-I adore all of Elle’s Women in TV magazine covers.

James Corden is doing Car Karaoke with Adele tonight, and this teaser has me setting my DVR.

-Weird. The Serial podcast is moving to a biweekly schedule because they have so much new material. This is strange, seeing as there’s virtually no buzz around this season (probably because it’s super boring).

-Fifty Shades of Grey topped the Razzies with six nominations because people are no fun. I mean, it was a terrible movie, but there were much, much worse ones in 2015.

One Direction has split up for good and everyone under 14 is now in mourning.

-The Friends cast is going to reunite for special paying tribute to veteran director James Burrows. This special sounds like a better idea than a reboot.

-I’m not sure the head of NBC did Jimmy Fallon any favours by debunking those drinking problem rumours at the TCAs today.

-No surprise here: Heroes Reborn will not be reborn next season.

-I’ve never laughed harder at a movie poster than I did at this one. What’s with Vince Vaughn‘s hair?

Saoirse Ronan gave Stephen Colbert a lesson about Irish accents last night.

-Jesus Cripes, Salon. What are you doing?

Olivia Munn plays both Nelly and Kelly Rowland in this new Lip Sync Battle teaser.

-NBC’s next live musical will be Hairspray. Meh. If this point of these things is to bring Broadway to the millions of people who will never get to go, how about Hamilton?

-The Captain America: Civil War directors think there should be a Black Widow movie.
cordelia buffy duh

-Wait, so El Chapo didn’t even know who Sean Penn was? Bwahahahaha!

Adam Driver’s SNL promos are delightful.

John Boyega continues to be the very best.

-So are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom a thing we have to care about now? ‘Cause that sounds exhausting.

George Clooney is having an epically bad day in the first trailer for Money Monster, costarring Julia Roberts.

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