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January 12, 2016

The X Files Reviews: The Truth Is Out There…And It’s Not Good

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in The X Files revival
David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in The X Files revival. (Fox)

-The trades just filed their early X Files reviews and they are…not good. Not good at all. Sigh.

-Well, at least the press tour continues to be entertaining. As do Gillian Anderson’s tweets about it.  And I’m still going to listen the crap outta Kumail Nanjiani’s podcast with Anderson and David Duchovny.

Leonardo DiCaprio says he isn’t ruling out children in his new Oscar campaign strategy Rolling Stone cover story.

-Your fake boyfriend Oscar Isaac has a real girlfriend. Sorry!

Kevin Hart says he caught Lady Gaga when she fell as she walked off the Golden Globes stage.

Jennifer Aniston’s diet makes me really sad for her. But then I remember she married this and that feeling goes away.

Seth Meyers explained El Chapo’s capture and Sean Penn‘s involvement with it. I’m still confused, but now I’m also amused. I’m conmused.

-Celebrities continue to geek out over Hamilton.

Kristen Bell is going to star in a new sitcom from the creator of Parks and Recreation. I like all of those words.

-In other intriguing comedy news, Courteney Cox just signed on to a new show written by someone from The Office.

-The Good Wife creators will exit the show after this season. Please let this mean the show is ending. Please please please!

-A Breaking Bad writer is adapting Anne of Green Gables for a new CBC show. This could be…interesting.

-There’s a new trailer for Hail Caesar! and it made me laugh.

-Here’s the first trailer for Matthew McConaughey’s new movie, Free State of Jones.